Islamic clothing wholesale turkey

12 wholesale Turkish Islamic clothing for modest elegant wear

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in  wholesale Turkish Islamic clothing ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

wholesale Turkish Islamic clothing

Importing wholesale Turkish Islamic clothing is your first step as a novice trader towards success, because veiled clothes are the best in promoting them in Arab countries, due to the scarcity of this type of clothing and the popularity of many for it, and together in this article we present the most important import methods from Turkey and the names of the manufacturers that you can deal with her.


Islamic clothing wholesale turkey

The Turkish clothing industry has developed after the European Union removed its shares of textile and clothing imports, and after the Turkish joined the European Customs Union, this led to an increase in clothing factories in Turkey with Turkish clothing, especially Islamic ones around the world, we inform you of these companies: –

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There are more than 100k styles in their showroom in turkey, Istanbul.

This company have many kinds of clothes for girls/women only, there is the best wedding dresses with long sleeves for Islamic clothing and Islamic clothing for summer, the company well known for her great products you can try it by yourself all you going to do is go to their website and contact them, for more shipping details you can see the policy of their page.

Hijab planet:

A Turkish company has established in 2014 to provide women from all religions who they seek into a humble life style with hijab.

Miyasem Islamic clothing fatih/Istanbul turkey:

Miyasem Islamic Clothing is a family company that has been operating in the field of hijab clothing for 15 years. It produces comfortable, sports and stylish clothing for Muslim women.

Miyasem Islamic Clothing is a family company that has been operating in the field of hijab clothing since 2001. Islamic clothing for sale It produces comfortable, sporty and elegant clothing for young Muslim women.


their clothes try to bring out the innate idea of self-expression of different women resonating Islamic sentiments.

East Essence started out with an intent for comfortable and affordable Islamic attires for the consumption by masses. Here, you’ll find a various cultural heritage under the umbrella of Islam through its various styles It celebrates the Islamic philosophy of dressing modestly the Moroccan embroidery, Arabian Abayas, Turkish skirt- dresses or Indian Ikkat print, they also make available modest garments for kids and Men.

Turkish Islamic clothing online
Turkish Islamic clothing online

Islamic clothing manufacturers in turkey

If you are looking for a collection of Islamic clothing from Turkey, you can check out these sites: –


You can enter the website and search for Islamic clothing you will find your requirements of Islamic clothing wholesale

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Turkopt is another popular factory among the clothing factories in Turkey. It has a well-organized platform that makes your ordering procedure to be simple. They have clothes in all categories. This makes it easier for you to explore through the diverse styles.

Turkish Islamic clothing brands

Perhaps one of the best sites, which has spread widely in recent times, is the Turkish Islamic clothing online specialized in veiled clothes, as it was able to attract many shopping lovers from everywhere including: –

: Modanisa:

Modanisa store is well known brand and one of the leading online shopping sites specialized in selling and marketing hijab clothing and modest fashion.

On the Modanisa website, you find all the fashion you need for all different occasions by high quality of products and attractive prices

Modanisa also offers many amazing offers and discounts that attract customers to shop freely without looking at the prices, and the site supports more than one language


One of the most famous veiled fashion sites in Turkey, very similar to Modanisa, but the materials and designs differ, as Modanisa is more famous for its distinguished and luxurious materials. Istanbul wholesale market

Unlike Safa Merv, it contains many types of raw materials, whether of medium or high quality, as you can find inside it remarkably price tags.

The website is available in Arabic so you can have a more convenient and fast shopping experience, and delivers its services to most countries of the world, including Arab countries.

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Lc Waikiki:

It is considered one of the most famous brands known internationally and also within the Arab region, the store provides a large number of different costumes, not only for veiled women, there are also clothes for men and children for all ages.

All designs inside the site are distinguished by being in line with the latest international and Arab fashion as well.

Wow wholesale Turkey.

wholesale Turkish Islamic clothing
wholesale Turkish Islamic clothing

Turkish Islamic clothing stores


A wholesale district in turkey, Istanbul. There are products for every gender clothes. People who go for wholesale say that even for 4-5 days impossible. This market in one big store all brands of clothes are collected. Also, the benefits of Laleli is delivery of all purchased goods to the hotel by Cargo transportation service.

In conclusion we have presented wholesale Turkish Islamic clothing in most famous Turkish companies, retail and wholesale, and Turkish brands that you must definitely visit and shop in their boutiques if you like to shop and see the latest fashion trends.

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