leather goods manufacturers in Turkey

Top 15 leather goods manufacturers in Turkey for high quality

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leather goods manufacturers in Turkey

The process of importing goods from Turkey has become one of the most prominent operations in the commercial field in recent years, as it offers many advantages to the merchant and the state on the economic and financial side, so there are many companies who specialize in leather goods manufacturers in Turkey and in the following report in importing house we will get to know together the most prominent of them, and the types of profitable goods from Turkey , in order to be aware of everything related to the product market in Turkey .

Leather products manufacturers in Turkey

The quantity of companies working in the Turkey leather industry area (excluding the shoe business) is 1500 companies, it utilizes around 2,300 specialists. The leather items industry is packed in the urban areas of Istanbul, Izmir and Bursa and others you can find cheap leather price... The city of Istanbul is the biggest and primary mall in Turkey . Middle for the exchange of kinds of leather merchandise in Turkey , as it

With respect to the footwear business, it utilizes around 4,700 companies, utilizing 27,000 laborers, and are steady half of these companies and leather suppliers are in Istanbul, and the everyday creation volume of the 33 biggest Turkish companies working in this field is around 330 thousand sets of shoes for each day and the yearly creation volume is around 212 million sets, and the level of leather shoes is about 26% of the shoe area creation. Here are portions of the top leather products company in this field where to buy leather products from them:

leather factory Turkey

It is a leather goods manufacturers in Turkey , working in the leather merchandise area. It likewise works in the men’s leather merchandise areas, ladies’ leather products, leather sacks and frill, and leather embellishments. It is situated in Ümraniye, Turkey .


It is a producer, working in the leather merchandise area. It additionally works in the leather case adornments, leather frill and leather embellishments areas. It is situated in Istanbul.


It is a manufacturer, working in the office leather products; you can find at their place leather for sale with great prices. It is situated in Istanbul.


They are a manufacturer, working in the extravagance leather products area. It likewise works in the leather apparel creation areas, great leather covers and waterproof leather coats. It is situated in Istanbul.


Manufacturer and works in the Bags production. It likewise works in the ladies’ sack and packs areas and one of the top Turkey fashion wholesale for leather goods. It is situated in Istanbul.


Manufacturer working in the leather and leather garments field. It additionally works in the areas of leather coats, significant leather merchandise, producer of leather garments and sheep fleece attire. It is situated in Bursa, Turkey .

  1. Mapi Leather Company:

Mapi leather merchandise producer and leather pack item advancement company is a family possessed company with long periods of involvement with the creation of excellent authentic leather products. Subsequent to functioning as an expert specialist for a very long time, Mr. Nedim KARTAL set up his own company in 2004 in Istanbul to handcraft leather merchandise and today it is one of the conspicuous production lines of the business in Turkey and one of the hijab suppliers uk.

Notwithstanding different leather products, for example, sacks, wallets, embellishments, they are a capable specialist company for the plan and creation of excellent cases for watches, gems or extras. They are furnishing their customers with the best items where join best quality materials with their craftsman craftsmanship. Mapi Leather works as indicated by ISO Quality Guide standards you can check their website for more information if you want to buy leather online.

wholesale hijab suppliers uk
wholesale hijab suppliers uk

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Cost of leather goods in Turkey

Leather coats range in costs a great deal as shown by quality. They range from 200 USD to 500 USD in expense. The Beskardesler zone of Zeytinburnu for reasonably assessed leather purchases (coats, shoes, sacks, etc) Derimod is a critical store there, Turkey pants processing plant and there are more others.

If you end up getting motivated by leather goods manufacturers in Turkey located in Grand Bazaar attempt to take as much time as important to arrangement to at any rate half of beginning asking cost. If they need even more fundamentally continue ahead as there are piles of leather pack and coat stores discovered all through the city.

Here are a portion of the prominent Turkish leather marks that you can likewise check their destinations to have a thought before you begin importing from Turkey leather merchandise for your trade:

  1. Derimod.
  2. Desa.
  3. Matras.
  4. Prens leather .
  5. Kusadasi Leather.
  6. Hogan.
  7. Petek Saraciye
  8. Louis Vuitton Istanbul Nisantasi

One can say that, with all around organized methods for the coming years, Turkish leather industry has set up itself in all the huge leather markets and countries. There is no vulnerability in saying that the leather business in Turkey has a flourishing future.

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Buying leather goods in Turkey

  1. Mahmoud Pasha Market

Mahmoud Pasha Market is situated in the Eminonu territory of Sultanahmet close to the Egyptian market, and you will discover there numerous items and numerous Turkish products at the best costs, for example, makeup, shoes, Turkey baby clothes wholesale costs and cloaks stores.

  1. The Egyptian market

The Egyptian Market is an enormous market that offers you the chance to meander among in excess of 4000 chronicled stores that take you back on a recorded excursion through an ideal opportunity to over 700 years, to locate an unparalleled assortment of collectibles bearing a bona fide oriental character, leather products, Turkey jeans wholesale there is reasonable for everybody pottery and top notch painstaking work.

  1. Al-Fateh Market

The market is referred to among local people as Carsamba Pazari, and it happens each Wednesday from 5:00 to 9:00 and has 1,300 sellers among in excess of 4,800 slows down, and you can discover anything here from live creatures to garments, hijab texture wholesale, vegetables and fruits, you simply must be Eager to deal, particularly since this market isn’t touristy, but instead a neighborhood market that Istanbul’s local people go to and you can buy leather in bulk from it.

  1. Besiktas market

This market is the Saturday market and incorporates just 400 slows down, however you will discover here all that is found in different business sectors of gems, materials, excellent attire displays, you can discover many leather stores, leather items manufacturers in Turkey excessively so make certain to visit it during your outing.

wholesale baby clothes Turkey  
wholesale baby clothes Turkey
  1. *Lalali Market

Lalali Market is situated close to the Sultan Ahmet region along the Tramway line, and wholesale shops and leather goods manufacturers in Turkey are situated on the Tramway line and as an afterthought road of the central avenue. Wholesale stores there sell sacks, leather shoes and garments notwithstanding Turkey wholesale wedding dresses.

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Leather shop in Turkey

Turkish leather items are described by the nature of their determinations and their variety regarding garments, shoes and packs, which made them exceptional to sightseers, guests and significant global companies. The leather area in Turkey started to prosper since 1970, while it has raised over the most recent twenty years, with the assortment of business sectors and items and their receptiveness to outside nations, and it assumes a significant part in supporting the Turkish economy with a considerable lot of fares. To realize more we’ll see leather items list which comprises of the most renowned leather items that Turkey produces:

  1. Leather covers and garments: Leather layers of different shapes and sizes; some of which suit the stormy climate regarding length and assurance from water, and what gives security to the wearer and this is one of the leather items benefits. Short covers are appropriate for fall and spring, and are viewed as significant in the realm of style and design, because of the significant variety, choices and plans, just as their sensible costs comparable to quality.
  1. Leather shoes in different structures and uses: The leather shoes industry is seeing a quick turn of events, through new plans for ladies, getting extraordinary acknowledgment and consideration from the individuals who wish to secure an assortment of rich winter or summer shoes, just as different men’s plans. For the leather favorable circumstances: The pros and cons of leather common leather items:

1-Natural leather ensures the solace and wellbeing of the foot and keeps even the skin of the foot from contamination with growths.

2 It has the external solidarity to shield the foot from regular knocks and scratches

  1. Regular jade gets shinier as the age increments, and it is described by a special touch, all the rest, and a particular smell
  2. Characteristic leather guarantees breathability and immediately assimilates sweat Also, the Turkish leather brands is a standout amongst other leather products brands on the planet it is so well known of its high caliber. To have the option to separate between the common leather and phony ones:

1-Smell the item:

They smell the leather of the item they need to purchase, on the off chance that they locate a solid smell, this implies that the item is produced using creature leather, or in the event that they discover it isn’t solid and common, this implies that the leather is phony since it is frequently made of plastic.

2-They review the leather pores:

They put focus on the leather. In the event that they see the spread of pores in an unpredictable way, this implies that the leather is characteristic, or if the pores are standard on the leather, this implies that the leather is phony leather.

3-Touch the leather:

They contact the leather in the item. In the event that the item has an unpleasant surface and is described by toughness that implies that it is certified leather, however in the event that the surface of the leather is delicate and rubbery, this implies that it is counterfeit leather

4-Examine the edges of the leather:

They contact the edges of the leather in the event that they are unpleasant, this implies that the leather is veritable leather, yet on the off chance that the surface of the edges of the leather is smooth, this implies that the leather is manufactured leather.

This all will help you a ton to know the genuine leather goods manufacturers in Turkey items not to demolish your trading notoriety when you import from Turkey .

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