pharmaceutical factories in turkey

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pharmaceutical factories in turkey

Are you looking for pharmaceutical factories in turkey ?

There are companies specializing in the wholesale trade of pharmaceutical and supplying the goods you want from the pharmaceutical at reasonable prices and high quality, among the most famous of them we choose those factories for you…


pharmaceutical wholesalers in turkey

Are you looking for pharmaceutical wholesalers in Turkey? There are companies specializing in the wholesale trade of pharmaceutical and supplying the goods you want from the pharmaceutical at reasonable prices, among the most famous of them……

1-Corena pharmaceutical:

It has pharmaceutical and health products at low prices at an international level and meet the needs of public and private hospitals, known as patient services. It also provides services to aid agencies and non-governmental organizations.

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International pharmaceutical wholesale company, providing high quality medical equipment and medicines. itis one of the largest companies in Turkey and its headquarters is in Istanbul. pharmaturca pharmaceutical warehouse was registered by the ministry of health in turkey in 2004.  Provides over 7000 prescription and pharmaceutical products. It also provides pharmaceutical and health products to hospitals, aid agencies, international pharmacies, private foundations and government medical agencies. You deal in both large pharmaceutical projects or in small quantities, thus suiting your specific needs


It is a wholesaler in Turkey, based in Istanbul, established in 2003, operating in the sectors of pharmaceuticals and the pharmaceutical sector, importing and exporting medical products, pharmaceutical products, basic products, medical instruments and plastics.


A wholesaler in Istanbul in Turkey established in 2006, works in the pharmaceutical sector and also works in drug sectors.


A wholesaler in Turkey, based in Istanbul, established in 2014, working in the pharmaceutical sector as well as working in other sectors such as make up, chemistry, pharmacy, bag packing, import and export.


It operates in the import and export sector of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Founded in 2010, headquartered in Ankara, it also works in the pharmaceutical, make up and.

list of pharmaceutical companies in turkey

Do you want to know the list of pharmaceutical companies in Turkey? Are you looking for the best pharmaceutical companies in Turkey? We will show you the most important pharmaceutical companies in Turkey that can provide you with the turkish goods you need. There are companies specializing in medicines in Turkey and the most famous of them are

list of pharmaceutical companies in turkey
list of pharmaceutical companies in turkey


It is one of the drug producing companies in Turkey based in Istanbul, it was founded in 1958, it is specialized in pharmaceutical industry it produces human medicines, raw materials for them, medical and veterinary drugs, and the production of cologne and medical ampoules, it ranks second in Turkey the production of medicines, the company annually produces 2 million treatment bottles and 180 million dry powder capsules and 23 million BFS vials


It occupied the first place in the field of producing and exporting medicines in Turkey and its main headquarters is in Istanbul, as bilim pharmaceuticals has sales centers in more than 11 regions in Turkey under the management of separate teams with a staff of 1000 employees. It is one of the companies that obtained the approval of the German Ministry of Health and also the approval. From the British Ministry of Health, the company exports its products to more than 50 countries.

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It is one of the leading companies in the field of drug production and industry in Turkey, the main headquarters of the company is located in Istanbul, Sariyer region, in 1912 the company was pharmacy at the beginning of its establishment, but after about 100 years of experience the company for the production and manufacture of medicines was established in 2003 The company has a large cadre of 2,800 employees, whose exports amounted to 52 million US dollars to more than 30 countries in the world..


It is an authorized agent of the American Forever Company, as it is the first agent in the Middle East for all products of Forever Company. It is a company pharmaceuticals sales that sells beauty supplies and health products with agents in Turkey, Iraq and Algeria. The number of its clients is about 20,000 clients. Customers, and among its advantages is easy access to its products with the least effort as it reviews all its products and information about it and delivers the product to you easily to the door of the house, it is concerned with customer satisfaction and their continuous confidence.


pharmaceutical importers in turkey

Are you looking for pharmaceutical importers in turkey? There are many pharmaceutical importers in Turkey who supply you with suitable medicines, the most famous of which are…..


It is a supply company licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health and has a license to export medicines in the current brand and bulk products, to the markets that need them, through a high-quality and reliable supply network, providing medicines and medical materials in bulk to the international market starting from 2004.

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It is a company specialized in supplying drugs and supplies many governmental or private pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics and medical care bodies through the supply. It forms a network of manufacturers and wholesalers from all over the world to provide high quality products at reasonable prices. It has a quality certificate such as a wholesaler license (WDL)One of its advantages is that it provides personalized advice on your product choices and provides flexible and varied solutions, also it is pharmaceutical distributors in turkey.

Thus, we show you the best pharmaceutical wholesalers in Turkey, the most famous pharmaceutical importers in Turkey and a list of the most famous pharmaceutical companies in Turkey, we hope to be of benefit to you.

Turkey pharmaceutical manufacturers

By surfing the internet, you will find a hundred of pharmaceutical products manufacturers Turkish factories that import to many countries’ bulk pharmaceutical products, we brought some of them to you:

  1. Pharmananda Pharmaceutical Warehouse:

This Turkish medical foundation is a licensed in medicine wholesale and medical supplier in pharmaceutical distribution with a focus on pharmaceutical supply chain efficiencies, operational brilliance and patient well-being An export company connect the network among pharmaceutical manufacturers and patients all over the world, operating as a reliable global pharmaceutical industry suppliers and pharmaceutical wholesale to distributors, local wholesalers, hospitals, and hospital pharmacies.

They aim to become your single source of healthcare supplies for their clients by operating in ten categories; brand name drugs, generic medicines, supplements, dermal fillers, medical disposables, diagnostic instruments, medical equipment and devices, hospital equipment via abundant variety through a well-established and trusted network of licensed local and global manufacturers.

Their growing line of business includes the following categories:

They are Providing Medical devices and hospital equipment from manufacturers for healthcare projects, pharmaceutical supplies of national and international humanitarian agencies and supplying pharmaceuticals, sourcing of comparator drugs for clinical trials, orphan drugs, and cosmeceuticals to aesthetic clinics, particularly those helping to import Botox, and dermal fillers.

They serve with a store of 1400 m² in Istanbul, Turkey licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health and world health is recurrently audited by the health ministry officials As their pharmaceutical warehouse is accredited with Wholesale Dealer’s License by Turkish Ministry of Health which is mandatory for pharmaceutical bulk activity across the globe.

  1. Elis Ilac:

A trusted Wholesaler registered warehouse located in Ankara, Turkey with 15 years’ experience in sourcing and supplying a vast range of medicines, they are targeting the best goals solutions for you by adopting service principles of reliability, quality and responsibility with a young, dynamic, and professional team in medical sector.

They have the adequacy to supply a wide range of internationally approved medicines to all companies active in pharmaceutical business, governmental and private hospitals, clinics and other healthcare institutions They have been certified with Wholesale Dealers License as well as Good Distribution Practice which are mandatory for pharmaceutical wholesale activities.

  1. Sanerapharma:

It is a company based in Istanbul, Turkey in 2014, and considers as one of pharmaceutical wholesalers them working in the wholesale and supply of pharmaceutical industry in turkey which they are supplying pharmaceuticals to the places that need them, as working with more than 70 countries and thousands of suppliers.

  • They supplying branded pharmaceuticals, comparator drugs and medical supplies to pharmacies, wholesalers’ hospitals and clinics all around the word.
  • Their products include pharmaceuticals products, all kind of fillers, medical equipment, cosmeceuticals, and other medical use.
  • Also, they are offering export and import of pharmaceutical products, the deliveries in accordance with the good market analysis and studies for new products and registration process in variety of markets.

If you are looking for pharmaceutical suppliers that provide you with their products that you need from Turkey, they will help you to find the products you are looking for with the right manufacturers. they provide their customers with high quality products and services at affordable prices, and striving to preserve high quality standards to become a global manufacturer in the future.

Turkey pharmaceutical distributors
Turkey pharmaceutical distributors

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Medicine suppliers from Istanbul

  1. Azuropharma:

They are a Turkish supplier of medicines, and medical, pharmaceutical products which is trusted by world of health in Turkey, also working with many of the medical suppliers in Turkey to present you what you need with affordable prices.

  1. Corena Pharmaceutical Wholesaler:

 It supplies enables the company to reach out to as many people as possible, and actively contributing to improve the quality of health all over the world.

One of wholesale pharmacy suppliers specializes in the production and export of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to international market As their goal is to expand their services to global scale ever since they have obtained their warehouse distribution license in 2007 As they are today a major player in the market, supplying to over 88 countries on 6 continents and they have one of the most robust service networks in the industry, they are constantly contributing to improve the overall quality of health all over the world.

All of their activities are based on validated and certified processes and every aspect of their global supply chain is of high quality and extremely reliable, enabling them to offer solutions to you and to their customers through the implementation of sourcing, storing and transportations options Relying on experience of 20 years in the handling branded and generic pharmaceuticals, they meet all the requirements of their clients by having a coverage medicines in compliance to international guidelines. they also offer custom made solution for all their customers in terms of supply logistic.

  1. Turkeli Pharma:

One of reliable pharmaceutical companies that serve by using more than 15 years of sector experience in national and international fields and blending the principle of continuous success with ethical values They are implementing their vision to contribute to both the sector and their country by offering the best cooperation to their customers at home and abroad.

They have a licensed for exporter-importer. As one of Turkey pharmaceutical distributors they deal with import and export of pharmaceuticals Pfizer, Bayer, Abbott, Novartis, Bristol Myers, Boehringer, Merck, Genzyme, and other suppliers They also provide the best service to 58 different countries and over 600 customers with its innovative and proactive staff who are the experts in their own fields, their services are in: International sales and purchasing, domestic and international tenders and licensing process.

Pharmaceutical industry in Turkey

It is known that Turkey is located in the heart of three continents, as Turkey is the rising country in the global pharmaceutical industry, they have a thousand of pharmaceutical manufacturing, with skilled workforce, huge investments that they are constantly working on, and focus on a number of hospitals and medical institutions, and other important basic health care services.

You can easy importing from turkey as the Turkish medicinal products and the pharmaceutical industries alike are blossoming to become infallible healthcare services provided to millions from all over the world to enable the best medical and pharmaceutical products and technologies for the common good of humanity.

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