sugar packing machine price

Top 6 companies offer you best sugar packing machine price

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in sugar packing machine price ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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sugar packing machine price

Are you looking for best  sugar packing machine price ? Do you want to get the best sugar packing machines in quality, and in proper price? Are you searching for companies that producing sugar packing machines? Here in this article and in our platform House Importing  you will find what you need, keep with us:


sugar stick packing machine price

You can enter the company’s pages in their websites and contact them to inquiry the best offers they have to you and shipowners in turkey, we will mention some of sugar stick packing machine companies, as you can find in front of your dozens of companies, and each company offers its own prices.


Altunpack machinery it’s in Istanbul. They have offered many services to Package Sector since 1999.

Altunpack is offering great contribution and service to their country and people with the concept and orientation focusing on the manufacture and production of the package and packing Production, Stick Pack Machine, Horizontal Dust Filling Machines, Liquid Filling Machines, stick pack Machines and Sugar Stick Pack Machines.

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sugar packing company


It’s Top-level quality manufacture understanding and working focus of customer satisfactions, located in Turkey. They increase your production amount and production speed with Dough mixers, planet mixer, planetary mixers, mixers for food industry, double lined creaming biscuit machines, so the sugar packing machine price  is so reasonable.

Also, powdered sugar mills, confectionery sugar mill, packaging machines, sugar packing bags, flow pack packaging material technical properties, envelope type packaging machine are manufactured with all providing facilities that using nowadays technology.


They use their skills and talents to design new machine types for sugar packing for export and develop their selves permanently. The services of the company include in particular to SUGAR CUBE PROUCTION MACHINES (Fully automatic R Type 8/50tons per day, semi-automatic C Type 2/18tons per day), sugar packing machine 1kg, Single or Double Wrapping Machine, Conic Sugar Machine, Packaging (filling) Machine, Stick Filling Machines, Crushing, Shrink Machine and designing new demand-driven machines, on-site maintenance and repair to your present machines.

Plast Turkey:

Plast Turkey is e-commerce website established specifically for the plastics industry. you can find turkish goods online, products and machines; they are connecting with manufacturers and suppliers in Turkey. You can directly access the product you are looking for or you can get offers from manufacturers and suppliers there.


This company established in 2011 in Turkey, on manufacturing the packaging machine, Especially, machines for filling and packing in these product groups.

In the company they manufacturing machines for filling and packing grainy and powder products packaging machines.
Spices packaging machines, nuts packaging machines, legumes packaging machines, chocolate and sweets packaging machines, powder and granular products packaging machines, pasta packaging machines, sugar stick packing machine for sale and etc.

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 They produce thermal packaging machines that facilitate and improve customers’ work.

Özçağdaş vision achieved an achievement to become one of the best brands in the world in a short time by delivering machines to about 30 countries. And it continues to increase its production day after day through innovative machines.

sugar packing bags
sugar packing bags

sugar packing machine

Are you looking for turkish goods wholesale and sugar packaging machines and packaging industry in turkey? Here we will mention the great places where you can find the best price and quality in packing machines industry:

sugar packing machine turkey

Atlas AS Makina

 Atlas International was established to manufacture automatic packaging lines they offer best sugar packing machine price, chips production lines and all food lines to be one of the first companies in the Middle East to work in this field, The company took Turkey as its headquarters in the year 2014

And its turkey shipping company began to spread and expand to Europe, Russia, America and the rest of the world

They have Grain, sugar and tea filling and packing machine with weighing system: Product Code: MS77:

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(Packing group):

The weighing system works for sugar packing machine 1kg to 1000 grams, with high precision and conforming to European specifications

Control system for colorful and touch-operated weighing control panel

Gate work system with multi-speed drive

A comprehensive test system for all movements of the scale

The filling tank is equipped with a Photocell automatic feeding system

Central circular server: 10 vibrating lines, 10 circuits of the intermediate, 10 scales of weight

The machine works by packing all thermal rolls except for sugar packing polythene

All parts in contact with the material are made of food grade stainless steel 304

The machine works with a pneumatic system, with a pressure of 8 bar, capacity of 200 liters /D, and a very easy mechanical system

The electric power is 220 volts, 50 – 60 hertz, the capacity is 6500 watts

(Machine dimensions):

Width: 200 cm

Length: 250 cm

Height: 450 cm

Machine Weight: 1900 kg

(Line loops):

Feeder Z-shaped track made of thermally coated iron assembled on a chrome profile base, equipped with a 1hp engine

All electrical parts are made by Moeller German, equipped with a photocell group connected to the machine’s tank to work automatically

Multi-speed vibrator to control the flow of materials

Conveyor line for receiving the packed envelopes from the machine with a Turkish sleeve in addition to a LG inverter

Thermal Ray Ban Thermal date printer, three lines print

(Materials that the machine packs):

Grains and legumes, sugar, Bulgur peas, Bean chickpeas lupine, Soybean corn wheat, Beans, and wheat semolina

In the End, we have shown you the top of companies and manufactures that you can import from turkey with best sugar packing machine price and their price policy you can find it in their website or after you contact them.

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