wedding dress makers in turkey

wedding dress makers in turkey.. 19 places help you in your project

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in Importing wedding dress from turkey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations

wedding dress makers in turkey

there are a lot of wedding dress makers in Turkey that provided services to the customers in every aspect of apparel manufacturing from fabric to labeling and packaging about details of the manufacturing process other than checking samples, and This is what we will introduce you to in this article in order to achieve a profitable trade..


wedding dresses manufacturers in turkey 

Choosing the best places to import and get goods is not easy, so we have prepared for you a list of the best stores: we will talk about the name Baymali Ltd that born in 2012. Their team members have tremendous experience in clothing manufacturing, they provide services to the customers. If you decide to order your wedding dresses online from Baymali you no longer have to think about details of the manufacturing process other than checking samples. Customs cut and sew manufacturing services are among the best in the fashion industry, when everything has been done there’s often still work to do to bring your private label designs to the retail store. There finishing services such as label manufacturing will give your brand a completely custom unique finish to show off your professionalism, working with Baymali Ltd brings you professional production, manufacturing services.


wedding dresses online
wedding dresses online

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wedding dress maker:


it has been a special workshop for over 10 years in the creation of bespoke and small production runs of wedding and evening dresses, and ceremonial robes. They are a wholesaler of evening dresses. They deliver worldwide with DHL AND UPS in 3 to 5 working days. They create the dress of your dream, bespoke or standard handmade. With the greatest care, following their traditional sewing. Their production is 100% traditional in their workshop in Turkey. They also make bespoke models based on photos or clients inspiration. Several sizes are available. They share with you photos and videos of their work. You can follow them on facebook and instagram for examples of their creations. They provide the customers with an affordable wedding dress designers list.



It is one of the best wedding dress manufacturer company in turkey. They have top 10 wedding dress designers. Their products are totally handmade. Every company, every bridal shop, every country have their own styles, they make individual models for each company, if you have your own private models share the pictures with them. They will produce the same models with very similar laces, all you need to do is send the picture of the wedding dress and size, you can also orders for 1 piece to try and see their quality.



They produce and wholesale wedding dresses on sale, evening dress, bridesmaid dresses and all wedding accessories since 2006.their design work is done by trained and qualified personnel. Wedding dresses designed according to the taste of the customers, and the measures of the person, their products are made with the best quality satin, silk, taffeta fabrics, tulle, French lace and optionally Swarovski stones and various hand treatments to create an aesthetic line. In addition shoes and all other accessories that complete the wedding dress are carefully prepared, you can buy wholesale by login yo their internet site. France, Italy, Germany, America and all European countries and middle east with a total of 153 wholesale purchasing customer portfolio.



They are a designer and manufacturer company. They can serve for manufacturing OEM, ODM, private label to their customers. And you can look at their unique catalog and if you like their designs . they can provide you with wedding dresses on budget.



it is one of the best brand in wedding, evening dresses in Turkey established in 1974. It was shaped by the quality expectations of the respectable customer community and over 49 years of experience in business, they have wedding dresses for hijab.



They are designing and manufacturing wedding gowns, evening dresses since 1994. They have been producing for all tastes with different styles without making any concessions about the quality, and cheap wedding dresses.



It is a company specialized in manufacturing of wedding dresses, bridals, evening gowns, they sell retail and wholesale. they have wedding dresses under $500, and They can manufacturer styles and designs coming from customers as well as their own styles.


wedding dresses under $500
wedding dresses under $500



It is a manufacturer and producer, founded in 2014. Which operates in the import from turkey and clothing industry. It also operates in the wedding dresses manufacturing, bridal gown, custom-made wedding suits, and custom made bridal gowns industries.



it’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 1968, which operates in the ladies formal wear industry.



It is a manufacturer and producer, founded in 2016. Which operates in the import- export – textile and clothing industry.



It’s a manufacturer and producer. Which operates in the import-export-textile and clothing industry. It also operates in the ladies formal wear, and wedding dresses manufacturing industries.



it’s a manufacturer and producer. Which operates in the clothing- import-export industry. It also operates in the wedding dresses manufacturing, and woman’s lingerie sets industries.



It’s a wholesaler, which operates in the gowns, wedding industry. It also operates in the wedding dresses manufacturing, bridal gown fabric.



it was established in 1985 and specializes in the manufacture and trade of jeans and wedding dresses.

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wedding dress company names:

Akay wedding dresses.

Avsar wedding store.

Aysira wedding dresses.


wedding dress factory:

Bridal dress.

Women’s wedding dresses.

Bridal dress manufacturers.

So you can find your wedding dress brands in turkey, and design your own dream white dress to your wedding day.

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