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Best 6  water filling machines manufacturer

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Water filling machines manufacturer

The mineral water bottling project is one of the productive projects in which a large number of small investors have invested their money in it due to the large demand for the products it provides in addition to the good profit margin that can be achieved from this project other than the ease of work in the project that’s in addition that we will help you in in this article to know more about water filling machines manufacturer, top suppliers in Turkey that you can import from them lots information and what do you need to build your own investing in this field in our importing house  platform … 


Water filling machine manufacturer   

One of the best countries to import from is Turkey you will have a high quality products and machines with an affordable prices compared to other countries and you can easily find lots of options from the suppliers there so now we’ll show you  some highly recommended suppliers and manufacturers that you can get turkey goods from:


To help you more here is an example for a shipping company and what countries are available for it to ship to ….  ALFARES LOJISTIK   is one of the top shipping companies in Turkey and has multi services like:

* Shipping of personal parcels from Turkey

* Shipping production lines from Turkey

*carpets and furniture shipping from Turkey

And many other options whatever the shipping is by air fright or ocean fright so it will help you a lot where you are to import from turkey

import from turkey
import from turkey


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Bottle filling machine suppliers

International specifications for any water filling machines

*The machine is made entirely of stainless steel.

*Before filling, the bottle is passed through a tunnel provided with an Ultra Violet lamp for sterilization.

*The machine is equipped with 30 packing lodges.

*There is a 300 liter stainless water tank attached to the 30 inns.

 *Many water filling machine manufacturer  have that kind of machines that its diameter  of the tank is 100 cm: 120 cm, the thickness of the hall is 10 mm, and the sides are 4 mm, and a height of 35 cm.

*The machine is attached to the belt, which is 3.25 inches.

*The bottle enters through the entry star made of food grade Artillon.

*The bottle is taken out via the exit star made from foodstillon and placed on the belt.

*The ascending and descending of the tank is controlled according to the size and height of the bottle.

*The movement of the entry star and the movement of the exit star in the auto water filling machine are linked to the movement of the tank by a solid bush.

*The machine works with a control system.

*Control panel can provide and reduce the machine speed.

And there diffirance between the auto filling machine and the semi auto filling machine for example in the semi automatic water bottle filling machine you don’t find this a control filling system for all the the stages of the filling process and it needs one worker to work on it to complete the filling process.

auto water filling machine
auto water filling machine


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Water filling machine cost

In this part we will show some examples of water filling machine for sale according to the multi water filling machines manufacturer there are many types of filling machines for example there is some machines are suitable for filling light liquids from Cube. It is suitable for filling medium and low viscosity liquids as well as foaming liquids, like this automatic machine

model SHEAN-12/1 SHEAN-18/1 SHEAN-18/6 SHEAN-24/6 SHEAN-32/8
application Beer, soft drink, soft drink, cold coffee, sparkling water, apple juice, soda water, herbal tea, non-carbonated drink etc…
Packing type Aluminum tins, tin cans, pet cans, etc.
Ability 2000CPH (12 utensils) 2000CPH (1L) 3000-6000CPH 4000-8000CPH 10000CPH
Fullness 130 ، 250mm ، 330 ، mm355mm ، 500mm ، 12 ، mm16 ، 1L (0.1-1L)
power 0.75KW 1.5KW 3.7KW 3.7KW 4.2KW
size 1.8 M * 1.3 M * 1.95 M 1.9 M * 1.3 M * 1.95 M 2.3 M * 1.4 M * 1.9 M 2.58 M * 1.7 M * 1.9 M 2.8 M * 1.7 M * 1.95 M
weight 1800 kg 2100 kg 2500 kg 3000 kg 3800 kg

This can cost 17650$

Other example for liquid filling machine but semi-automatic

*Single nozzle, light liquid filling machine, semi-automatic.

* IT is made of stainless steel 304.

*All parts in contact with liquid for sale or stainless steel 316.

*Control panel components from international brands.

*The machine counts from 100 parts to 25 kg.

*The machine does the bit and count

*Light liquids such as (vinegar, oil, juices, chemicals, water etc…)

*And medium-viscosity liquids such as (liquid, shampoo).

This used water filling machine can cost you 700$

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Fully automatic water filling machine

As we talk before about the types of the water and liquids filling machines so one of the highly recommended machines from the water filling machines manufacturer is the fully automatic ones for some reasons like it’s more helpful, quicker, some copies of it are affordable, quick to get productive and make you do not need a lot of workers in your factory and you can use it to fill mutable shapes of utensils like plastic or glass bottles filling machines, jars filling machines water sachet filling machines and many other different types of utensils and you can find various options from it for example on Alibaba website and its cost starts from 1500$ to 23500$ it depends on the size of the utensil it is filling, and its power.

Hope this article helped you to learn more about how to fine good suppliers and water and liquids and water filling machines manufacturer and how to import you goods from Turkey.

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