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Top 16 places for Texas olive oil wholesale

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 Texas olive oil wholesale

Texas olive oil wholesale production is an exciting, emerging industry in Texas، The state’s climate is good suited for olive trees, and the worldwide popularity of Extra Virgin Olive Oil provides great opportunities for growers Similarly, the Texas industry benefits consumers looking for trusted, national sources of fresh olive oil Best olive oil in Texas andfamous companiesof good dealing, highqualityandfresh olive oilthis information and more will know in Importing house platform just contact with us…..

Texas olive oil company

Texas in famous for the best and variety kinds of olive oil with high quality.

1-Texas Hill Country Olive Company :

Is family-owned, a collaboration between my father John Gambini and myself (Cara Gambini).

 They are passionate about what they do,they considered from the best olive oil in Texas, and the most awarded olive oil company in Texas, located in the beautiful and beloved (Texas Hill Country) of Dripping Springs Texas،  The company began in 2008 when they purchased 17 acres of land in the picturesque town of Dripping Springs, TX, with the idea of planting olive trees، Since day one the focus has been on preserving the organic beauty of the area while providing fresh locally produced extra virgin olive oil and other premium quality products.

Why Dripping Springs?

  Well, not only does it have the good land conditions, but it also shared many similarities to certain landscapes in Italy which they love about this area، It was a bit of a homage to them motherland that they chose to plant where they did.  The trees are planted on a slope in rocky limestone soil, the limestone makes the soil more alkaline, the slope of the earth and the rocks in the soil help with water drainage.

There is usual a nice breeze in the orchard which helps the pollinator trees (Pendolino variety) to pollinate the varieties that need pollinating، This company is olive oil in Texas hill country, they sourced some olive varieties from nurseries in Texas, and have also purchased trees from California.

2-Salado Olive Oil Company:

 is based in the heart of Salado, Texas. They offer the highest quality olive oil in Texas, sourced from the top olive farms worldwide. Many of them oils are infused right here in the United States, using only the highest quality ingredients،  You’ll find our pricing to be competitive and them customer service to be outstanding، If you’d like to sample them products, please take an enjoyable drive to them store in Salado, Texas.

Frankly, they think the Village of Salado is the best small town in Texas، With many different bed and breakfasts and only a short drive up I35, between Waco and Austin, Salado has something for everyone. Main Street and the surrounding area is a lively marketplace with more than 60 shops and artists galleries.

Texas olive oil producers

InTexas there are many farms which grownin it beautiful olive to become the best olive oil.


1836: A Texas Olive Company is a business venture based of a 100-plus year history in Dimmit County, Texas. The dream of building an orchard started with a desire to pay homage to the L.R. Vasquez family and their decided to support ofAsherton and its community.

In 2012, the dream of a Texas olive orchard was converted to reality. 1836 believes in contributing to the Texas olive industry and in increasingtheir family legacy in Texas.


One of the pioneering olive orchards in Texas, they planted them first orchard in 2008 and have grown into a full-service olive business. Lone Star Olive Ranch extra virgin oil is ESTATE GROWN. They insure the highest quality extra virgin olive oil by maintaining complete control by growing, harvesting olive oil made in Texas, milling and bottling them extra virgin olive oil at the ranch.

 It all starts with them 14,000 olive trees (21 varietals) planted on them 80 acre ranch. They also do orchard installations, olive tree sales, consulting and orchard management، Them sister company, owns and operates the world’s most state-of-the-art mobile olive mills in the world.


Irish Creek Ranch is owned and operated by the Followwill family and is located in Cuero, Texas, on the banks of the Guadalupe River. The first orchard was planted in 2014 with the aim of producing a “orchard blend” high quality, flavorful, extra virgin olive oil.

Arbequina is the first olive grown with a few other varietals to enhance flavor profile.

Olive oil manufacturers in Texas
Olive oil manufacturers in Texas

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Olive oil manufacturers in Texas

With high quality and reasonable price.


They pride themselves on quality. It is them mission to produce the best extra virgin olive oil possible, educate consumers on the benefits of using them products, and continue to represent Texas and its growing olive industry.

Texana Brands is Texas’s biggest bottler, buyer, and grower of Texas olive oil. The 150 acre orchard is planted in Artesia Wells, TX on heritage land that has been in them family for over 125 years. Named in honor of  them great grandmother, Texana Ramsey Henrichson, they export olive oilwith saved olive oil shipping container,they proud to continue to farm the same precious acres that were once covered in watermelons and cattle.

7-Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard:

They are one of the first olive orchards in Texas. They have an 11000 tree orchard amongst century old oaks. They manufacture and have for sale in our gift shop, Pearl Brewery Farmers Market and online, olive oil and other culinary products, also full line of skin care products made with olive oil.

8-Grapevine Olive Oil Co.:

As they navigate these unprecedented times, Grapevine Olive Oil Co. is establish and prepared to get the groceries you need in an efficient and timely manner. They have reduced our shipping costs to $7.95 Flat Rate on Orders up to $60, and free shipping over $60.00.

There is also a (Pick Up in Store) Option on them online store and they are happy to meet you outside of the store so you do not have to come inside.


100% California Olive Oil – Made from California olives, olive oil in Victoria Texas, all started with a wild idea: to make the best extra virgin olive oil at an affordable price in California. They took the deep rooted convention of developing olives and flipped it on its head. after 20 years, they keep on mixing convention with advancement. They call that living the Californian dream.

Olive oil importers
Olive oil importers

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Best olive oil store in Austin Texas

10-Farmers Market:

them business is locally owned and operated selling fresh local produce, grass fed beef, pastures eggs, raw honey, homemade pies and gifts.

11-Ab Liquor:

Artisanal Spirits Austin/ Grand Opening November Friday 13th.

12- Con’ Olio Oils & Vinegars:

This is another store I didn’t realize was so close to his house. He went a little crazy here and got sample 60ml sizes of many types of vinegars and got some interesting oils like butternut squash seed oil. He is also enjoying the cara vanilla orange vinegar. They go really well on his salads

13- Savory Spice Shop:

liked going into the store to see everything laid out and they had some sale items. It’s nice to have a place like this since he is cooking so much more to branch out and try different things. The newest thing I have been using.

Olive oil stores in Texas

14-Heart of Texas Olive Oil Company:

Is located in Central Texas as a locally owned Flavored Olive Oil and Flavored Balsamic Vinegar manufacturer and retail store and tasting bar in Georgetown Texas. They use only the finest and freshest oils and vinegars from artisans of small batch producers from mostly Texas & few California growers, they know olive oil benefits so they work on this, You will be able to sample a wide variety of flavored oils and vinegars.  Come taste Texas in a bottle.

All in all, staple things are charge excluded in Texas. This incorporates bread, milk, produce, and so on

 Olive oil price
Olive oil price

Is olive oil taxable in Texas

Texas, though, considers many “snack items” or other sweet treats to be taxable. For instance, “nibble things” like granola bars are available when sold in individual parts, in servings containing under 2.5 ounces, or when sold through candy machine. Food things that contain no milk and are not comprised of over half natural product juice are additionally available.

15- Southeast Texas Olive, LLC :

Is located in Devers, Texas in a rural community about 9 miles north of Interstate 10. The olive orchard is nationally grown and produced. Koroneki and Arbequina olives are naturally harvested and processed within 24 hours to create a high quality 100% organic extra virgin olive oil. The team is proud to provide Texan grown organic olive oil harvested from them own fruit. Contact us today and taste their smooth and fresh extra virgin olive oil made right here in Texas.

16-Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard:

A short distance from downtown San Antonio, is one of the primary business olive plantations in Texas, Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard, possessed and worked by him, Saundra C. (Sandy) Winokur. When he bought the property in 1998, it was unimproved pasture land graced by ancient oaks. He fell in love with the huge oak trees and felt that because they thrive in the sandy soil of the farm, this would be a suitable place to start an orchard. Just as the oaks do, the olive trees he planted flourish. As a steward of the land, heplant the olive trees and other crops, sustainably, using only organic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

Revered from history by many cultures for its bounty, the olive tree bears olives to eat, from which a juice called olive oil is extracted. They have all olive oil quality brands, The leaves are brewed into a beneficial tea. The wood is used for makingbeautiful objects or as a source of clean fuel for cooking. his Initial goal was to produce quality extra virgin olive oil, but over time another aim arose to show the range of value-added culinary and skin-care products that can be made from the oil and the leaves. He is proud of the full range of products my staff and I have developed and continue to develop.

Finally we hope we present all information about Texas olive oil wholesale  Texas olive oil wholesale.

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