plastic bags factory in turkey

plastic bags factory in turkey … 12 destinations provide you with best products

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 plastic bags factory in turkey

Turkey is famous of its beautiful cities and historical places. And the movement of trade and investors increased the demand for Turkish products, especially plastic industry. In this article we will talk about plastic bags factory in turkey t if you’re looking to find some great products with affordable prices.

plastic bag factory in turkey

plastic industry is important to turkey, and you will find lots of factories to buy the best bags.

plastic bag factory in turkey
plastic bag factory in turkey
  • Gondol:

 is one of the largest manufacturers and exporter of plastic kitchen bags and home appliances in Turkey. The products in this company fall into three main groups: kitchen utensils (such as food preservation pots, rotating salad filters, plastic kitchenware, etc.), household items, tableware and bathroom accessories, and it’s known by its biodegradable plastic bags in turkey.


 manufacturer / producer, was established in 2016, and it operates in the plastic packaging sector. It also operates in the sectors of flexography – machines and equipment for flexographic printing, packaging of old tubes and a manufacturer of printed plastic bags. It is based in Istanbul, and it’s the best plastic bags factory in turkey to deal with them.

  • Nor Plast Plastik Ambalaj:

A manufacturer / producer, founded in 1992, and operates in the plastic, medical products sector. It also operates in the plastic packaging sectors, manufacturing printed plastic turkey bags safe, and nylon and industrial bags. It is based in Istanbul.


A manufacturer / producer, operates in the packaging sector, companies. It also operates in small plastic bags sectors and a printed plastic bag manufacturer. It is located in Istanbul.


Best plastic bags factory in turkey  and producer, and operates in the packaging sector, companies. It also works in bags sectors for covering and a printed plastic bags manufacturer. It is located in Istanbul.


A manufacturer / producer, working in the plastics, packaging sector. It also operates in sectors and manufactures printed plastic bags. It is based in Mersin. A list of important factors to think about when choosing  plastic bags factories: Does the organization offer the item and material you need? There are several business plastics accessible today. Does the company you are pondering offer the material you need? Does it offer the item in the shape that you need? Do you need low quality?

Do they offer the correct technology and quality? The innovation utilized by the firm is another significant perspective that ought to be thought of. Go for a firm that utilizes the most recent advances just as the correct creation systems for the material that your business requires. Quality ought to likewise be your anxiety, so consistently check the items before employing the provider, to guarantee that the quality is at standard with worldwide principles and furthermore serves your individual necessities.

Cost  of plastic bags factory in turkey: For most of clients, this is the most significant factor. Extravagant materials and assembling advancements are satisfying yet not worth a nonsensically excessive cost. By looking at the costs cited by various plastic producers, you can generally think of the most ideal arrangement.

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plastic bag manufacturer turkey

plastic industry is rapidly growing in turkey because one of the main ingredients in most of things we experience each day. These are the most important factories:

plastic bag manufacturer turkey
plastic bag manufacturer turkey

A manufacturer / producer, founded in 2002, and it works in the plastic bags sector. It also operates in sectors of packaging machines.

  • Bos Plastik Ambalaj

A one of famous plastic bags factory in turkey  / producer, founded in 2016, and works in the plastic bags sector. It also operates in sectors Bags and rolls Recycled plastic bags Waste bag and polyethylene bag.The company was established in Denizli in order to meet the plastic bags needs of different sectors. It produces Garbage Bag, T-Shirt Bag, Medical Waste Bags in accordance with ISO 9001/2015 Quality Management System in 5000 m² closed area. It intends to be the leader in its market with recycled and high-quality products.

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plastic bags wholesale price

we use plastic bags to pack our groceries or collect things at home that makes it an important trade. The prices of plastic bags vary according to their quality and therefore their prices vary, but they range from factories between the price of 10.65 liras to 14 liras, with the exception of garbage bags, whose price may be much lower, perhaps 5 liras or less. many websites provide plastic turkey bags for sale and ship it to all countries, especially Arab countries, through the largest Turkish shipping companies. And if you are looking for cheap plastic turkey bags you will find many companies in turkey:

plastic bags wholesale price
plastic bags wholesale price
  • Tesla Plastic:

Founded in 2015, TESLA PLASTIC became one of the leading companies in the sector with its production capacity of hundreds of tons per month and 160 employees in 7.500 m2 closed area in Kirac, Istanbul. TESLA PLASTIC believes that quality product is possible using high quality raw materials and high technology machines.


 was established in 1983, the company, which produces plastic packaging materials in accordance with the latest technology and standards, serves many points at home and abroad.

  • Marmara pak:

The plastic bags factory in turkey produces:

  • Shop bags, grocery bags
  • Gifts, Jewelry and cosmetics Bag
  • Shoes Bags
  • Cakes and Sweet Box Bags
  • Nonwoven bags, promotional bags cloth
  • Products; not difficult to clean, antibacterial, can be folded and pizcked in various sizes.
  • exhibitions, festivals, special design products for events, conferences, etc. are available.

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plastic bags machine price

The plastic bag manufacturing project needs a number of raw materials like plastic bags machine.

Requirements for starting plastic cooking bags turkey project:

Location: A sufficient area of ​​not less than 100 meters is required for freedom of movement and accommodates workers, machines and raw materials.

 The place should be well ventilated, and the plant should be far from residential areas.

Raw materials: It is the raw material from which plastic bags and bags are made. It is a powder of polyethylene, as this material forms ethylene polymers to facilitate the forming process.

Services: There must be factory-specific services such as electricity and water services, and fire-fighting pipes must be in place. Workers must have transportation and bags to transport and distribute bags.

plastic bags factory in turkey machines price:

A machine for the production and manufacture of plastic bags and food grade plastic bags turkey with three heads of different sizes, Siemens brand, with a capacity of 25 hp, the price ranges from 240 to 265 thousand liras in Turkey.
An automatic plastic bag cutting and welding machine that can cut more than 400 bags per minute and cut four reels at one time, with a cutting capacity of three meters, at a price of 190 to 210 thousand liras.
A hydraulic press, used in the manufacture of bags hands, its price ranges between 25 and 35 thousand liras.

Plastic industry and methods of forming it:
The plastic bags industry goes through two basic stages. First, polymerization aims to produce granules of the plastic material that can be transported and manufactured and sold as raw materials to the forming factories. It is the second stage of the plastic industry where heat and forming machines are used to obtain a final product and there are several methods of forming, the most important of which are:

  1. 1. Injection: This process is done through molds, where molten plastic is introduced into those molds, and then it is cooled by ice water, where the product comes out in its final form and is used in the manufacture of chairs, children’s games and agricultural equipment.
    2. Blowing: This process takes place in two stages, the first is injection, where the molds are poured, and the second involves blowing it regularly into molds surrounded by ice water for cooling. This method is used to produce juice and water bottles and bottles.
    3. Extrusion: It is the passage of molten plastic through a specific section and used for the production of tubes and ribbons.
  2. Pressing: It is pouring molten into molds and compressing them and used to produce some auto parts and refrigerators.
    5. Rotation: where the molten is placed in round molds and rotated until the molten is distributed on the sides of the mold and then cooled to take the final shape and is used for the manufacture of furniture, sports equipment and others.
    Types of plastic bags that plastic bags factory in turkey produce:
    • Hard plastic: it is the one that retains its shape and cannot be re-heated and formed again and is used for the manufacture of car tires, auto parts and others.
    • Thermoplastic: It is less solid and can be melted, reused and shaped several times and is used to make garbage bags, tubes, flasks and water pipes.


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plastic bags market

You will find different types of plastic bags in turkey markets from normal to cooking bags.

Let’s start with Advantages and disadvantages of plastic:
1. Water and chemical resistant.
2 It can be used for household purposes.
3. It can be recycled.
4. Low cost.
The disadvantages:
1. It pollutes the earth and water as it is not degradable
2. Some plastics produce very toxic fumes when burned.
3. It is not renewable. As for the other types, you will find:

oven bags:

they are made of nylon or polyester, and are generally up to 200 to 230 ° C (400 to 450 ° F) it is important to read the instructions on the packaging of the brand you purchased to find out what heat it can withstand. These heat-safe bags come in a variety of sizes from normal sizes to extra large turkey bags and suitable for slow cookers, microwaves, ovens and grills. The right cooking bag will allow you to prepare a delicious and healthy meal for your family even on the busiest days, and it is an essential staple of any kitchen.

But how to import from turkey? There are 3 main methods, each of which differs from the other in terms of costs, accuracy and speed, below we review each method separately.

1- Travel to Turkey: –

Whatever country you wish to import from, travel to that country is the best option. Where you have the ability to visit the largest number of companies, factories and markets and thus you have the ability to closely preview products. Thus, you can make comparisons between different products in terms of prices, designs and quality levels, and in the end, you can choose the products that are most suitable for the target market from the source of supply that gives you the best price.

2- Importing from Turkey via the Internet: –

Importing from Turkey via the Internet is common and lowest cost. But Caution must be exercised to buy from a company with high ratings by buyers. For example, there are major commercial sites that include Turkish companies specialized in selling different types of goods, such as the Turkish Exportal site, Tradekey, and Alibaba, which includes a large number of exporters from different parts of the world, including Turkey.

shipping companies turkey Istanbul

1- Adoate Logistics Company:

To send multiple purchases, combine them into one shipment, and send them straight to your doorstep. Fast and safe transfer of any shipment. The price of a kilo of freight decreases as the weight of the shipment increases, safe credit card payment.

2- TNT Company:

Land and air freight to various countries of the world, a service that gained confidence and was distinguished by the orange color that colors the logos and covers of parcels and shipments. 24/7 customer service, offering discounted rates for heavy shipments, and there are branches in most countries of the world.

3- Halablioglu International Shipments:

For many years, this company has been working hard to provide the best services in Turkey and several countries in the world, with the aim of satisfying the customer, according to competitive prices, quality, efficiency, speed and safety in transportation from companies, the most prestigious shipping companies in Turkey, Istanbul Halilioglu. For the success of the importing process: Collect the papers and documents required to complete the import process from Turkey, which is one of the important steps, and all required government papers must be known. The product we are importing must be known before it is shipped or received.

You must know the method of payment that you will make to get the product and it must be electronic after the shipping process, and know the customs rates in Turkey. All this will be agreed upon by the responsible company.
The contract between you and the company must be in Arabic and mention the products to be imported and their specifications. The address of the place where the receipt will be made must be written in order to make it easier for you and the company to receive the goods, and this must be mentioned in the import and export contract in Turkey.
The dates in which the goods will be delivered must be agreed upon, and In case there is a delay there will be a fine on the company from which the import is made.

Import conditions:
-The client must have a commercial or industrial registry
-A commercial invoice certified by the authority responsible for trade in the exporting country
-Import license or import card
plastic bags trade:
It remains one of the best production projects in our time because it serves a large segment of customers, but one of its disadvantages is that it requires relatively large investments that may not be accessible to people, but through websites, the plastic bag production line can be obtained where the cost will be lower as there are sources Different financing to get the money that you must start the project, but before that I advise you to review the numbers as prices and calculations differ from day to day.

Thus, we have learned together about the best plastic bags factory in. In addition to the wholesale prices of bags and the prices of the machines that may benefit your project greatly, so all you have to do is contact the companies that we mentioned specialized in the production of plastic bags and shipping companies in order to start your future project or start or develop your project and excel in the markets, and be competitive.




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