importing olive oil from Italian   to canada

Top 9 companies for importing olive oil from Italian   to Canada

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in importing olive oil from Italian   to canada;The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

importing olive oil from Italian   to canada

Are you looking for importing olive oil from Italian   to canada?

 Do you ask about best factories and famous extra virgin olive oil bulk suppliers?

In our platform importing house we will show you the most famous oil and shipping companies in Italian   to import to Canada and make a success business..

Shipping olive oil from Italian   to canada

Are you looking for shipping olive oil from Italian   to canada? We will show you the best shipping methods from Italian   to Canada …..

Methods of shipping goods and their types

First, air freight:

It is sending the goods by air through airlines specializing in shipping, usually the same as regular airlines with a specialized section for freight, either in a specific airline or in the same passenger airline or air mail, Air freight is unique in the speed of the goods’s arrival to the importer and for this reason, perishable goods are usually transported by air freight, such as meat. Air freight is characterized by high cost..

Therefore, it must be taken into account that the exported goods have a high value so that the freight cost becomes small in relation to the total price of the shipment or the quantity of the goods is large so that there is a reduction in the shipping price for the total quantity, Air mail is also used in shipping either through specialized companies such as dhl, but the cost is higher than flying, and it is used in the case of high-priced and small-weight goods such as the mobile, or in the case of shipping a sample due to its great speed in the arrival of the goods to the importer.

Air mail usually differs from aviation, as most of the time the shipment arrives in the case of mail to the importer in the place of his company or place. In aviation, it arrives at the airport, and the gold importer must arrive at the airport to receive his goodse oil from Italy to Canada

Second, sea freight:

It is sending the goods by sea through ship companies specialized in shipping, either for transporting containers only, or for transporting goods of a special nature that are difficult to ship in containers such as iron and wood.

  • And it consists of two parts:
  • First, shipping in containers:

A container is a room of iron with a specific and known area. Goods can be stacked inside it to store the goods and transported by specialized vessels to transport containers. The number of containers transported may reach 2000 containers.

The containers are divided as follows:

  • A 20-foot container: it is 20 feet long (about 6 meters) with a certain width (2.5 meters) and a height (2.6 meters).
  • A 40-foot container: its length is 40 feet (about 12 meters) with a certain width (2.5 meters) and a certain height (2.6 meters), which is twice the area of ​​a 20-foot container.
  • High cubehq container: the same length of 40 feet and the same width with different height (within 3 meters).
  • Open end container: it is 40 feet long with the same width and varies because the roof is open.

Demurrage container breakdown allowance

Fees paid by the importer for the delay in returning shipping containers from the port of destination after giving a period of one or two weeks according to the agreement between the shipping company and the importer, and the period is calculated from the date of the ship’s manifest and until the empty containers are returned to the port.

Second, shipping in full ships:

And the ship has a certain weight that can carry and the ships start from small ships carrying about 1000 tons only to giant ships carrying 80 thousand tons called these ships charter Any ships for rent can be chartered by shipment or for a period of time. These ships are used to transport goods that are shipped in large quantities, such as cement and sugar, which may be carried in containers, but the price of the shipment in that case will be very high, which is a major obstacle to the success of the deal.

Example the price of cement fob in Canada is $ 40. If we want to ship cement from Canada to spain, the average price for a container is 40 feet $ 1000 and the container holds 20 tons at most, meaning the freight price is $ 50 per ton, while if it is transported by ships about $ 16-17 per ton there are ships. General cargo can carry containers, but the average is no more than 20 containers.

Land shipping:

Transportation is via trucks or trailers, and it may be loaded with a container or a carrier of the goods on the back of the car, which is like internal freight, but the customs procedures mechanism and the customs committee that examines the goods is added Land freight is used in transportation to neighboring countries, and land freight is distinguished in many cases at a lower price than sea freight, and of course air freight, as the internal freight item is provided in the case of internal freight and in the case of sea and air freight from the place of the factory or the trader to the airport or port. A single shipment method, such as sea transportation, then land transportation.

Imported olive oil
Imported olive oil

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Imported olive oil from Italian 

Can you bring olive oil from Italian   to canada? We will show you the most famous shipping companies in Italian  …….

  • Seatransport srl

It is a service provider, and it operates in the international shipping sector. Also operating in the sectors of international transport agents, shipping companies, customs forwarders and a bonded warehouse. Its headquarters are in livorno, Italian  .

  • Interporto di trieste spa

  • Trieste fernetti’s multi-modal hub ensures professionalism of import and export service on the east-west and north-south hubs.
  •  More than 400 service employees, divided in public administrations and in 40 shipping, transport and technical support headquarters.
  • We are able to meet the diverse needs of international trade and transportation.
  • The platform offers modern facilities and innovative services to national and international transportation operators
  • De georgio trasporti srl

It is a service provider and operates in the transport of bulk commodities. Also operating in the transport workers sectors, trucking, shipping companies and the art of organizing and planning. It is based in marcianise, Italian  .

  • Globo services srl

The corporation operates in the port transit brokers sector. It also operates in the shipping and transport agency sectors. Its headquarters are in napoli, Italian  .

  • Manto shipping & consulting srl

Founded in 2004, and it operates in the customs brokers sector. It also works in shipping sectors and companies. It is based in palermo, Italian  .

  • Grandi trasporti

Present in the transportation sector for more than 30 years, it has a fleet of 300 cargo units with pallets, covered panels, miktrailer trailers, lowering plates, ultra-low plates, custom trailers and semi-trailers and exceptional industrial vehicles.

It has a fleet of telescopic mesh cranes that allow to provide fast and reliable solutions to all transportation related requirements, as well as to establish trust relationships with companies specializing in the construction of facilities, and precision construction with high technologies.

  • Fiore casa di spedizioni srl

Fiore is a highly qualified company capable of providing targeted and quality services to its clients. Its main services are:

 Marine agency, warehouse, rental of boats, assistance to companies in the search for and production of fuel, customs procedures and customs consultations, air shipment of goods and charter aircraft to transport goods, shipping by sea and land freight.

  • Manspeed

Manspeed was originally created in 2001 to provide fast delivery solutions to businesses. With the passage of time, it deepened all the requirements of the shipping sector and extended its activity to all commercial sectors, especially those that characterize the Italian market the most: from food to wine, passing through the fashion sector, shoes, spare parts, etc.

  • Ats snc di arrobbio marco & c
  • The company guarantees fast, exceptional and customized local cargo transportation. It has a large number of cars, including cars equipped with a rear lift shutter, which are used in the ground and air transportation of goods, parcels and letters.
  • The following is an aspect of the other services we provide:
  • Cargo distribution and express delivery; cargo delivery and urgent delivery service; urgent transportation; vehicle rental; secured transport; warehousing of goods; receipt from home.
  • 10-mauro international services srl
  • A multi-business company that is a support tool for all of its clients. The company was able to gain experience thanks to its specialization in three businesses such as accounting data processing center, customs clearance agent and international freight forwarder.
  • The company’s activities are focused on consulting customs clearance and customs disputes.
olive oil
olive oil

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Italian olive oil price

Italian   ranks second in producing the best olive oil in the world. Italian   produces approximately 24% of olive oil production in the whole world, and the lands of Italian   are characterized by its proportionality to the cultivation of olive trees to a large extent, which helped Italian   to produce that percentage of olive oil, there are many Italian olive oil brands.

  • Olive oil is one of the natural oils known for its multiple health benefits. The price of olive oil in Italian   is suitable for the quality of Italian oil, as Italian   produces many of olive oil brands to trust
  • Olive oil is anatural oil that has a natural value and has many benefits and is always described as a healthy alternative to other oils. It is also known for its many aesthetic benefits for skin and hair care, but there are many advantages and many signs of the original olive oil.
  • Olive pressure produces some impurities and sediments that are present in the oil package, while in other oils, these little lumps keep swimming randomly.
  • The natural color of the original olive oil is green, especially in the first era and the rest of the other juices it becomes light yellow and this is one of the most important signs of good olive oil.
  • Olive oil is not affected by storage, as long as it is stored for a long time, it is left to preserve its benefits, nutritional values and natural elements.

In conclusion, dear reader, we have shown you the most famous companies shipping wholesale olive oil from Italian   to canadaand importing olive oil from Italian   to Canada we hope to have answered all your questions.

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