leather shoes factory in Turkey

15 of most elegant leather shoes factory in Turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in leather shoes factory in Turkey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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leather shoes factory in Turkey

 All shoes  leather shoes factory in Turkey  produce high quality laser shoes, and to know these factories, you must read this article because it includes everything related to these factories, through importing house can you know everything for this factory…


leather shoes manufacturers in Turkey:

In the past, the shoe industry started manually, but now machines are used a lot in its production, Turkey is famous for its interest in fashion of all kinds, whether clothes or shoes, and therefore it has the most famous women’s shoe factories in Turkey.

It produces the best and finest shoes and the latest designs in which all women’s shoe factories in Turkey compete because they are distinguished by sophistication, elegance and beauty.

 Women’s footwear factories in Turkey enjoy a strong position among exporters of high-quality fashion goods,  another sign of a positive development is the increase in foreign investment in this sector. Most of the leather sandals made in Turkey.

 And women’s shoe factories in Turkey, which occupies a large position in the Turkish economy, continue to develop day by day, by combining new technology with its historical background, the sector produces according to international standards and becomes more sensitive to health and the environment.

The production of women’s shoe factories in Turkey has reached more than 315 million pairs, including sports shoes, tall shoes, plastic shoes, and women’s shoes factories in Turkey, and about 50% of the total number of companies operating in Istanbul are strong companies. And this companies is ….

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Ozil AYACPM company:

The women’s footwear industry in Turkey has recently become a very preferred place, a faster and more active lifestyle that makes people stand for longer hours and tire more and it is one of the most important reasons for exporting shoes in Turkey.

And of course they bear the burden of standing while the different and active days completely follow each other, It is very cool.

It is beneficial that they start their business by manufacturing Turkish girls’ shoes and comfortable shoes for consumers, offering more than one offers, and the company provides an example of special shoes at reasonable prices, this Company is one of the leather shoes factory in Turkey.

Yavuzlar Company:

Many women’s shoes factories in Turkey to manufacture genuine leather shoes for men, women, children and sports that meet all kinds of needs and it is one of the most important shoes exhibition in Turkey and it meets the needs of all types of stores in Turkey within the workplace. This company have a leather shoes wholesale

PEBS Corporation:

It enables you to get large sizes of women’s shoes and used clothes with ease and this is because it is one of the largest shipping companies specialized in the field and it is one of the most important original Belgian companies as it is one of the most prominent suppliers of shoes in the world because it carries goods through trains, ships and trucks,this company have a leather shoes Turkey which has many branches in various countries of the world and from Easy to handle at any time.

Boyuzatanayakkabi Company:

It manufactures shoe wholesale in Turkey, Footwear factories in Turkey vary between sports shoes, this company get up shoes to istanbul shoes market for sale. women’s shoes, children, men’s shoes and Turkish genuine leather shoes,


Men’s and women’s shoes Turkey manufacturer.


leather shoes price in Turkey:

The prices of Turkish women’s shoes 2020 vary according to the brand, place and suppliers, and the prices differ in terms of the sizes of the shoes in Turkey, or children’s shoes, or the shoes of the elderly, or men’s shoes, so if you are going to buy wholesale shoes from Turkey, the type and quantity must be determined from the women’s shoes factories in In Turkey, in order to know the cost before taking this step, the prices of Adidas shoes in Turkey differ from others, Turkey have a best leather shoes in Turkey.

 Turkey is one of the preferred countries to visit and reside, we find large numbers of Arabs come to Turkey every year because of tourism, work and study, or to reside and reside in Turkey, and because the cost of living in Turkey is relatively low than the cost of living in Europe and many Gulf countries in countries,its easy to buying leather shoes in Turkey,  and the population numbers are increasing Turkey is one of the Arabs, and about 7 million Arabs of all nationalities continue to live, and living expenses in Turkey are the main concern when thinking about the decision to come to reside in Turkey, there are a lot of leather shoes brands in Turkey.

And some of wholesale prices is..

** Shoes ladies women heel shoes pumps for ladies: this price is 340.94 $

** Shoes fashionable commuting lady shoes simple design: this price is 41.50$

** Shoes ladies supper fashion out door rhinstone women: this price is 285. there are a lot of wholesale shoes in Turkey

** shoes ladise wedge high heels pump women: this price is 53

** Shoes ladies stylish women shoes wear risistance: this price is 125

** shoes ladies wedge high heels pump women: this price is 53 $

** ladies shoes wholesale high quality cheap heels ladies: this price is 38.95$ .

** shoes ladies custom elegant glitter high heel women: this price is 226.78$

** ladies shoes stiletto high heel ladies black suede: this price is 195$

** shoes ladies custom shoes women heel shoes pump: this price is 325.30$

** shoes shoe women comfortable canvas: this price is 107$

** shoe ladies shoes office shoe manufacturer: this price is 172.04$

** shoes ladies heels for women pump genuine: this price is 233.03$

** shoes big size 12 cm high heels snake ankle warp: this price is 156.40$

leather shoes factory
leather shoes factory

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leather shoes from Turkey online:

 Companies and factories in Turkey are distinguished by the presence of websites that you can buy from and deal with simply, and from these sites:

Cetins shoes and leather products:

Founded in 1976, it produces leather products such as shoes and bags as well as exports these products as well as displays them in the footwear market in Istanbul with a wide range of products concerned with the health of the feet and repeating them using traditional methods in all stages of its production with the belief that the product is in the hands of experienced masters and will be of high quality And durable. Turkey shoes wholesale companies get up this website.

VHS shoes and leather products:

It is a company that operates with an ever-present curiosity and a desire to create something new, this company has been preserved in the same family for 3 generations since it was here 3 generations ago and it has clear evidence of work and safety always as a result of curiosity and desire to create something, it is an import and export company in Turkey, it is an innovative company that is almost unique in this industry In Turkey, it is the cheapest place to shop in Turkey, this website have a leather shoes bulk

UGG shoes and leather products:

UGG Australia is the most famous shoe store in Turkey and is a footwear, clothing and accessories brand owned by Deckers Outdoor Corporation in the USA. UGG’s most popular product is the classic style sheepskin shoes, but the collection has expanded to include shoes, sandals, sneakers, slippers, gloves, hats, jackets and other products, this side have a Turkey wholesale shoes

Phillian shoes and leather products:

Vulian is a site that sells veiled clothes, Turkish accessories and women’s shoes, and the site also contains a variety of different clothes at different prices and the site provides a delivery service to all parts of the world. Any woman can buy the clothes that she likes on the site and the clothes will arrive at the door of the house and the prices on the site are not expensive. All countries import from Turkey a shoes through this website.

Chinese Pop Real website:

This website sales leather shoes.

Modanisa site:

The Turkish specialist in women’s shoes and veiled clothes and offers a distinctive fashion for veiled women, and offers large sizes for women .

Civil shoes website

One of the wonderful and useful sites if you want to buy shoes for your children, you must find many suitable products for you, shoes for young children and also babies, if you are waiting for a new birth, this website have a pure leather shoes for mens

  1. mawqie miyni siti Mini City
  2. mawaqie mangon
  3. Mini City website:

A new site for shopping for the child through the Internet, it provides you with many shapes of different models of shoes, and it provides a large amount of offers that suit all the work of infants and those of nursery age, or in the first years of school or women, different choices and many varieties What you have to do is take out your credit card and buy what it deems appropriate to get it to the door of the residence in which you live, this website have a leather shoes for women

Mangon sites

The last site in a series of Turkish children’s clothing sites was for manco or mango, there are many types of women’s shoes such as Turkish leather wholesale that you can buy immediately.

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leather shoes made in Turkey:

Importing from Turkey was and still is a gateway to the investigation of wealth, as many importers in different parts of the world were and still are buying various products from Turkey, with high quality and reasonable prices, to sell them in the local markets, thus achieving many financial gains, all countries importing from Turkey

And you, too, can join this wealthy category and import what the local markets need and then sell and profit, as it is a simple business, but you buy from the best place instead of the nearest place.

You can import from women’s from best leather shoes factory in turkey, which will provide you with the best offers and materials and also guarantee your profit from behind them.


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