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Most famous 10 places for Wholesale clothes Istanbul

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in wholesale clothes istanbul ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

wholesale clothes istanbul

If you want to start your business selling clothes, or you would like to buy yourself wholesale clothes Istanbul in order to save in prices and buy at a cheaper price, in this article you can find out the most famous stores and companies that offer their products at wholesale price.


buy wholesale clothes from turkey

If you are asking the question about where to buy wholesale clothes, it is possible that you are an entrepreneur thinking of taking a new step in the wholesale business. Knowing where to buy a product in large quantities is not an easy task, and in this paragraph we will try to help you to reach the most famous of these stores:

Rosa Export:

The address where Roza export is located is a region where wholesalers are concentrated, if you visit this region you are likely to encounter similar stores that sell all kind of clothes and you can buy baby clothes from turkey from them.

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Bayar Group:

The company sells products wholesale, you can check product ranges from websites.

Mim Textile:

The company sells Affordable plus size clothing, surplus production and export products in many sizes, including men’s and women’s tunic, short-leggings for summer and winter, and Turkish children’s clothing brands. We think it might be useful for you to contact and obtain information.

buy wholesale clothes from turkey
buy wholesale clothes from turkey

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turkish websites for clothes

In Turkey there are a lot of e-commerce sites that you can buy from at the wholesale price:

Turkupt Turkey website:

The main attraction of this site is its design, as it is a well-organized site, which makes the ordering process easier, all Turkish products wholesale and clothes are classified under different headings, which makes it easy for you to browse different styles, as it is one of the best wholesale sites in Turkey.

Ali Baba:

They have more than 40 major product from  istanbul wholesale online categories including apparel and consumer goods, the site has good customer care service and they offer their products in 190 countries with their main customer base located in Pakistan, Hong Kong and China, you can also filter the manufacturer according to your requirements by using the filter option.

AM clothing:

AM Clothing is the best Turkish clothing manufacturer and wholesale Turkish clothing online and it produces T-shirts, blouses, polo shirts, pique shirts and jogging sets. They also offer bespoke clothes and their main focus is to provide a high quality product at the best prices.

Taha Group:

Provides high-level service to its customers and high-quality Made in Turkey products at a very low price, from the most famous manufacturers of women’s clothing, but also focuses on the category of men and children The company is constantly working on innovation and offering the best quality


One of the largest wholesale sites for women producing 2 million units per month and its primary focus is on becoming a leader in ready-to-wear clothing adding value to its customers.

Momtech clothes:

One of the well-known turkish brands in Turkey for wholesale clothing has different shopping categories for men and women and has cooperation with famous brands such as M&S.

turkish brands
turkish brands

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buy designer clothes from turkey

One of the companies that provides wholesale clothing is ERSEL:

Ersel Knitwear is always one of the employees of a wholesale clothing store, as its experts in this field work meticulously to provide cheap designer clothes from turkey, fashionable clothes and in continuation of its market-based activities the company continues to provide its services all over Turkey, if you want to take advantage of the advantages of wholesale clothing you can browse the prices The company on its site and taking advantage of the advantages of reasonable prices they have, the company continues the activities of wholesale clothing in the markets that only serve store owners and store owners can only become members and see prices, to review their prices you must first become a member on the site, then when you become a member on the site you can enter The category you want, look at the product features you like, check the products and get detailed information about their prices, as an online sales site we provide you with first-class quality wholesale service.

If you are a store owner you can check their prices and place an order through Turkish clothing wholesale sites:

Their sales are also made to store owners and provide you with the best service in terms of customer satisfaction through the principle of their initial work. By choosing this company, you can benefit from their services and buy ideal products at reasonable prices from their wholesale site.

In this article, we have provided you with information about the most famous stores and companies that sell Turkish clothing wholesale to  import from turkey.

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