buy wedding dresses from turkey

buy wedding dresses from turkey … 19 places for most luxurious models

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in Importing wedding dress from turkey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations

buy wedding dresses from turkey

Are you asking from where  can  I buy wedding dresses from turkey ? there are a lot of company that provides the best and newer fashions, beside the different sizes, colors, designs, and the good quality that makes you special in your wedding day. In this article you will find a map for best places in turkey…

wedding dresses manufacturers in turkey:

Turkey is famous for its elegant fashion, especially wedding dresses, and there is nothing more than the stores that provide the finest pieces at the best prices, including:


wedding dresses manufacturers in turkey
wedding dresses manufacturers in turkey



For over than 10 years robes D’ASYA has been a workshop specializing in the creation of bespoke and small production runs of wedding and evening dresses, and ceremonial robes. It is a wholesaler of evening dresses. It can deliver worldwide with DHL and UPS in 4 working days. It can create your dream wedding dress. Bespoke or handmade. It products 100% traditional in its workshops in Turkey. They also made bespoke models based on photos, or clients inspiration. There are photos and videos for their work on facebook an instagram, and they have cheap wedding dresses from turkey



it’s a wedding dress manufacturer in Turkey> their products are totally handmade, every company, every bridal shop, and every country have their own styles. They have their private collection, and they makes individual for each company. If you want to have a private models share the pictures with them. They will produce for you the same models with very similar laces, you also can order 1 piece. To try and see their quality, and they have wedding dresses for sale in turkey.



they product wedding dresses since 2006, they produce and wholesaler retail sales of wedding dress, evening, dress, bridesmaid dresses and all wedding accessories. Their design work is done by trained and qualified personnel. Their products offer superior quality and a wide range of models. Wedding dresses designed according to the taste of the customers, and according to the measures of the person. Their products are made with the best quality satin, silk, taffeta fabrics, tulle, French lace and optionally Swarovski stones and various hand treatments to create an aesthetic line. In addition, veil, shoes and all other accessories that complete the wedding dress are carefully prepared. You can login to their internet site it order wholesale in special dimensions. France, Italy, Germany, and all European countries, America and the Middle East with a total of 153 wholesale purchasing customer portfolio, DeNovias will continue to provide value to you without sacrificing the quality of our mark.



it is a designer and manufacturer company, they have focused high-end workmanship with hand stitched real Swarovski stones, unique and innovative designs. They can serve for manufacturing OEM, ODM, Private label to our customers. You can look at their unique catalog and if you like their designs, you can provide you with their label or yours.



Since 1994, they have been designing and manufacturing wedding gowns, evening dresses, with their trademarks: G.B.S, Gelincik Moda, Biryildiz Bridal, Sahranur Tesettur, they have been producing all tastes with different styles without making any concessions about the quality.



it is one of the best know brand in wedding and evening dresses in Turkey established in 1974. They shaped by the quality expectations of the respectable customer community and over 40 years of experience in business. you can visit their website.



it is a company specialized in manufacturing of wedding dresses, bridals, evening gowns. They sell both retail and wholesale. They can manufacturer styles and designs coming from customers as well as their own styles. You can see plenty of ready styles to choose from in their showroom. They produces customers from various countries and looking for extending their customer base.



It is a manufacturer, producer, founded in 2014, it also operates in the wedding dresses, manufacturing, bridal gown, custom- made wedding suits, and custom-made bridal gowns industries.



It is a manufacturer, producer. Founded in 1968. Which operates in the ladies formal wear industry.



It is a manufacturer, producer, founded in 2016, which operates in the import-export- textile and clothing industry.



It is a manufacturer, producer. Which operates in the import wedding dresses from turkey and clothing industry. It also operates the lady formal wear, and wedding dresses manufacturing industries.



It’s a manufacturer, producer. Which operates in the clothing- import from Turkey -export industry. It also operates in the wedding dresses manufacturing and women’s lingerie sets industries, and it have the best wedding dresses in Istanbul.



It’s a wholesaler which operates in the gowns, wedding industry , and it is the best place where to buy wedding dresses in turkey, it also operates in the wedding dresses manufacturing, bridal gown fabric, and bridal gown industries, and they have turkish wedding dresses hijab.



It has opened its website to offer its valued customers the latest designs in the world of white dream dresses to keep pace with international brands. It was established in 1985 and specializes in the manufacture and trade of jeans and wedding dresses. You can enjoy the best quality and contemporary designs closest to the international brands at competitive prices , and they are interested in smooth handling.

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wedding dresses from turkey prices:

If you are looking for cheap wedding dresses, there are three places you can visit, the first is Fevzipasa street,  Edirnekapi, and wedding dresses in fatih Istanbul.

wedding dresses suppliers in turkey:

here we will talk about bridal shops in istanbul turkey such as:


wedding dresses brands in turkey:

We have provided you with the best places to import  wedding dresses brands in turkey elegant  For wearing and flaunting it on your wedding day or trading it and the way of wedding dress shipping .

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