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Wholesale children’s online in Turkey … Best 14 baby clothing stores

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 Wholesale children’s online in Turkey

Are you looking for the greatest places where to buy Turkish baby clothes? what are the best baby clothing factories in Turkey? Do you like to know Wholesale children’s online in Turkey? Over importing house platform you can know all the details that you need.

Turkey baby clothes online

The Internet has an effective role in delivering these products to us and was able to provide us with a helping hand in this matter, as it made the concept of trade and shopping more comprehensive and commensurate with the countries ‘tendencies to globalize trade, so that electronic commerce is an essential part of the strength of the countries’ economy, and accordingly several online stores Turkish clothing online store and Turkish shopping sites appeared  It serves the local and international arenas.

In this article we review the most important and most useful ones through a list that contains international Turkish shopping sites for clothes that provide international shipping and local ones that provide shipping within Turkey only, with some of them available on the payment service on receipt, support browsing the store and obtaining support service in Arabic and English, let us follow together this list of Turkish shopping sites with a summary for each site separately

1_ Deno kids

The Deno Kids site is characterized by displaying very beautiful and wonderful products and has a wide turnout in Turkey and all this at very low prices baby clothing prices with its competitors from international brands. The most important thing that distinguishes the Deno Kids site is the design method for those clothes as the design is unique and this is what made us choose the Deno site Kids ranked first in the list of the best Turkish sites for children for the year 2018.

2_ Kostumpartim

The site is characterized bykostumpartim that it is dedicated to events, as it is considered the reference in Turkey on occasions and holidays for children, so if your child has an occasion, birthday or event in the school, you can enter the site and you will find a wide range of special clothes for occasions.

baby clothing prices
baby clothing prices

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3_ Uclerstore

Uclerstore is the website of one of the most famous Turkish companies for children’s clothing, providing clothes for newborns, male and female children of various ages, the site also provides school clothes, shoes, and infant needs of towels, blankets and other basic needs of infants, the site provides wholesale clothing children’s clothing wholesale suppliers Turkey Meaning that sometimes you may have to buy more than one piece of the same product, but with different color or size.

4_ Turkopt 

It is a Turkish clothing site that provides children with clothes, sets, and clothes on elegant and distinctive high-quality models, and it ships to all countries of the world.

5_ Sefamerve

Safamerve is a special site also one of the Internet shopping sites in Turkey, which is any of the women’s clothing shopping sites that provide an excellent selection of clothes in various sections, in addition to some other accessories such as shoes, bags, sports clothes, scarves, jackets, coats and many other accessories.

– The site also provides several sections for children’s clothes of different ages baby clothes deals, and supports shipping to many Arab sites, namely (Egypt, UAE, Morocco, Algeria, Iraq, Qatar, Mauritania, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Oman, Yemen, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain).  The site is considered one of the best Turkish sites for wholesaling at cheap prices for those who want to buy for resale.

Where to buy Turkish baby clothes?

Are you looking for the best places that you can buy Turkish baby clothes? Do you need to know the best stotres that you can buy Turkish baby clothes through them? Here’s a lish of best stores:

6_ Vakko Store

  • It is considered one of the most famous brands in Turkey through its offers, as it makes discounts on children’s clothing brands and is to encourage its customers to live an interesting, enthusiastic, innovative and free lifestyle.
  • His first motto was to have a store in Taksim, which was launched in 1982, to become a more youthful brand in Turkey.
  • Vakko includes categories of clothing for women, men and children and a special section for weddings and also features a range of accessories such as products for home décor and cosmetics.

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7_ Collezion

One of the leading children’s shopping sites in Turkey in the fashion industry baby clothing bulk suppliers, it was awarded the Turkish Fashion Prize in 2015 and it has categories of clothes for men as well as for women and children, and it is one of the best children’s clothes in Istanbul.

baby clothes deals,
baby clothes deals,

8_ Desa

  • From the production of the women’s handbag to one of the big children’s shopping website names in the fashion industry in Turkey for children, women and men, Desa has become the global brand now.
  • It also has stores in Syria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Cyprus and includes women’s clothing categories, which include leather jackets, leather coats, fur coats, suede jackets, leather skirts, and more.
  • For men, its category offers mix-leathers, leather jackets, leather shirts as well as other categories for travel and accessories.

9_ Breeze store for baby clothes and supplies

Breezi is characterized by the presence of shops and branches spread all over Turkey and has a Turkish children’s clothing page on Instagram, as well as its prices from the lowest prices you can get in Turkey, and from good to very good materials and this chain of stores for children’s clothing and supplies baby clothing suppliers in Turkey– also contains a lot.

10_ Lcwaikiki  stores

This chain of clothing stores is famous and it is not specialized in clothing and not only children’s accessories, they have products for all ages, men, women and children.

The most famous wholesale store in Turkey

11_ tajmelii

  • It is considered one of the cheapest Turkish clothing wholesale online shopping sites Wholesale children’s online in Turkey wholesale clothing in Turkey online, as it supports the Arabic language and he has all the needs of the family.
  • Which provides you with clothes, shoes, dresses and bags for men clothes at the best prices.

12_ Modanisa

It is a store that sells veiled clothes and dresses and contains a large size department.

13_ VIP Brands

  1. It is one of the best online shopping sites as it supports the Arabic language Wholesale children’s online in Turkey, and it also provides you with famous Turkish brands baby clothes brands in Turkey,
  2. Which provides you with clothes, shoes, dresses and bags for men clothes at the best prices.

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14_ Alibaba website

  • It is one of the most famous of these sites, through which you can shop from Turkey online
  • To buy wholesale Turkish clothes in Istanbul and start your project, which is the largest wholesale purchase site, and also provides you with
  • Shipping to the home and specific quantities for each of them. The item specified on the site must be purchased, and the prices are in dollars.
  • With children’s clothing stores and factories in Turkey there is much in all respects
  • From various Turkish provinces, but Istanbul always remains in the lead.
  • It is one of the most important provinces of Turkey, and it is a global icon of beauty and fashion.
  • Of course, girls’ clothing is at the forefront of sales as girls are known to be.
  • They are more interested in fashion than men, and this is not only for teenagers but also for children.
baby clothing suppliers in Turkey-
baby clothing suppliers in Turkey-

Baby clothing factories in Turkey

Turkey, especially Istanbul, is considered one of the most famous fashion capitals in the world, due to the distinctiveness of Turkish clothes with high taste, which helped the clothing trade to flourish in Turkey.

The garment industry in general in Turkey is one of the most economic and financial sectors that Turkey depends on in its general economy, and the Turkish clothing industry has flourished remarkably after the Turkish government decided to be careful and pay attention to economic reform wholesale clothing manufacturers in Turkey, which led to improving industrial production and increasing exports to many countries.

Here are the best baby clothes factories out there: –

1_The big market

How do I buy wholesale clothes from Turkey?  Within all the malls in Taksim and Istanbul, there are factories and stores for children’s clothing, such as Istinya Park Mall which contains a large number of stores such as Cotton Kids, Boynar, Panchu, B&G, Joker, Mazer Care and others.

2_ Textile and Garments

Women’s clothing has the pleasure of importing from Turkey and trying its jeans, dresses, T-shirts, shirts and trousers, a directory of clothing factories in Turkey import from Turkey, wedding dresses and various types of accessories for veiled women and pregnant women, a special section for men, jeans, sets, shirts, inserts, and a children’s section with various clothing requirements.

3_ Kayhan

It is one of the most important clothing factories in Izmir, and it specializes in all types of clothes, and you can browse the site using the Arabic language to access products with ease, and one of the best women’s clothing factories in Turkey,

Turkey’s textile and clothing exports, especially Istanbul, reached an unprecedented historical record, amounting to about 939 million dollars, as textiles were exported to 175 countries, out of 198 countries that imported Turkish textiles importing from Turkey, and through statistics, we find that children’s clothing factories in Turkey export  Its revenues since the beginning of the year amounted to $ 8.8 billion, constituting about a third of Turkey’s total textile exports, which is an important number in this industry, which made the availability of clothing factories large and we can mention a sample of women’s clothing factories in Turkey: –

Artanch Corporation for work clothes

It is an institution specializing in the manufacture of clothes that exist for women’s clothes, as well as the clothes that are used in most Turkish companies, as well as the clothes of medical laboratories. The headquarters of this institution is in Konya, Selcuklu region, and the business of trade in Turkey is not limited to retail sales.

But also, there are many places that sell children’s clothes at a wholesale price, and there are many Turkish clothes wholesale in: –

  • Yildirim in Bursa / Turkey (BABYMUZ COCUK GIYIM).
  • In Bursa / Turkey (CUMINO TEKS. SAN. TIC. LTD).
  • In Izmir / Turkey (MISSBONY CREATIONS).
wholesale clothing manufacturers in Turkey
wholesale clothing manufacturers in Turkey

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The children’s clothing trade, a wholesale exit from Turkey, has developed a lot, as it has now become the main source of import in clothes in many Arab countries importing baby clothes from Turkey , on top of them the Kingdom, because the products there have the highest quality and the best price , and whoever does not want to obtain this product, so Turkey was  The perfect choice for the Arab investor, and if you want baby clothes, the cotton baby clothes factory is the best, as there is a fabric from which the clothes are made of 80% cotton, and for the Turkish baby pajamas industry it is very distinct and wonderful and is distinguished by its distinctive and luxurious material, and also there are Turkish winter pajamas.  It is characterized by being heavy clothes that warm children.

Thus, we explaines to you the best places where you can buy baby clothes in Turkey and the greatest factories. We have explains Turkey baby clothes online. I hope to find it useful for you.

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