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Shoes factory in Turkey … top 4 shoes factory in Turkey you will easily deal with

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shoes factory in turkey

Turkey is one of the largest Turkish markets in which the best shoes in Turkey, so through it is possible to import shoes from Turkey as it has the best shoes factory in Turkey and specialized companies, as inside markets there are the best stores that sell shoes with the best quality. Over importing house platform you will know details.


Best shoes factory in Turkey

The city of Turkey is the largest export port in Turkey, which makes it one of the most popular cities for those wishing to trade. Shoe factories and companies produced the best shoes in the world and one of the most important features of these shoes factory in turkey and companies is their design and manufacture of elegant shoes and their luxurious designs. And from the most important factories to manufacture shoes in Turkey:

Stady Factory

Located among the largest Turkey wholesale shoes production companies in Turkey, it has also managed to be among the leaders in using a very good method in a short time, while producing sports shoes suitable for walking, climbing and running with various sports, having a high-quality level brings true pride. While children’s shoes wholesale factories are available in Turkey and sports shoes are available in all models that you want, the possibility of buying them at a much lower price than the estimates is another reason that makes them preferable, you can buy the sports shoes you want immediately and use them with the same efficiency for many years. With the help of the expert teams in the company, which has 20 years of experience, you will ensure that the right shoes are preferred.

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The most famous Turkish shoes brands are famous for a variety of shoe fashions with the highest quality and solutions for people all over the world, and they also have a large network of trustworthy distributors and shoes distributor in turkey with experience in the domestic and international market, its designs contain ventilation and orthodontic systems, not only aiming for elegance. But also for health, the air circulation system integrated on the outsole ensures the shoes’ heat and moisture balance.


Producing shoes Turkey manufacturer with high quality for more than 20 years, its products are produced using 100% handcraft high quality leather, advanced trend, quality and elegance at the same time by enhancing its expertise in traditional handmade production methods through technology, research and development work.


It is the best shoes factory in turkey that continues to invest in the production of shoes to perform its energy and aims to be the best in terms of quality in Turkey. In addition to its periodic investments that allow the production of all models of  wholesale shoes in Turkey within its scope of the special structure, with the efforts made to increase the quality of the product and increase the product range and its capacity through the use of the latest machinery with expert technicians. It produces in its production facility 1000 square meters, with 24 machines and 30 employees, with a daily production capacity of 1000 shoes, with which you can buy shoes from Turkey, sandals and leather shoes for children and adults.


Shoes prices in Turkey

More than thirty shoe factories in Turkey are bound under a group called “HEKZAN.” This group aims to produce cheap shoes with high quality and present them to the citizen through a chain of stores distributed in shoe stores in Istanbul, Turkey and most Turkish cities. In this context, Akçam newspaper indicates that the group has opened more than thirty retail stores in Istanbul, Izmir, Malatya and Arafat, so that the prices of the offered shoes range from 7.5 Turkish liras, equivalent to two and a half dollars, to 21 Turkish liras, equivalent to 7$ dollars. According to what the newspaper reported, the turnout for these stores is very large, as it is expected that the number of stores belonging to the group will reach by the end of this year to more than 100 stores.

The prices of shoes Turkey product vary according to the brand, place and suppliers, and prices differ in terms of the sizes of shoes in Turkey, children’s shoes, women’s shoes and men’s shoes. So if you are going to import shoes from Turkey in bulk, the type and quantity should be determined in order to know the cost before taking this step. In general, we can say that the prices of Turkish brands’ shoes start from 40$ to 100$. Turkish companies offer their footwear products through Turkey online shopping shoes such as Amazon, Souq, including the brands CABANI, enlentni, DSdamat, geno, wald, desa, and Adidas shoes are sold in high quality and in sizes from 40 to 44, and they are comfortable and light shoes suitable for walking, jogging and use daily.


Shoes company in Turkey

The Turkish footwear industry has a good position among exporters of high-quality fashion goods. Another sign of the positive development is the increase in foreign investment in this sector. The Turkish leather industry, which inhabits a noticeable place in the Turkish economy, continues to develop day after day, by combining new technology with its historical background. The sector produces according to global standards and is becoming more sensitive to health and the environment. About 90% of production is based on health and environmental standards. Leather is one of the leading export sectors in Turkey. The value of exports of the leather sector for the year 2017 amounted to about 1.4 billion USD.

From the above, we conclude that Turkey includes the best designer shoes from Turkey also bags, factories, companies and stores of men’s, women’s and children’s shoes with high taste. Shoes can be imported from these companies at a low price and sold in the local market and achieve a good profit margin. Among these companies:

Yavuzlar provides genuine Turkish leather shoes for men, women, children and sports that shoes in bulk meet all kinds of needs. It is one of the most important footwear companies in Turkey that meets the needs of all types of stores in Turkey. In the past two years, the market has opened to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Russia and Greece.

Ozil AYACPM: One of the main reasons for importing from Turkey for sale. It is very beneficial for them to start their business by offering Turkish girls’ shoes and comfortable shoes to consumers, as they offer more than one supply, and the company provides an example of special shoes at affordable prices.

Flo Company: “Flo” has been launched to the market under the slogan “He is the seller of everyone’s shoes”, at reasonable prices, and with its latest fashions and wide popularity. Also, Flo is the pioneer in the establishment of a chain system for shoe stores in Turkey. As it opened its first store in 2001, today it has become the leader in the retail footwear sector by a big difference. Currently, Flo stores have succeeded in reaching millions of customers through its stores, which numbered 356 stores spread throughout Turkey, and 43 in foreign countries.

shoes distributor
shoes distributor

VHS shoes

It is a company that operates with an ever-present curiosity and desire to create something new. This company has been kept in the same family for 3 generations since it has been around for 3 generations and has clear evidence of work and safety always as a result of curiosity and desire to create something. It is an import and export Company in Turkey, an innovative company that is almost unique in this industry in Turkey, and it is the cheapest company to import shoes from turkey.

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Turkey shoes made manufacturers

The best shoe manufacturers in Istanbul meet in the Turkish market, where their best works are sold at cheap prices. One of the most famous wholesale markets in Istanbul with the Arabs, as it offers many products for women’s, children’s and men’s shoes with high quality and very cheap prices as:

Al Fateh Market

It is called the Wednesday Market because it is held every Wednesday of every week and it is one of the distinguished wholesale markets in Istanbul, which contains the most delicious fruits and vegetables, not to mention clothes and cheap shoes from Turkey. The most famous tourist attractions in Istanbul are located next to it, such as the Grand Bazaar and Fatih Mosque.

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Merter Market Istanbul:

It is located in Merter near an area called Zeytinburnu, and the shops there have fairs that sell children’s, women’s and youth clothing as well. They sell shoes wholesale in Istanbul and most of the goods are sold wholesale. This market operates on a daily basis except on Sundays from eight in the morning until eight in the evening.

Lalali Market in Istanbul

One of the most famous local and widely held markets in Istanbul, Lalali Market is located in the Lalali district, the most lively and visited area in Istanbul, and is very popular among locals and foreign tourists, as it offers high-quality goods through the largest stores and stores at reasonable prices that suit all budgets.

You can enter commercial directories and shoe manufacturers directory in Turkey, where each commercial directory displays the addresses and names of companies, factories and agencies to import goods, whether they are shoes or wholesale clothing Turkey baby from Turkey and other goods, there are many sites that help many people to make easy purchases Without the bother of moving to the place of purchase on their own, if you want to buy shoes or clothes, you will find and choose what you should choose, you will find many products suitable for you from the section of young children as well as babies, and importing from Turkey wholesale via the Internet has become commonplace and is the most abundant for money , But you should be careful to buy from companies with high ratings by buyers so that you do not regret.

In the end, we recommend you to import from Turkey shoes, as there are different models of shoes such as sports and suitable for daily use at reasonable prices.


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