wholesale baby sweaters in Turkey

Top 5 places to buy wholesale baby sweaters in Turkey will surprise you.

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in wholesale baby sweaters in Turkey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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wholesale baby sweaters in Turkey

We always look forward to everything new in the world of Turkish fashion and to have special sources of inspiration as a designer and outlet of wholesale baby sweaters in Turkey and fashion. You can follow fashion sites through social media platforms and learn about clothes to know all the new. Through importing house platform, you will know all the details.


Baby sweaters wholesale

The wholesale children’s clothing trade from Turkey has developing a lot and matures day by day and is now the main source of importing from Turkey in many Arab countries, because the goods there have the top quality and the best price, and whoever does not want to get all this in one deal, so the best choice for the Arab investor to import from Turkey easily, Turkey includes a huge group of more than the wholesale Turkish clothing market, and the most central of these markets are the following:

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Othman Bey Street:

 This area includes a huge chain of stores specialized in sales children’s clothes at the wholesale price, as there are many ready-made children’s clothing companies lined up on both sides of the way. The number of companies that sell bulk baby sweaters in this market is about 50 companies that sell their goods to various parts of the world, and the costs of these products in this market are relatively high, because they are one of the high-end Turkish brands that are distinguished by their diversity and the quality of their rare materials.

Baby sweaters wholesale
Baby sweaters wholesale

Wholesale clothing stores in La Li:

 This area is located in the old part of Istanbul and this area holds a huge group of baby clothes shops in Istanbul along the tram and in its inner streets, and these stores are distinguished by the variety of children’s clothing models in them as well as their varying prices that suit all groups Social, Lalali Market is located in Lalali district, the most lively and visited area in Istanbul, and is very widely held among locals and foreign tourists, as it provides high-quality products through the largest stores at realistic prices that suit everyone.

Istiklal Street:

is one of the best Turkish baby clothes wholesale markets in Istanbul, as it contains a lot of goods and products from women’s clothes to men’s clothes, sportswear and children’s clothes, in addition to stores that trade shoes, but Istiklal Street prices are a little high, so be sure to search wisely, and use your pick-up skills to get a good confident.

Fatih Market

It is called the Wednesday Market because it is held every Wednesday every week and it is one of the distinguished wholesale markets in Istanbul, which includes the loveliest types of fruits and vegetables, not to mention wholesale childrens clothing in Turkey and buying cheap baby clothing.

Marter stores for wholesale children’s clothes:

The Marter area is characterized by comprising a large number of stores specialized in sales wholesale baby sweaters in Turkey at wholesale price, and it is also distinguished by its nearness to the industrial area in Istanbul.


Children’s clothing factory in Turkey

As Turkey is the best choice for the Arab investor, the clothing trade has matured a lot in the Arab world and everyone is looking to get the most value product and the best design at the right price, to get to know Turkey wholesale clothing suppliers and import children’s clothes from Turkey by traveling to Turkey that makes you able to visit many companies and factories and get to know the merchants, and at that time you can compare prices, quality levels and designs suitable for the target market and make it easy for buying baby clothes in bulk easily, which makes you finally able to buy the top products at the lowest prices, and thus sales will be easier and the profit margin will be high and one of the most imperative factories specialized in children’s clothing:

Konsey Factory:

Konsey is a woven clothing supplier located in Izmir, Turkey. They offer different types of baby woolen sweater and knitted clothes in all sizes for all genders, young and old. Nowadays their clothes essentially include wholesale baby sweaters in Turkey, jogging shirts, socks and pajamas, suitable for beginners who cannot afford an exorbitant cost and want to try trade Wholesale clothes from Turkey via the Internet.


If you want to get the best wholesale children’s clothing in Turkey, this factory is one of the most famous in the children’s clothing products and the best factory to making clothes for all ages from newborns to 12 years old. Importing baby dresses from Turkey is one of the most significant things it imports from Turkey. The factory has other branches all over Turkey, and you can refer to their site official to know their branches specifically and link with them.

Dino Kids Factory:

 It is a factory specializing in the manufacture of all cheap Turkish baby clothes from the age of one year to the age of 13, including chemises, shirts, baby sweaters sale and dresses with high quality and sensible prices for all.

Keihan Factory

It is considered one of the most central children’s clothing factories in Turkey, the factory is not only dedicated to children’s clothing, but also to women’s and men’s clothing, you can learn about the details of the contact method and their locations through its official website, which offers the advantage of changing the language to English so that it is easy for those who do not know the Turkish language reaching their goal, and one of its most widespread products is Turkish baby clothes for teenagers.


Turkish baby clothes online shopping

With the increasing demand to purchase from Turkey for all goods, there has become a trend to offer these services electronically to facilitate traders and make them comfortable with traveling to Turkey and increase prices, so the wholesale clothing trade in Turkey via the Internet allows providing sales at Turkey wholesale clothing prices and some of these sites offer shipping and delivery services at prices. Much less appropriate than shipping through shipping companies, and among the most vital Turkish children’s clothing sites:

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Modanisa site:

Modanisa is one of the most well-known sites for selling Turkish clothes, especially in the Arab countries. It was firstly to sell Turkey wholesale online for veiled women and is not specifically dedicated to children’s clothes, but now has a very rich section for children’s clothing, which includes everything that comes to mind of outerwear. And underclothing, dresses, baby sweaters online and sports clothes, one of the advantages of this site over others is your ability to search for what you want with the brand, size, fabric and price range, the site sends to all countries of the world, and you can pay in advance or upon receipt.


uclerstore is the website of one of the most famous Turkey brand clothing wholesale for children’s clothing, given that clothes for newborns, male and female children of various ages, the site also provides school clothes, shoes, infant needs of towels, covers and other basic needs of infants, the site provides wholesale clothing meaning that you are sometimes you may have to buy baby clothes more than one piece of the same product, but different colors or sizes.

H&M stores:

H&M is one of the famous Turkish baby clothes brands in the world, and these baby stores in Turkey offer children’s clothes on the Internet that ensemble all tastes and are suitable for all years, including boys’ and girls’ clothes, and home and winter underclothing are available, in addition to Turkey wholesale shoes and accessories so that your child looks very classy.

Minicity site:

A new Turkish online clothing store for children with many models, forms and items available in it, comprises a large amount of offers that outfit all kids and in the nursery school, or in the early years of school, a variety of options and much diversity. Basically, pull out your credit card and buy what you think will be appropriate to get you to the door of your stock.


It is one of the most famous Turkish sites and one of the greatest wholesale clothing sites, so you can import a variety of outfits, especially children, the best thing that distinguishes this site is that it is known that it has a collection of wears from all brands and the prices of products are fairly lower than other sites, so you will get through which the best prices for clothes in Turkey.

Children’s clothing factory in Turkey
Children’s clothing factory in Turkey

Children’s clothing manufacturers in Turkey

We have originated more than one reliable and effective way to import from Turkey so easy, and we will remind you of each method of its advantages and disadvantages:

Traveling alone:

​​it is the best way as it is characterized by that you will visit clothes stores and factories from the inside and know the extent of their quality. You will carefully observe all your wholesale clothes bulk and choose them and what is wrong with it that it is more expensive than other methods in addition to that you may face some problems in dealing with some clothes vendor and you will need an accompanying translator in addition, you will need to extract the import card, and this is not the case, which is a defect, but a condition that can be extracted simply.

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That is, you specify the Turkish clothes you need and assign someone who travels frequently or imported from Turkey clothes wholesale companies to buy them for you in exchange for a commission agreed upon between you. The benefit of this method is that its budgets are less than travel costs, but at the same time the dealer may not be able to provide correctly what you need.

Online purchase:

You can buy clothes online from Turkish clothes for sale websites of each manufacturer, and this method is characterized by being very low in terms of costs, but you will not be able to checked your imports until after it reaches you, as the choices in front of you are not as many as other ways.

In the end, we recommend importing baby clothes from Turkey, as there are many suppliers of wholesale clothes in turkey, where there are hand-picked and best brands in the world.

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