Turkish pistachio nuts wholesale

Tasty Turkish pistachios wholesale from 7 companies

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Turkish pistachios wholesale

Turkish pistachios wholesale or green gold as some call it due to its usefulness that is no less important than gold, it is very rich in many benefits that the body needs, and it’s delicious taste is loved by young and old.

This article from the importing house platform will introduce you to everything you need to start importing pistachios from Turkey.

Here are the best agencies and companies that will help you in the success of your project.

Turkish pistachio nuts wholesale

Pistachios are one of the most important Turkish products that are exported to most countries of the world, and it is one of the most prominent Turkish crops that Turkey boasts of ranking third in the world in its production.

As for the best type of Turkish pistachio produced by Turkey, it is Antep pistachio and Urfa in the south of the country comes first in its production, followed by Gaziantep state in second place, sert state in third place, kahraman in fourth place, and Adiman Adıyaman is ranked fifth, and Diyarbakır is ranked sixth.

The types of Halab pistachio:-

Pistachios have many types spread and known in the world and among these types we mention:

– Cultivar Achor

– Pistachio Aburiha, which is characterized by a coniferous smell

– Pistachio nuts

– Pistachio nuts, white and red

– Pistachio nuts

– Pistachio nuts spring

– Pistachio nuts

– Pistachio Batori and Pistachio bird tongue.

– And the alveolar fissure is the finest type of pistachio

Antabi pistachios are one of the best types of pistachios spread all over the world.

It is known as “green gold” because it is one of the many treasures that Turkey possesses. By importing Turkish pistachio in large quantities, as Turkey produces annually more than 12,000 tons of pistachios annually, while Jordan is at the forefront of importing countries Turkish pistachios wholesale .

Pistachio stores in Istanbul
Pistachio stores in Istanbul

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– The research to increase the quality and quality of Pistachio:-

 Turkey seeks to increase the production of pistachio nuts, and increase their varieties, by shining gamma rays on their shoots, to obtain more distinct and high-quality fruits.

Pistachios are perennials, with both feminine and masculine trees. They are eaten roasted, raw, salted, or stuffed inside a type of sweets, or on top of it for decoration.

It is involved in the production of many Turkish sweets, especially the famous traditional Turkish baklava in Gaziantep.

– Importing pistachios from Turkey:-

In order to import Turkish Antep pistachios bulk to the buyer from anywhere, the customer must deposit the amount of money (the price of the goods) with the freight company agreed upon to export the shipment of goods to him so that he ensures that the specified quantity reaches him and ensures that the full amount of the price of the goods is received during receipt.

Where to buy Turkish pistachio nuts

There are many companies selling nuts in Turkey, we can mention some of them here:

  1. aydinkuruyemis a company that manufactures nuts in Turkey:

Eden Kurwimche family company was established in 1979 and the company started providing services in the field of nuts products. The company offers its customers: hazelnuts – walnuts – almonds – pistachios – cashews.

The company owns its factories in the cities of / Istanbul – Siirt – Mersin – Gaziantep – Sakarya / with a total closed area of ​​80,000 square meters. The company has 400 specialized employees.

And integrated to ensure excellent service for its customers Aydin holds many certificates of guarantee.

CV including: ISO certification – Halal certificates. The company offers its products such as the best pistachios to more than 40 countries around the world.

The headquarters of the company is located in the Sultan Gazi district of Istanbul.

  1. Ciloglugida food industries company in Turkey

– Candy

– The finest types of pistachios.

– Nuts.

Company Profile:-

Founded in 1999, Ciloglu started to provide services in the field of food products

Where the company offers: gelatin sweets – candy bars – lollipops and candy tablets and children’s gum – nutritional spices – dough and sandwich bread – Turkish kofta – powder juices – creams – bashman sweets- pistachios wholesale – tahini sweets – seeds of all kinds – cake pieces – almond sugar.

The company offers its products to many European countries through its long experience that lasted 15 years

And the spread of its customers in many countries of Europe, including:
France – Belgium – Netherlands – Australia – Germany. The headquarters of the company is located in Pendik district in Istanbul.

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  1. Teriyaki Company for the manufacture of grains and pulses in Turkey

– Company products:-

– Grain.

– Legumes.

– Nuts.

Company Profile:-

The company was founded in 1980 by Mr. Ali Teriyakioglu in Gaziantep

As a simple company that produces all kinds of lentils due to its expertise, experiences and the efficiency of the staff and as a future outlook, the company has become one of the most important companies of legumes, grains, materials, oil seeds, pistachio nuts buy bulk nuts and organic materials in Turkey, as well as due to the great successes achieved by the company.

It was ranked 45th in 2013 in the research conducted on the 500 largest companies in Turkey,

Also, in 2010, the company entered into a partnership contract with Invest Group.

Due to distinction and lasting success, the company entered into a partnership with the European Bank in 2012

  1. Nafis Colden Company for nuts, tea and foodstuffs

Nafis Goulden Company for the manufacture and packaging of foodstuffs is one of the Turkish companies licensed in Turkey’s production of pistachios.

It has its origin in the Turkish Republic since 2016 and bears the protected registered mark.

Originally licensed in the Republic of Turkey, the company was established in the European city of Istanbul.

Its industrial headquarters are in Aki Hill in Basaksehir and in Esenyurt, and it has the administrative headquarters.

MY OFFICE 212 Additional Center operates according to the system and standards established in the Republic of Turkey.

In each of the Ministry of Trade and Agriculture (Food Health) and holds all the licenses required in the Republic of Turkey, Marketing and Export: The needs of the local and international market in the field of food in general and nuts especially for a company interested in the product in terms of quality and distinctive taste required

For the customer, you will choose valuable products, with high quality and great taste.


Pistachio stores in Istanbul

  1. Rosa Park International Company for Trade and Food Industries

Company products:-

– Nuts.

– Company Profile.

Rosa Park International is distinguished by its long history in the field of trade and industry, based on scientific and practical knowledge and experiences across generations and users, due to the latest global technology in the food industry.

It’s one of the leading companies that combine scientific and practical experience and advanced technologies with the highest levels of quality, professionalism and innovation to provide the best food products through a chain of factories in the countries of the world. Our mission:

Meet your needs, and the desires of its markets to create the finest food products with distinctive flavors and competitive prices.

  1. Seven nuts Company to trade nuts products

Company products:-

– Nuts.

– Spices and herbal products.

Company Profile:-

Seven Notes is the leading Turkish company in the field of product export, and one of the best pistachio distributors Confronting the importer to find the best products, payment procedures and shipping due to distance (high quality) and offer you very honest payment methods such as a bank letter of credit, and help you in shipping the goods to the location you specify.

  1. BYA Tarim (BYA Agriculture) for agricultural products

If you want to import from Turkey choose BYA.

Company products:-

– Nuts.

– Legumes.

– Eggs.

Company Profile:-

Baya is a famous pistachio supplier which provides for agriculture and animal husbandry sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, dried fruits, eggs, garlic, sausage and pastrami to customers through high quality service.

– Reliability, honesty and professionalism while maintaining the highest level of trust and customer satisfaction.

– BYA Agriculture and Animal Husbandry was established in Istanbul and sends the products to the market in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa where it will be the leader.

– Effective approach and solutions to clients by meeting customer needs in the first place.

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Turkish pistachios wholesale
Turkish pistachios wholesale

Pistachio price in Istanbul

The farmers of the Turkish north are toiling these days in reaping the fruits of pistachios, and they have been heartened by the improvement in the production of their fields this season compared to last year.

The harvesting business continues in the countryside of Gaziantep, Diyarbakir and Anteb, which is the most famous and abundant Turkish countryside, producing fruit that the Turks have long described as “green gold.”

Its bright red external peel, in addition to its high price and its entry in the export lists, has gained the Turkish economy in decades an added value in the balance of trade exchanges and importing from Turkey and about 10 million trees have formed the country’s national wealth at the local level and a tremendous return that is positively reflected on the individual income. This year’s production is estimated at about 70 thousand tons, as announced by the Director of the Pistachio Office at the Ministry of Agriculture, noting that this total production is subject to increase according to initial estimates.

If this fruit bears the red and white color in its outer skin, its green color has made its presence distinctive in the dishes of the Levantine and Turkish cuisine, Turkish and oriental sweets, as well as ice cream.

The high prices of pistachios in the domestic market, if you want to import nuts from Turkey where the price of one kilogram, ranges from 7 to 10 thousand Syrian pounds, or about four US dollars.

Turkish pistachios wholesale in general are a product that makes a lot of profit for its owners, especially pistachios, as we learned about it through the previous article.

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