olive oil from Spain wholesale

Olive oil from Spain wholesale .. 17 recommend places

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olive oil from Spain wholesale

Buying olive oil is acquiring a unique product in the world for its incredible health benefits Within olive oils, extra virgin olive oil is the most exceptional for its flavor, aroma and benefits that it brings to our body، Through Importing House platform, we are bringing you benefits information for the most exclusive olive oil from Spain wholesale and let you know some of Spanish olive oil Top brands and prices, follow us

Olive oil companies in Spain

We bring to you reliable and trustworthy olive oil manufacturers in Spain and some of great companies with their best olive oil brands:

  1. Arolive:

Their pure olives are picked from century olive trees that have been controlled comprehensively and with official certificate European Organic Olive, no chemical components take place, only mechanical procedures, they producing Extra virgin olive oil in spain، Their olive oil is a result of limited production from the early days in harvesting and cold press of the most solitary sort of national olives varieties from their olive in Andalusia and Extremadura.

Is olive oil from Spain good?Generally olive oil scientifically has been proven health benefits which has high content of good fats and polyphenols makes it incomparable to the rest of oils used in the kitchen for all cook usage.

  1. La AceiteraJaenera:

You can find extra virgin olive oil in the world there, In Jaén, Spain, the largest producer of olive oil in Spain, and worldwide so that Jaén’s extra virgin olive oils are undoubtedly the most popular and of the highest quality that can be found، They have professionals who are knowledgeable about the world of olive groves and olive oil, customers can buy their products online. In this company they have the best Spanish olive oil and extra virgin olive oils and a vast variety of brands among which:

Oro de Bailén, Verde Esmeralda, Bravoleum, Tuccioliva, Castillo de Canena, Melgarejo, Cortijo la torre and much more، Their olive oils can be purchased in individual, without buying the whole bottles box, they serve you between 4/8 days, due to the availability of the product it can take a few days more.

They have selected the best varieties of Picual, Arbequina and Hojiblanca for you, also they have a vast variety of details for celebrations, handmade products made of olive wood, chocolates of olive oil of various flavors and the greatest Premium olive oils on the market.

  1. L&P Global B.V.

They have a lot of experience in the food sector and in trade, working in the import and export of food products such as import olive oil from Spain, wine, and other stuff، They well-known for trustful relationships with local producers, together with their innovative trading style allows them to export food products to all over the world and to any kind of customers, they have been established in the Chinese market.

  1. Casa Pareja:

Casa Pareja oil is the result of a careful cultivation and production of their cultivated olives, cold extraction with freshly harvested olives in their own oil mill in the middle of the olive trees، Their extra virgin olive oil is a thick in color and taste, very aromatic oil, with a mild spicy touch and a certain herbaceous flavor، Also, they producing organic olive oil soap is a natural soap, and 100% handmade with ingredients that care for and protect the skin while respecting its balance.

  1. Aceite EcológicoTrujal de Mágina:

An agricultural cooperative specializing in the growing, production, packing and distribution of organic olive oil from Spanish, producing a unique extra virgin olive oil, they have 27 products of olive oil types including:

  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Eretru – Can
  • € 7.23 / unit
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Eretru – PET
  • € 6.58 / unit
  • Virgin Olive Oil Molino De Ochoa – Carafe 5L
  • € 15.00 / unit
wholesale olive oil Spain
wholesale olive oil Spain

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wholesale olive oil Spain

  1. Nanako goods:

An olive oil factory in Spain this one of great wholesale, world class, premium and award-winning Spanish products which It has a very good reputation، The company is based on a strong belief in the importance of a healthy lifestyle and one of its pillars is a healthy, they willing to export not just the best natural products they can find but also the lifestyle for your health, their products are quality certified, They are proud to present the best natural products that nature has to offer, all-natural products also it’s a matter of health, and longevity.

  1. Oliveline:

One of the famous olive oil exporters in Spain, they are exporting to the whole world the best Spanish products, You can find in their site over 100 different products in their catalogue, having one of the largest ranges in the market of olive oils represented by four different brands, also they have pickles, vinegars and tuna fish Also, you can find Premium extra virgin olive oil, top quality green and black olives, and Maestro de Oliva, quality and reasonably priced olive oil and table olives So, Maestro de Oliva considered the great in integration of price and quality, which from their quality of their oil that known by experts and by consumers.

  1. Iberica Export:

It’s a popular export company in Spain work as a wholesaler and export to different countries around the world, they are exporting olive oil, and many other products as can delivering in any quantities، They can offer you the latest quality-price of Spanish olive oil bulk, also they know legislation, customs, and other nuances of exporting، They are the best for Import companies around the world, hotels, food chains, and retail stores, delivering to European Union, China, USA, Australia and many others.

Olive oil Spanish brands
Olive oil Spanish brands

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Olive oil Spanish brands

Here is some of Spanish olive oil and great extra virgin olive oil Spain brands:

  1. Sierra de Cazorla:

An extra-virgin olive oil made from Picual or Royal olive varieties, in the municipalities of Cazorla, Chilluévar, Huesa, La Iruela, Peal de Becerro, Pozo Alcón, and Santo Tomé، Ripe olives are harvested by hand and transferred to the oil mills to be extracted by cold pressing after picking.

  1. Sierra de Segura:

An extra-virgin olive oil from Picual, Verdial, Royal and Manzanilla de Jaen olives, produced in the northeast of the Province of Jaen. It is an oil of very low acidity 0.5% and a fruity aroma similar to that of apples, fresh grass, and tomatoes.

  1. Siurana:

An extra-virgin olive oil from Arbequina, Royal and Morrut olive varieties, produced in the Province of Tarragona, on the Mediterranean coast. The olives are harvested by hand and are transferred to the oil mill in order to be cold pressed within 72 hours، There are two types of Siurana are available on the market. Siurana olive oil is green and has a fruity flavor and bitter almondy aroma. If the olive oil is yellowish in color, that means it obtained from olives harvested later and tastes sweet.

  1. Sierra de Cádiz

Sierra de Cádiz is an extra-virgin olive oil obtained from olives of the Lechín de Sevilla, Manzanilla, Verdial de Huévar, Verdial de Cádiz, Hojiblanca, Picual, Alameña de Montilla and Arbequina varieties, produced in the 8 municipalities of the district of Sierra de Cadiz and four municipalities in the province of Seville، The harvesting season lasts from November and extend to March. Once olive picked and selected, it will be transported to the mills where they are cleaned and cold-processed. Sierra de Cadiz has a fruity aroma of ripe olives, spicy flavor used in its production.

  1. Montes de Granada

An extra virgin olive oil is made from selected pure natural olives of Picual, Lucio and Loaime varieties grown in the province of Granada. This extra virgin olive oil is obtained by mechanically extracting the oil, taking care that temperature of the oil does not exceed the 27 degrees Celsius during any stage of the production.

Montes de Granada is green and has a mellow flavor with fruity and green notes. Every step of the production of Montes de Granada, including packaging and labeling, must make sure in the province of Granada to ensure superior quality and traceability of this exceptional oil.

  1. Sierra Mágina

An extra-virgin olive oil obtained from Picual and Manzanillo de Jaén olives, olives are harvested, selected and transferred to oil mills and pressed within two days of gathering، The oil is checked, graded and packaged to be placed on the market. Sierra Magina has a unique deep green to golden yellow color, depending on the harvesting season and olive location.

  1. Aceite de Navarra

An extra virgin olive oil produced in the region of Navarra in Spain. This olive oil is from native olives of Arróniz, and Arbequina, using only mechanical processes that do not deteriorate its structure and organoleptic properties.

This oil is bright green to yellowish colored has a bitter and pungent, very balanced aroma. The smell and flavor of this olive oil look alike that of green olives, almond, citrus, and grass.

  1. Aceite de la Rioja

An extra virgin olive oil produced in the region of la Rioja in Spain. This olive oil is produced from native olives such as:Picual, Cornicabra and Arbequina using only mechanical processes that do not deteriorate its structure and organoleptic properties.

  1. Aceite de Mallorca

An extra virgin olive oil produced on the island of Mallorca in Spain. This olive oil is produced from: native Majorca, Arbequina and Picual olive varieties.

This oil is bright green to yellowish colored has a fruity and spicy aroma. The flavors of this olive oil are reminiscent of green olives, almond, citrus, and grass. All stages of production of this oil, including bottling, must take place on the island of Mallorca.

Olive oil
Olive oil

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Olive oil Spain price

The price of olive oil from Spain wholesale is €3.00 per kilo.  The highest price is in Málaga with €3.03 ($3.69) and the lowest price is €2.53 per kilo, don’t forget prices always differs from place to another.

  • Early Harvest Dominus Picual variety 500 ml 12,56 €.
  • AOVE Oleicola Jaen Olive oil 11,25 €.
  • Oro del Desierto Organic Olive oil from Coupage 500 ml 11,60 €.
  • olive oil Castillo de Canena Biodinamic Extra virgin 500 ml glass bottle 20,50 €.
  • Three best olive oils which are Venta del Barón , Rincón de la Subbética and Oro del desierto all in glass bottle 500 ML for 41,50 €.
  • Jaén Selection Pack 98,50 € contains 500 ml bottle of these following brands, Bravoleum, Castillo de Canena, Dominus, Maquiz, Oro Bailen, Picual, Pradolivo and Unolivo organic.
  • 12 cheap Spanish olive oil bottles Abbae de Queiles olive oil an organic extra virgin olive oil from Arbequina for 15,00 €.
  • Aceituno Olive Oil from 15,00 € to 23,00 €.

At the End, we hope that our information about olive oil from Spain wholesale is useful for you.

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