wholesale clothing market in turkey

wholesale clothing market in turkey … Map of the best stores

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wholesale clothing market in turkey

do you want to know best wholesale clothing market in turkey ? Turkey is one of the best garment manufacturers in the world, which made it the first source of import, as the good material and the great price make it the first source for any trader. So if you want to trade or even buy personally, follow this article.


clothes markets in turkey antalya

Are you looking for clothes  markets in turkey antalya? There are markets specialized in selling clothes in Turkey, including women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, and others, the most famous of which are…..

The main market or bazaar in Antalya:

 The most famous market in Antalya where to buy turkey wears and has clothes, carpets and leather goods, and it has local products displayed in the bazaar such as handicrafts and jewelry, the market is open on holidays.

 the prices are cheap you will not find the same in other markets in Turkey, it is characterized by the welcome and good treatment of its sellers, who will invite you to eat Apple tea is a tradition to attract visitors in Turkey.

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Kaleici :

The market is located in the old quarter of Kaleici, it is the best market for visitors, as they make an inside trip that provides them with the pleasure of shopping and picnicking because the market has archaeological landmarks there are houses built in the traditional Ottoman style and delightful cobbled stone roads with wonderful colors.

 the market is characterized by shops that provide souvenirs Antiques and shops carpets, furnishings and wonderful jewelry.

Laura Street Market :

 The market opens every Saturday of every week, it is one of the cheapest popular markets

.it is clothes cheap in turkey and the most famous commercial places in Antalya. Traditional Turkish, which led to the love of the people and visitors to him.

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clothes  markets in turkey
clothes  markets in turkey

The old port of Antalya:

The market has modern clothes and everything new in the world of fashion and fashion, it is characterized by its picturesque views of the Mediterranean Sea and overlooking the scenery of the old city.

there are shops offering international and local brands, and there are also cafes and restaurants in the market that have a charming view of the sea. You can practice diving adventure And various water sports that make the area a great tourist and commercial attraction.

clothes manufacturers in turkey

Are you looking for clothes manufacturers in Turkey? There are the best clothing factories in Turkey, there are modern and new clothes, including women’s clothing, men’s, children’s, sports and other clothes, the most famous of which are….

Turkopt : One of the famous factories in Turkey is characterized by attractive designs that attract businessmen around the world, it has women’s clothing made in turkey, it has a wonderful organization that facilitates you to order what you want, produces unique styles and they have clothes in all categories under different titles.

Olley : It is a manufacturer located in Istanbul, Turkey, that manufactures low quality clothes. It has two departments, one for sampling and the other for production, aiming at timely delivery. Every commercial transaction is carried out with an official document and thus safety is guaranteed. This company is recommended for beginners in the clothing trade who do not have a head enough money to buy high quality products. Its minimum order quantity is as low as 200 pieces.

AM Clothing: It manufactures custom clothing and brands in Turkey, it is one of the best clothing manufacturers in Turkey, manufactures blouses, shirts, nightwear, jogging sets, polo pique shirts, and woven clothes include skirts, shorts, blouses and shirts, and it is one of the best distributor of custom clothes and women’s plus size clothing.

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clothes manufacturers in Turkey
clothes manufacturers in Turkey

clothes suppliers from turkey

 Are you looking for clothes suppliers from turkey? There are many clothing suppliers in Turkey and one of the best suppliers of clothes in Turkey, as suppliers of men’s and women’s wear, and the most famous of them is…..

Consi: It is the best woven apparel supplier in Turkey, based in Izmir, it is a stable wholesaler, and from its clothes, jerseys, jogging shirts, socks, pajamas and polo pique shirts, it offers knitted and woven clothes of all sizes for all genders, young and old. also turkey women’s clothing sizes.

Oasis Shirts: It is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality shirts for children, men and high-quality turkish women’s clothing for wholesale buyers women, and it also provides the best prices for your wholesale deals in most parts of the world. It is considered a mens clothing import office from Turkey for small business owners or those just starting out where they can order small quantities of Each item, and manufactures t-shirts with special labels which means you can use your logo in your order.

FKN Textiles: It produces 85,000 pieces for women and men per month, supports the wholesale clothing market in Bursa, and clothes outlets in turkey is a textile distributor, is one of the leading Turkish clothing manufacturers with a low minimum order quantity, serving brands, clothing retailers and fashion designers to import dresses from Turkey by providing accessory sources and sources. Weaving and pattern making support.

Thus, we explained to you the most important clothing markets in Turkey and the best clothing manufacturers in Turkey, in addition to the most famous suppliers of clothes in Turkey, we hope that it will be useful to you

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