Importing olive oil into Canada for personal use

Trusted 12 places for importing olive oil into Canada for personal use.

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 Importing olive oil into Canada for personal use 

Importing olive oil into Canada for personal use this rule in  Canada according to (section 19 in the Act), that the item falls within the newly imposed allowable quantities (as described in section 21(a) of the Regulations).

 One can now only import 50L. While at first glance this may not look significant, this will have quite the impact to the current environment Olive oil benefits, trusted suppliers and best dealing of olive oil this information and more will know in Importing House platform just contact with them…..

Importing olive oil into Canada

We will  intended to remind you about Canadian olive oil importers, distributors, and retailers in the Canadian regulatory requirements and policies affecting the importation, distribution, and sale of olive oil.


They are a manufacturing and trading company doing business in most countries around the world. Their expertise is in import and export in the countries of the Middle East as well as the African countries. And due to them prolonged experience in marketing and sale, they have been able to gain significant marketing share.

 they can supply them customers’ needs with high quality at very affordable prices. They from the best olive oil manufacturers.

There field of activity they are a multipurpose company that has been working in various fields such as the food industry, machinery, spare parts printing and packaging industries, and many other fields for many years.

They have a hand in supplying, importing, and exporting all over the world.


Yedi Dunya Limited is a dynamic company based in Antakya -Turkey.

They have the regular membership of Chamber Of Commerce and other several Government Institutions.

Theier main objective is to provide excellent service that fully satisfy them customers expectations.

They export olive oil bulk Canada with high quality. They are member of the Antakya Chamber of Commerce and Mediterranean Exporters’ Association. The main activity of the them company is export of bay laurel seed oil, bay essential oil, Aleppo Soap, bay leaf, olive leaf and olive oil They supply MSDS, COA, humidity test and fatty acid test results along with products.


There are good olive oil for sale in Canada found in this market, like brag Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold Pressed, 473ml.

Why you will love it?

Guaranteed Organic, Bragg Extra Virgin Olive Oil is First Cold Pressed from 100% naturally developed Greek Olives. Bragg Olive Oil has a heavenly, smooth body with a light persistent flavor It adds the best flavor and fragrance to plates of mixed greens, vegetables, pastas, pestos, sauces, sautes, potatoes and most nourishments even popcorn. In 400 BB.C.

They have the best olive oil brands. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, utilized and expounded on the incredible advantages of olive oil.

Olive oil importers in Canada

Turkish manufacturers with high quality and suitable price are the best choice for olive oil business in Canada.


Was founded in Izmir (2010) and the company has been active in the same city and Istanbul along with a strong supplier network locally.

Since 2010, There Company has been supplying & exporting high-quality food products from domestic sources
What makes us unique is that every item is supplied by following international trade procedures, regulations, and methods in terms they offer a full line of the international food supply chain under approved international standards.
Their mission is to obtain customer satisfaction in international markets by making the first as they have been doing in the local market. They have best olive oil price.

To save time by facilitating jobs for food & agriculture-related fields.

To add a new one to them production network constantly based on customer requirements.
Core Values:
Providing high quality and customer satisfaction by adding value to them customers.
Following up laws and regulations related to the environment, health to make sure that food safety.
Gaining widespread agency network also represents Turkey by proving itself in international markets
Increasing the product range by giving importance to clients needs
Meeting customer expectations at the highest level without sacrificing product quality.
Making sure that the development and satisfaction that is considered as the most important factor in determining the quality of service produced,
Keeping the quality at the highest level.


  • They are producer and exporter of Turkish Olive Oil and Table Olives; they have 3000 tons of olive oil together with 2000 tons olive processing and storage capacity , export them products to the whole world in various packaging, they are one of the biggest olive oil and table olive producers, exporter companies in Turkey.
  • them only job is to produce olive oil and table olives and they do not operate in any other oil production, provide them customers’ sunflower oil requests from them partner manufacturers.
    Their production is divided into olive oil and table olives.
    In them production, they produce technically with 2 and 3-phase decanters as well as old-style stone pressing, and besides that they use vertical decanters for them low acid and high phenol products.
    They have PET filling, tin filling, glass bottle filling lines. they can do IBS container and Filexci container filling as well.
  • If there customers demand, they can fill white lacquered coated inner surface, stainless steel barrels that are suitable for 250 kg olive oil.
  • The brands that have won many awards with the olive oil that is manufactured by them vertical decanters were produced in them facility.
    They are as OliveOilsLand® Olive Oil Manufacturing company as well and one of the Best Olive Oil Factory.
  • This company is one of the Best Olive Oil Suppliers . At the same time, they produce and process Table Olive and succeeded in entering among Best Table Olive Suppliers.

6-Southampton Olive Oil Company:

Ontario olive oil, Gourmet Oil & Vinegar Tasting Room Featuring the freshest, healthiest EVOO’s, naturally flavored olive oils, and most flavorful dark & white Balsamic Vinegars in the world.

There high volume store ensures you are always getting the freshest, most vibrant product. Shop in-store 362 days a year, or online anytime. World of Flavour is Just Around the Corner.

olive oil
olive oil

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Olive oil companies in Canada

7-Toronto’s Olive Oil Emporium:

They are excited to bring to you a portion of the world’s best instances of FRESH ultra premium additional virgin Olive, they have bulk olive oil Canada.

 For a long time, they have been charmed by the effortlessness and lavishness of the Mediterranean cooking and its flavors, yet would never imitate the experience without a portion of the fundamental key fixings, for example, an excellent Fresh additional virgin Olive Oil Based in Toronto, Canada, them aim is to provide easier access to the North American consumer seeking healthier options for their families and kitchen tables Servicing the Toronto area directly from them 2 retail store locations and tasting bars at 1707 Bayview Avenue and 659 St Clair Avenue West, they ship daily to the continental USA and throughout CANADA using courier services and by Canada Post.

Cross country transportation to Canadian objections incorporates Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Moncton, Halifax, and wherever in the middle! To the mainland USA, cross country dispatching incorporates each metropolitan place and rustic network adjusted by both UPS and USPS.

8-La Goulette Inc.:

Exceptional Freshly extracted, Delicious Olive Oil, full of vitamines, harvested in Tunisia, unique quality, has the good taste of Olive Oil on the planet with Price less than the market. They arevery flexible, work with worldwide buyers (importers), minimum order 20 foot container, Ex-work (EXW) or FOB.

9-B2b Consultancy:

Established in the year 2019, B2B Consultancy deals in Export of Date sugar, olive oil, olives, hand sanitizers and face masks, coffee, chocolate, tomatoes, oranges and Candy.


Inspiring you to discover the world of olive oil through better taste and health is them passion.

Evoolution olive oil store stands for the evolution of olive oil.  Extra virgin olive oil is between the most widely studied foods shown to be beneficial to them health.

It’s linked to longevity, disease prevention, and well-grown, and it also happens to be wonderfully tasteful.  But there’s a divide into what you’ll find down the cooking oil aisle of supermarkets, and what truly healthful and tasteful extra virgin olive oil is. They are have olive oil Canadaonline also That divide always comes down to freshness olive oil is much the same as any other fruit juice, and it’s best when it’s fresh.  Fresh olive oil means olives picked and crushed within hours, stored and handled with care, what’s more, resupplied like clockwork by exploiting the reap in both the northern and southern sides of the equator.

Your own tactile experience is the best adjudicator of newness, and that is the explanation they welcome you to attempt before you purchase at them tasting bars.

Olive oil priceOlive oil price
Olive oil price

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Buy olive oil online Canada

Many trusted stores and companies in Canada you can buy your preferable olive oil from it.


The olive used in them olive oil is the Koroneiki which is grown in the perfectly warm and stable climate of the Southern Peloponnese. The ideal conditions for the olive trees cultivation combined with the early harvest and the modern machinery used to press the olives are all instrumental in them quality and authenticity guarantee.

Just produced via cold extraction, the Koroneiki present a very balanced taste that combines a perfect mix of spicy and bitter. Their olives are hand picked from them century old GMO free trees and cold pressed with only mechanical pressing methods. Every batch is given complete chemical analysis. All olives used in them oil are sustainably sourced from them olive orchards in Laconia Greece and are pressed within 48 hours of harvest.

12-SS Exports:

Established in 2012 , SS Exports has made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of Cashews in Canada. The provider organization is situated in Toronto, Ontario and is one of the main venders of recorded items.

SS Exports is recorded in Trade India’s rundown of confirmed merchants offering preeminent nature of Raw Cashew Nut and so forth Purchase Cashews in mass from us for the best quality items and administration Business Exporter, Importer, Distributor, Supplier, Trading organization, Wholesaler.

Their firm is an exceptionally colossal name of the business for conveying a wide scope of Olive Oil to them profoundly esteemed customers. This is a fat gotten from the olive (the product of Olea europaea; family Oleaceae), a conventional tree yield of the Mediterranean Basin. The oil is created by pounding entire olives and removing the oil by mechanical or substance implies.

Finally  we hope we present all information about importing olive oil into Canada for personal use.

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