olive oil companies in Turkey

Top 7 olive oil companies in Turkey

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 olive oil companies in Turkey

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Extra virgin olive oil price in Turkey:

The harvest was harvested from the trees planted in those years, indicating that since he assumed the position of the Chamber of Agriculture in 2007, olives have been cultivated on an area of ​​22 thousand denims.

The Chamber has distributed one million and 202 thousand olive seedlings since 2007, that is, no less than 35 thousand denims of land, Looking at seedlings sold by other factories, MATINS said, there are between 55 and 60,000 denims of olives in Managed, and there are at least 2 million olive trees in this area, He explained that the annual production of olives in Managed is more than 30 thousand tons. This olive oil price in Turkey is special.

That 4 thousand 823 tons of olives and 930 tons of olive oil were processed in Managed.

There is an olive oil factory that produces more than 6 thousand tons of olive oil annually in the region. They have completed there labeling work.

Turkey’s exchanges of olive oil to the Joined together States of America summed to nearly 16 thousand and 650 tons in the midst of the essential five months of the season of the year, an increase of 300 percent, compared to the past year’s seasonTurkish olive oil producers sell it at a good price.

Turkey has sent out olive oil to more than 90 nations around the world, and Turkey’s olive oil sends out are evaluated to be approximately 20,000,400 tones, as the Joined together States of America is one of the biggest merchants of olive oil, taken after by Germany, Iraq, Romania and the Joined together Middle easterner Emirates.

And it is interesting that Spain is additionally one of the nations where Turkish olive oil is imported, indeed in spite of the fact that it is one of the world’s most prevalent nations for olive oil, but it likes to purport olive oil from Turkey, and after that repackages it and sends out it to nations like America and the Center East, agreeing to its consistency and handling methods, olives are categorized as characteristic, handled and Riviera. Characteristic olive oil, acknowledged as the most noteworthy quality olive oil, has three subcategories. There are wholesale organic olive oil.

In terms of olive oil costs, the cost ranges from 28.000 USD to 40.000USD, the leading olive oil in Turkey is the oils delivered by conventional strategies and protecting the profitable wholesome components of Turkish olives, in any case, virgin oils are considered immaculate and may not be appropriate for high-temperature formulas.

The tall ask for veritable Turkish olive oil from the Joined together States of America in the midst of the period from November 3, 2018 to Walk 2019, come around in around $ 50.4 million, an increase of 300 percent compared to the same period of the past season. The typical fetched per liter of Turkish olive oil sent out to the Joined together States was around 6$, compared to the fetched per liter of roughly $ 7.5 last season.

Olive oil producers in Turkey:

Olive trees are perennial trees in Turkey, and they are more than 150 years old and are found in the town of KERKA Abash.

In the province of Mersin, there is an olive tree that reached 1656 years old and is considered the third oldest olive tree in the world, and it remains fruitful to this day, and for this it was transformed into a monument in 2013 for its historical value.

The Aegean regionit is considered one of the most famous areas for olive production and cultivation in Turkey, as it has fertile soil and a favorable climate for growing olives, so you can invest in olive farms in Turkey. There are a lot of olive oil brands in Turkey AYVALIK city it is one of the coastal cities famous for growing olives in Turkey, and there are about one million and 750 thousand trees out of the 180 million olive trees grown in Turkey, it produces various types of olives and is exported to all countries of the world. There are olive oil companies in Turkey

HATAY Province it is famous for the cultivation of olives as well as the extraction of olive oil, as there are approximately 55 olive oil presses that stick the oil and 41 thousand tons of olive oil are produced through it, and it is expected that the production of olive oil will increase by about 50% during the coming years, as The Turkish government is working to encourage the establishment of mills with a sequential system, which is compatible with modern technology.


It is one of the wholesalers, working in the field of olive oil, and it works in many sectors, and is considered a producer of olive oil. You can buy olive oil wholesale from Turkey, based in, Turkey.

olive oil distributors
olive oil distributors

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Turkish olive oil company:

Importing from Turkey has increased in all fields, and capital is the basis for the import and export process in general, as a lot of money is spent in import operations and in order to be successful, there must be experience as well as assistance from more than one party, and also the quality of the product must be checked Which you intend to import, and also rely on major import and export companies, from which you get Turkish olive oil for sale.

Turkish olive oil, delivered with diverse qualities such as characteristic, refined and Riviera, has been utilized for thousands of a long time for its dietary esteem and life span. The taste and quality of olive oil depends to a huge degree on the sort of olives utilized, the conditions of development and the generation innovation.Production of olive oil in Turkeytoo much

The send out of olive oil is one of the foremost required oils within the world, since of its significance to human wellbeing, and for this it appreciates a worldwide notoriety There’s an incredible request for it at the worldwide level and not as it were at the local level, particularly the import of olive oil from Turkey, because it is one of the foremost vital nations that fabricate it, And you send out it to the rest of the world at costs that ensure benefit, and make it a beneficial venture for you. This price of olive oil in Turkey is good.

  1. DLA Development AND FOREING TRADE:

 DLA Development AND FOREING Exchange, is the wholesaler, working within the nourishment and refreshment, fixings sector, it too works within the divisions of slim down, nourishment, olive oil, building materials and tomato glue. It is based in Adana, Turkey.

  1. DEREN Home grown PRODUCTS:

DEREN Home grown Items, could be a distributer, working within the olive oil segment. Can you find here best olive oil brand in Turkey.

  1. NURBEY DERI TESKTIL The company

 NURBEY DERI TESKTIL, is the producer / maker, and works within the calfskin, supplies and extras sector. It moreover works within the divisions of slim down, nourishment, ready-to-wear, olive oil and tanned calfskin. It is based in Bursa, Turkey.


 Bunch is considered a driving company inside the field of consumable vegetable oils and oils chemicals, and it takes after inside the make of its things recognized around the world benchmarks, and exchanges its things to diverse countries of the world. In this company where to buy Turkish olive oil

 The company prides itself on giving tall quality things to its clients, with distinctive bundling alternatives, in the occasion simply teach the company roughly the thing of your interested and the amount to be imported per month along with full unobtrusive components of your company, there are going be fulfilled to send our best taken a toll, The Company imports destructive oils and refined palm oils.

Olive oil producers
Olive oil producers

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Turkey olive oil manufacturers:

Turkey’s commercial direct contains everything that clients need and who need to consequence Turkish items in common, particularly Turkish olive oil, as he separated the items agreeing to their producers, as well as the sorts of items that can be to be given by these companies.

The Turkey guide contains the largest commercial encyclopedia present in the current period in the state of Turkey, as it contains the names and addresses of companies and factories specialized in order to order a specific product or They can offer competitive prices in the markets, and there is also a category of them that offer heavy discounts on the amount of purchase status from them. There are olive oil import from Turkey

There is additionally the side that uncovers the addresses of the supplier companies that can be managed with within the field that the venture owner wants to enter Turkey guide contains the biggest commercial encyclopedia show within the current period within the state of Turkey, because it contains the names. Are you looking for olive oil companies in Turkey, here you will know…


Naturist Company established in 2013 year. This mission of working in the international trade is bringing quality, reliability and forethought principles. There adopted the philosophy of serving their customers by offering top quality products There give essential importance of creating trustable long- term relationship with this business partners. There products is defined with functional benefits in the target market. There worldwide marketing principle is giving importance on customer satisfaction, there are selling our all items in top quality forms. There are organic Turkish olive oil


Cosmopolitan Food Group has been in the Olive Oil and Gourmet Foods business for more than 25 years. Today, CFG is in 3 continents, with 4 factories, 7 warehouses and 8 sales offices, and selling its products worldwide in more than 65 countries CFG is investing in providing the best quality gourmet products coming directly from the source and distributed directly to supermarkets worldwide.

 To achieve this, it has established four factories in the Aegean Region of Turkey, which is the main agricultural area of the country for Mediterranean style food, These factories are designed for producing olive and specialty oils, vinegars and unique gourmet favorites including this  delicious sun dried tomatoes, there tangy peppers and capers, there flavorful honey and this robust bruschetta CFG factories operate under a grade BRC & HACCP protocols and ISO 22000:2006 regulations for standardization for food safety.

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