shoes for sale in Istanbul

Shoes for sale in Istanbul … top 4 stores in Istanbul

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shoes for sale in Istanbul

By importing shoes from shoe factories in Turkey of various types and shapes, whether it is women’s, men’s shoes, and children’s shoes, you supply shoes for sale in Istanbul and the global market with its needs of this product, and help clients to obtain different tastes with high quality and at a low price. Over importing house platform you will satisfy.


Shoes for sale in Turkey

Turkish footwear industry enjoys a good position among exporters of high-quality fashion goods. Another sign of a positive development is the increase in foreign investment in this sector. The Turkish leather trade, which occupies a noticeable place in the Turkish economy, remains to grow day by day, by combining new technology with its historical background. The sector is producing according to global standards and becoming more sensitive to health and the environment. About 90% of production is based on sanitary and environmental standards. Also, wholesale shoes in Turkey are one of the leading export parts in Turkey. The value of exports of the leather sector for the year 2017 amounted to about 1.4 billion dollars. We have found more than one reliable and effective method to import from Turkey so easy, and we will remind you of each method of its advantages and disadvantages:

Traveling alone:

 ​​It is the best way as it is characterized by that you will visit shoe stores and factories from the inside and know the extent of their quality. You will carefully examine all your wholesale shoes bulk and choose them and what is wrong with it that it is more expensive than other methods in addition to that you may face some difficulties in dealing with some shoe vendor list and you will need an accompanying translator In addition, you will need to extract the import card, and this is not the case, which is a defect, but a condition that can be extracted easily.

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 That is, you specify the Turkish shoes models you need and assign someone who travels frequently or imported from Turkey shoes wholesale companies to buy them for you in exchange for a commission agreed upon between you. The advantage of this method is that its costs are less than travel costs, but at the same time the dealer may not be able to provide exactly what you need.

Online purchase:

 You can buy shoes online from Turkish shoe for sale websites of each manufacturer, and this method is characterized by being very low in terms of costs, but you will not be able to check your goods until after it reaches you, as the options in front of you are not as many as other methods.

So, if you want to import goods like Turkish shoes and clothes in the right way that brings you profit, it is necessary to first study the local markets to find out exactly what you need from the products. You may have to pick a company to study the feasibility and find out the suitability of your project to the market before submitting that import step. More importantly, to make sure if the company or factories provide wholesale clothing from Turkey free shipping or you must search the Internet yourself, so that you can get a lot of major shipping companies, and then agree with them to ship clothes or shoes, clear them from customs and deliver them to you, and you must be fully aware Specifications of the products you want.


Shoes stores in Istanbul

We may find that in the past few years, many brands of Turkish shoes, especially among young people, have become famed for their distinctive styles, and their different brands, which differ between informal materials, high-quality graphics, and competitive prices compared to other international brands, as well as the most famous and best wholesale shoes in Istanbul brands also, which offer their products of luxury shoes through global online shopping sites such as Amazon, Souq , Walk and others. Among the most famous stores those shoes for sale in Istanbul, brands are:

Jack the Hammer

It is one of the best Turkish brands with international specifications, and you will also find that brand in Turkish shopping sites in large quantity. It specializes in many types of Turkish shoes wholesale including sports shoes as well as many leather shoes, and it is the best Turkish shoe online stores for women, men and children. Also, this brand is located outside the state of Turkey, among many shops for agents; in addition to that it is equipped with the ability to purchase online through some e-commerce platforms.


It is one of the most famous Turkish brands, and it specializes in the wholesale of shoe for sale in Turkey, as well as women’s and men’s bags, and also includes delightful collections of sports shoes as well as formal shoes in different designs and colors, in addition to that this brand is the best shoe prices for football shoes in Turkey All the shoes in it are proper for all occasions, as well as work, as well as various social activities.


One of the largest and economical Turkish shoes brands there, which reflects the beauty of bright colors on the shoe designs that it offers, and it is the best wholesale shoes brand we recommend when importing from Turkey shoes. Likewise, it is one of the most well-known brands that are popular with young people, because it will offer comfortable and modern sports shoes in addition to its economical prices, and it is also one of the greatest brands of shoes wholesale. It is published both inside and outside Turkey, and is one of the most famous names of shoe stores in Turkey.


It is the most famous brand as well as the most important in the world for leather products, and also the company is specialized in selling leather shoes only, as well as bags, and also coats as well as belts as well as many other leather accessories.


Shoe manufacturer Istanbul

No home is devoid of Turkish brands, especially shoes, due to good manufacturing and endless precision in manufacturing. There are many collections of turkey shoes for sale in Istanbul in very many shapes and colors, in addition to keeping up with all modern fashion trends, and one of the most popular factories in the shoe trade from Turkey, which has a great reputation outside Turkey, as follows:


It is a company that continues to invest in the production of shoes to fulfill its capacity and targets to be the best in terms of quality. In addition to its periodic investments that allow the production of all Turkey fashion wholesale within its scope. The special structure, with the efforts made to increase the product quality and growth the product range and capacity through the use of the latest machines with expert technicians. It produces in its production facility 1000 square meters, with 24 machines and 30 employees, with a daily production capacity of 1000 shoes, with which you can buy shoes from Turkey, sandals and leather shoes for kids and adults.

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Ozil factory

The Ozil factory is a shoe factory Istanbul that takes the brand in parallel with the continuation of the store’s work and brings elegance and men’s fashion to the feminine spirit in its models with the strong design team behind it, it is not just a brand of shoes, but a brand that defines global trends and provides a lifestyle with its designs, it is One of the longest running footwear wholesale brand shoes distributor in Turkey, producing 90% of its products locally, and maintaining a 10% place in its stores for world-famous Italian, French and Spanish brand designs with 160 stores adopting the principle of offering better policy and best price to the consumer.

wholesale shoes bulk
wholesale shoes bulk


Producing high quality leather shoes for more than 20 years, its products are produced using 100% handcraft high quality leather, advanced trend, and elegance at the same time by enhancing its expertise in traditional handmade manufacture methods through technology, research and progress work.

Shoe wholesalers in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the largest and most famous tourist cities in Turkey and the most famous by Arab tourists, because of its ancient buildings with attractive charm such as museums, palaces and mosques with a long history, with an endless number of picturesque natural attractions such as parks, rivers and parks as well as the famous Istanbul restaurants. Istanbul markets are also added to the list of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul that are most requested for shopping for shoes in Istanbul among city visitors, so we will explain the most famous wholesale markets in Turkey Istanbul for the sale of shoes, ready-made clothes, leather shoes, bags such as:

Lalali Market in Istanbul

One of the most celebrated local and popular shoe market Istanbul for sale, Lalali Market is located in the Lalali district, the most active and visited area in Istanbul, and is very widespread among locals and foreign tourists, as it provides high quality products through the largest stores and stores at reasonable prices that suit all costs.

Merter Market Istanbul

 It is located in Merter near an area called Zeytinburnu, and there are shops there that sell children’s, women’s and youth clothing as well, and they sell shoes wholesale in Istanbul and most of the products are sold wholesale. This market operates on a daily basis except on Sundays from eight in the morning until eight in the evening.

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Al Fateh Market

It is called the Wednesday Market because it is held every Wednesday of every week and it is one of the renowned wholesale markets in Istanbul, which includes the most delicious fruits and vegetables, not to mention cheap clothes and shoes from Turkey. The most famed tourist attractions in Istanbul are located next to it, such as the Grand Bazaar and Fatih Mosque.

In conclusion, Turkey exports many goods around the world, and the best of these products which is the high quality shoe.


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