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Turkish olive oil east London

Turkey is the fourth largest olive growing country in all over the world. And the high per capita consumption rate of Turkish olive oil east London surly. Olives and their derivatives are used in all food ingredients of Turkish cuisine. From end to end Importing house platform will get you all the facts easily.

Turkish olive oil London                                                                    

Turkish olive oil production reached 225 thousand tons in 2019, the second highest level on record and an increase of 20 percent compared to the five-year average. While most olive growers in Turkey enjoy good conditions for growing olives, including hot and dry summers with rains in the spring, farmers in the south of the country enjoyed a better harvest than farmers in the north.

Unusually heavy rains in the spring have damaged many flowering olive trees in the north, reducing their fruits to be harvested in the fall. Some areas have also been affected by forest fires, which blazed into intense heat and drought in the summer. However, the majority of Turkey’s olive oil manufacture takes place in the south of the country, where modern, high-density olive groves are cultivated. The olive groves in the north tend to be traditional, with fruit being harvested from old trees. Among the best Turkish olive oil manufacturers in Turkey:


It is considered one of the best imports and export Turkish olive oil UK companies in Turkey specialized in the field of food and importing oil from Turkey, and it is one of the suppliers of both edible oil, olive oil extraction and its export to many countries.


It is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of edible vegetable oils and oils chemicals, and it exports most of its products to many countries of the world, and Turkish olive oil quality distinguished by high quality.


It is one of the olive oil companies in Turkey, it is one of the wholesalers, and it works in the field of olive oil, and it works in many sectors, and it is considered a producer of olive oil which is olive oil from Turkey good for sure. You can purchase olive oil discount from Turkey, situated in Karaduvar, Turkey.


It is a wholesale distributor of food and beverages, also, it works in numerous areas including building materials, olive oil, tomato glue, and it is based in Adana, Turkey.

Turkish olive oil London 

Turkey exports olive oil to more than 85 countries of the world, and this increases commercial investment in Turkey. Turkey’s exports of olive oil are estimated at about 18 thousand tons, as the USA is one of the main importers of olive oil, followed by Germany, then organic olive oil London surly, Romania, and the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, Turkey’s exports of olive oil are large, and it is strange that Spain is also among the importing countries of Turkish olive oil, although it is one of the most central countries for olive oil in the world, but it likes to import olive oil online buy from Turkey, then refills it and exports it to other countries such as America and Middle Eastern countries.

Turkish olive oil, manufactured with different qualities such as natural, refined and Riviera has been used for thousands of years for its nutritional value and longevity. The taste and worth of olive oil depends to a large extent on the type of olives used, the conditions of cultivation and the production technology. In terms of olive oil prices, the best quality oils are the oils produced by traditional methods and preserving the valuable nutritional components of Turkish olives as mr olive oil London absolutely. Among the most main brands of Turkish olive oil:

  1. Mavras zytensilic:

They grow olives in the best region of Turkey and produce delicious olive oil using the latest technology of their plant. Their production process is managed using inherited knowledge as well as contemporary awareness.

  1. Olivia:

It is his family-owned brand. They produce their extra virgin olive oil after a delicate process, in which it preserves the fresh taste, but most importantly, the polyphenols are at a high level.

  1. Genius:

Olive Oil is manufactured with the utmost care. From field planning to techniques for planting precious seeds, all processes are designed to perfection. They use a special machine to collect olives at its best stages in order to produce the ideal olive oil. Within a few hours of harvesting, this valuable liquid is compressed and stored in their steel tanks. The process and the product are bottom-up genius.

mini olive oil set
mini olive oil set

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Turkish olive oil price

Turkish olive oil east London, produced with different qualities such as characteristic, refined and Riviera, has been utilized for millennia for its dietary value and longevity. The taste and quality of olive oil depends largely on the type of olives used, the conditions of cultivation and the production technology. In terms of olive oil prices, the price ranges from 27.00 USD to 30.00USD, if you want to import olive oil to UK from Turkey is the oils produced by traditional methods and the preservation of the valuable food components of Turkish olives ways. The average price of one liter of Turkish olive oil that was exported to the United States was around 4$, compared to the price of about 3.5$ per liter last season.

The price of olive oil varies according to its type. Olive oil is one of the most imperative and useful oils in the world, as it has important health benefits, and is used to protect against heart disease, and there are many types of olive oil in the market. The most noticeable types of olive oil:

  • Extra virgin olive oil:

It is one of the greatest types of olive oil and the highest price, and it is extracted from the first juice of olive oil, and the percentage of acidity in it is less than 1% percent, so its quality increases, because it contains a high percentage of nutrients and essential fatty acids as well as vitamin E, and it is used for all kinds of food, but avoid using it at high temperatures, such as in boiling, because high temperatures lose olive oil its health benefits.

  • Virgin olive oil:

It has the advantage of being extracted from the first juice, but it has a high acidity rate, and this is what makes it less good, as the acidity ratio reaches 2% percent, which affects its taste, aroma and health benefits, which is therefore poorer in price.

  • Olive oil (regular)

It comes third in terms of quality after the earlier two kinds and is thus the lowest price. This kind of olive oil is manufactured by refining olives and exposing it to heat, thus affecting its taste, smell and health benefits. Some manufacturers may resort to adding quantities of virgin oil to this type to make it more palatable, and this type of olive oil can be used in  making Turkish olive oil soap and cooking food because it tolerates somewhat high temperatures and is also considered one of the best olive oil in the world.

  • Pomace olive oil

This type of olive oil is considered one of the lowliest types and therefore its price is low as it reaches half the price of the previous types, and it does not contain any health benefits, food elements, taste, or smell as well, and it is manufactured from the remaining olives (olive pomace). From the production of the previous types of olive oil, and some harmful chemicals are added to it, which makes it lose any health benefit.

Olive oil import
Olive oil import

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Turkish olive oil exporters

The olive trade is an important global trade, as the economy of most nations relies upon its exchange, and a few nations utilize numerous ways to improve the quality of its varieties using advanced methods. The decision to import from online exporters is the most cost-effective and least expensive select, but in return it carries a greater degree of risk compared to other import means, it is possible for some intentional and accidental mistakes, such as sending foodstuffs that were not decided upon, or products that do not they appear as they look in the pictures, or products with defects that cannot be detected until the delivery arrives. Olive oil fraud is one of the most common types of fraud, and this fraud is not limited to criminals, but some companies from time to time cheat to increase profit. You can search online, by Google, or even by country of travel.

Buying from a shopping website is an advantage in itself. First, you will buy yourself Turkish olive oil east London and might find goods that do not exist in your country where you can dealings the product at its real price without exaggeration. As we know in our Arabic market, the wholesaler sells you a European product. A feature that no one has make a note of in to before, so it may trade it to you with virgin olive oil offering several times higher than its original price, so it is always better to turn to European online shopping stores.

Some of these stores offer you the decision to pay customs duties and taxes at the payment time, and this is also an additional improvement that takes you out of the cloak of customs officials’ estimates of customs duties that are on occasion applied unconsciously and may reach half the price of the manufactured goods. Some British and European shopping sites offer you advantages such as free shipping and the capability to pay on receipt, and some give you an advantage such as browsing the store in Arabic and the capability to change the price of the manufactured goods from euro to a new currency with the advantages that some supplies may make available such as payment on receipt and standard shipping rates for each request.

Finally, the olive oil market is appreciated for its high value and the demand for it is increasing as a healthy diet is on the rise. Since olive oil east London is a new buzz, the quality of extra virgin olive oil is getting more and more important every day.

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