Wholesale price of olive oil in Greece

Best wholesale price of olive oil in Greece from 10 sources

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Wholesale price of olive oil in Greece

Are you looking for bulk olive oil from Greece? Do you need to know what is the olive oil industry in Greece? What is Wholesale price of olive oil in Greece? Over importing house, you will know all the details that you need.

Bulk olive oil from Greece

Greece has olive farms that produce the best and most luxurious oils in the world, and Greece’s possession of these oils and other local products opened eyes to the need for change and work to support local production to revive the economy، These olive trees are the most famous in the world for their oil, which is sometimes described as liquid gold, as the effect of these trees does not stop when they are an important agricultural product or just an oil that enters homes, but rather it is a national pride, being one of the best and most luxurious oils in the world.

However, the Greeks produce and sell more than 60% of their olives cheaply to factories in Italy and Germany, where they are squeezed and recycled to bring them to buy them at the most expensive prices wholesale price of olive oil in Greece.

Olive oil companies in Greece

Do you need to know companies in Greece? Are you looking for the greatest olive oil companies in Greece? Just follow and you can know all you need.


GREEKLAND, headquartered in Xanthi, specializes in premium beer trade.  Our products include extra virgin olives, coffee, cosmetics and drinks for bars and restaurants buying olive oil in Greece.  We are contacts directly without a middleman.  They Trusted Plus, Trusted Transition Supervise fully surgery.  We are looking for quality products and arranging to ship from Greece which I hate a lot of time.  We also help clear customs and logistics for trouble-free delivery.  We have won many clients in different countries including, Italy, France, Germany and Britain.  We supply our products to many high-profile pages.


The enterprise ELAINOS, is a wholesaler, founded in 2014, and operates in the olive oil sector. It is based in Thessaloniki, Greece.


The company, ARTEMISIA ESTATES OLIVE OIL, is the manufacturer / producer, operating in the olive oil sector.  It also operates in the olive oil sectors wholesale price of olive oil in Greece, Greek olive oil and flavored olive oil.  It is based in Heraklion, Greece.


AMALTHEA, a manufacturer / producer, was established in 2018, and operates in the olive oil sector.  It also operates in extra pure greek olive oil and cutters.  It is based in Athens, Greece.


The enterprise, NOOS TRADE, is the manufacturer / producer, founded in 1997, and it operates in the olive oil sector.  It also operates in the sectors of extra virgin organic olive oil best extra virgin olive oil in Greece, greek extra virgin olive oil, organic olive oil and olive oil.  It is based in Myrina, Greece.


MELAS EVANGELOS ASKLIPEIO OLIVE OIL INDUSTRY, founded in 1996, operates in the olive oil sector.  It also operates in the sectors of extra virgin organic olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, Greek olive oil and cosmetics.  It is based in Lygourio, Greece.

Olive oil companies in Greece
Olive oil companies in Greece

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ITHAKI EXPORTS P.C., is a wholesaler, operating in the olive oil sector.  It also operates in the sectors of pure olive oil, olive oil, extra virgin organic olive oil organic olive oil Greece, and the export of olive oil.  Based in Agrinio, Greece.


Corporation XOCOMMERCETEAM, is an agent / representative, operating in the food, import-export sector.  It also operates in the agricultural production sectors, fresh fruits and vegetables, small cheeses and olive oil.  Based in Kozani, Greece.


The company, LACONIAS OLIVE GROVES, is the manufacturer / producer, founded in 1985, and it operates in the olive oil sector.  It also operates in the olive oil, green olive, and olive oil sectors.  It is based in Sparta, Greece.


The company, WELIA, is the manufacturer / producer, operating in the olive oil sector.  It is based in Peireus, Greece.

 Olive oil industry in Greece
Olive oil industry in Greece

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 Olive oil industry in Greece

Olive oil in Greece is considered a real wonder, but today it is strongly included in the daily diet of our compatriots, because its beneficial properties and that amazing taste are beyond doubt.  Many companies from different countries are engaged in the production of this tropical product, but many consumers, both here and abroad, believe that the best olive oil is made in Greece olive oil made in Greece.

There are lots of reasons to distinguish Greek olive oil from the others.  First of all, it should be said that even scientists consider Greece the birthplace of cultivated olives, and, accordingly, of olive oil.  In the culture and culinary traditions of this country has been around for several years – during this time the Greeks were able to know its qualities and the best of recipes that came up with it using it.  In all other countries, the olive tree fell later, and the original as you know, is always better than a copy.

However, thinking about the origin and reproduction is a more beautiful formula, because there are also dry numbers that attest to the same superiority of Greek oil over its counterparts from other countries.  The Greeks are interested in their national cuisine while the country has no division of products for the domestic market and for export.  The highest extra virgin olive oil” (EVOO) category, thus, the percentage of this oil in all Greek products is about 80%.  Roughly speaking olive oil producers in Greece, don’t think which is better – choose Greek, and you won’t be wrong.

Oil from Greece has a specific taste – always bitter and spicy at the same time.  Experts note that this taste and flavor is indicative of the appropriate degree of ripeness of the fruit, as well as the fact that the tree was properly planted and grown in suitable conditions.

At the same time, in most supermarkets outside Greece, oil, labeled EVOO, is actually not.  Incorrect selection of olives, lack of proper fruit sorting, the use of poor-quality equipment for grinding or boiling water for roasting the crop – all these factors can lead to a significant decrease in the beneficial properties of the oil, as well as to a less pronounced taste and aroma of the liquid.  All these shortcomings may be characteristic even for individual Greek companies, but the reviews indicate that this country is considered the best supplier of olive oil in the world.

It is impossible to unequivocally state that any olive oil from Greece is necessarily excellent.  It is clear that in any country and in any industry, there will be a producer that manufactures a similar product of lower quality due to slowness or in pursuit of the desire to make your product cheaper olive oil prices in Greece.

By the way, the second factor affects our compatriots, because in our country it is considered that in Greece olive oil is much cheaper.  On the one hand, this is correct, because when selling in stores there, delivery costs are much smaller, on the other hand – our employees usually incorrectly estimate the degree of importance of this component of the price.  Cheaper (and lower quality) olive oils never go abroad, and our citizens, having seen these advantages, are usually inclined to buy them In Russian supermarkets, expensive and good oil is usually represented, but again make sure that it does not hurt.  This can be done by examining the bottom of the bottle – if slight squiggly deposits are visible, this means that the olive pulp is in the liquid (which is inevitable in normal production).  In addition, the Greek inscription indicates a high level of quality olive oil production in Greece – Εξαιρετικό Παρθένο Ελαιόλαδο.  It means having 100% cold pressed oil in front of you that retains the maximum benefits of the fruit.

A much longer inscription – Ελαιόλαδο – Αποτελείται από Εξευγενισμένα και Παρθένα Ελαιόλαδα – indicates that the bottle in question contains not only cold pressed oil, but also a specific mixture of purified oil. Finally, the ambiguous phrase – ρυρηνέλαιο – Ιδανικό για τηγάνισμα (για κάθε χρση) – does not speak of the content in the liquid not only from refined oil, but from refined oil from stones.  It is clear that the bones have a completely different smell and taste, completely indistinguishable, and the oil from them, of course, has the same properties.  The benefits of this product are also little.  In olive oil production, stones, unlike the pulp of the fruit, are considered, if not garbage, then second-class raw materials, since oil with a small amount of stone fruits is considered to be of low quality and inexpensive olive oil beauty products Greece.  It is he who usually brings our gullible tourists, thinking that they have made a bargain.

As mentioned earlier, any quality certification may not be incorrect, as the best properties specified in the bottle are not an absolute guarantee of quality.  In the case of olive oil, the trust factor of one brand or the other is fully functional.

The consumer hopes that the manufacturer, once releasing a truly high-quality product, will not be worse off, so as not to lose the customers who evaluated all the benefits.  It makes sense – if the brand reaches a level when its products are sold abroad olive oil from Greece for sale, it will do everything possible so that its name is associated with high-quality olive oil.

It is possible that there are other Greek manufacturers producing premium Greek oil, however, we will only single out three – those whose authority has not been questioned for a long time.

olive oil wholesale price
olive oil wholesale price

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1_ Minerva

If we talk about the fame of the brand, then no other olive oil industry can compare with this brand.  It’s no joke – this company is considered the first producer of olive oil made in Greece (and possibly all over the world), and today its production is about 2/5 of all oil exported from Greece abroad olive oil suppliers Greece.  As is often the case with manufacturers with a rich history, success brings a strict adherence to classic canons – for example, olives must be manually harvested and rooted without the use of sophisticated modern technologies.

2_Terra Creta

Terra Creta – another well-known Greek company, famous for its olive oil far from the borders of the motherland.  The quirky “trick” of this sign is to want olive oil to be a kind of recipe because many aromatic and flavor additives are added to givethen the liquid completely unexpected properties.  Both Greeks and foreigners liked such experiences, because today this company is in the lead.


It is one of the few companies that produces Greek olive oil for frying and other heat treatment.  The national Greek cuisine often does not impose oil that on such functions, due to competitors it very much loses taste and aroma when heated.

Thus, we explained to you what is the bulk olive oil from Greece and the best olive oil companies in Greece. We have explained the olive oil industry in Greece. I hope to find it useful for you.

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