Hijab suppliers UK

Hijab suppliers UK … Top 11 hijab suppliers in UK

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in Hijab suppliers UK ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

Hijab suppliers UK

Meta: If you are looking for hijab suppliers UK for your trade or want to know how to import from UK and Turkey, so this is for you…

If you want to expand in your current project, or want to start a shop of imported hijab, and are looking for the best hijab suppliers UK in this article we present to you the most important factories and companies passed in UK specialized in the trade of hijab and exporting them abroad…

importing house will help you to give all the details, so be tuned…


Wholesale hijab suppliers UK

If you are looking for where’s the best place to buy wholesale hijab from UK, you can contact with the most famous suppliers…


J5 Fashion can be your source for the latest high-quality wholesale products. Founded in Manchester in 2007, it offers fashionable products at low prices, and have the option of shipping around the world.


Their attire quality is top notch scope of dresses, skirts, tops and pants you can locate the most recent modern ladies’ style all sizes all through the seasons


Zuppe Clothing is one of the main Wholesale Clothing UK providers and Clothing Wholesalers UK is located in Cheetham Hill, Manchester.

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(MNGL) has been in clothing business for 2 year now

Arabian Nites

It can be one of your hijab suppliers UK that you relay on because the designs as well as the quality of the clothes are amazing, the flow in items and variety in colors, perfect for daily wear as well as for an event/occasion!
The staff has great customer service so helpful and the atmosphere of the store has always been so calming.

Hijab manufacturers UK

6. Fashion Scarf World (Moca Fashion Limited)

Established in 2008 in Manchester, Fashion Scarf World has gotten one of the best manufactures and hijab suppliers and assistants to organizations, everything being equal, from commercial center vendors to road retailers just as free wholesalers. Great scarves are chosen at serious costs, and each thing is checked before it leaves our distribution center. Our plans are chosen dependent on patterns and occasional materials, to mirror the current design market we have a huge number of things to browse. To see the total assortment

House of Hijab

They have a huge determination of remarkable items from various pieces of the Islamic world that is why it considered one of the best hijab suppliers and they have a wide choice of the two men and ladies that you can easily hijab bulk buy from them. They constantly recharge their index of merchandise with bright plans and exceptional design ideas so you don’t need to look anyplace else. Their items are valued seriously as conceivable guaranteeing that you are purchasing the most ideal quality at the best cost. they additionally have excellent costumer administration that in the event that you can’t discover what you are searching for on their site or have an inquiry regarding an item at that point just reach us and one of their staff will help you with your question.

The Hijab World Bolton

      Is one of the online hijab suppliers merchant work in fundamental Islamic Clothing, Accessories and Gift thoughts direct to the entryway – conveyed to all pieces of the globe. Offering the most ideal online Benefit, Service and Quality their items include…

*Hijabs/Bandanas – All tones and Styles

*Womens Abayas/Jilbabs – All Colors and Styles

*Mens Jubas – Top names including elite rights to Lawang

*Childrens – Islamic Clothing, Toys, Games

*Jewellery – Brooches, Pins

*Great Gift Ideas for the entire family

Ben Harad

Founded in 2007 in Birmingham you can find hijabs, jilbabs, abayas and related to modest clothing

10. AAB UK

It was founded in 2007 and considered one of the top hijab UK stores Aab offers a wonderful scope of unadulterated chiffon silk hijabs in an assortment of shadings and not just that but all what related to stylish modest clothes.

11.Hidden Gems

if you are a business owner who wants to buy in bulk, they have Mukhtar products for wholesale but unfortunately only their services are only available for companies inside the UK who have not provided export services abroad yet.

If you want to buy from them, you can contact them via email: enquiry@hiddengemshijabs.co.uk stating your identity, business name, nature and what you want to buy. Please note that they do not wholesales all of their collections but you must specify exactly which items are required in order to provide them to you.

Hijab scarf wholesale UK

you can find many hijab suppliers almost everywhere in UK nowadays at the beginning it was really hard to find them and mostly investors and importers found that the market is impressed with Turkey women’s clothing wholesale because of its cheap prices with colorful and stylish designs there is a company that can help you find or import from hijab suppliers or in turkey they have various options the company called HD Group they have these kind of hijabs Within their company …
* Pashmina shawls and shawls
* Plaid shawls
* Polyester Lux Bright Shawl
* Cardion Shawl
* Rayon Twill Scarf
* Polyester Scarf
* Plaid Scarf
* Panel Print Scarf

Other option that can help you find hijab suppliers or any other place is AliExpress site it has so many suppliers from everywhere around the globe that you can reach easy and arrange with about what exactly you need for you hijab trading and all the styles from the everyday hijab wear to the luxury hijabs UK that you can wear in specific events like wedding and so on  prices on this website starts from 1.50$ per piece or 2.59 $ per piece and generally it depends on the material and fabrics from which the scarf and shawls become, as well as their size, whether in length and width, this also changes the price of the piece in general, and the higher the quality of the product or the larger the size of the veil, the cost will increase.

Hijab UK online shop

Here are the best shops you can buy hijab from…


In this website you can find lots of options for different kinds of hijab and turban hijab UK easily and with competitive prices not just that but you can find various fashionable options of modest and hijab clothing.

Hijab Factory

Is one of the best online websites that you relay on and find whatever you want for hijab modest clothes Since Muslim dress is regularly for what it’s worth and body-worn, it is significant that they feel good on the skin without scratching or making you sweat excessively. Hijab factory UK items are made of consistent, agreeable materials without stressing or causing you to feel caught. The materials come in agreeable lycra, lightweight polyester, agreeable cotton and agreeable gooey – materials that work in all seasons and in every single climate condition. is so helpful


Has a really good reputation it in the modest clothes market and one of the top Hijab store online

Alibaba website

You can find varies options of hijab and from other countries like Turkey, Indonesia, and Malaysia with different qualities from the low to the best qualities and same for prices that you need for your wholesale trade, plus some suppliers on this website can offer shipping services and you choose whatever in suitable for you.

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Heart Hijab

Heart Hijab provides high quality hijab, for various types of hijabs, from small emerging companies to large multinational companies. We will likely have an attractive wholesale offer for your business. They supply 100% viscose scarves which are of exceptional quality and hijab accessories UK. If you have any wholesale inquiries they have outstanding customer service. These are not just hijabs for one Islamic market, mass market scarves which can also be used as neck scarves, robes, etc.

Besides, they can provide shipping service to your country. If you want to order from them, you can do the following:

  • 100 pieces minimum. (Their prices include VAT, so there are no hidden surprises. Please order in quantities of 10, for example 10 plain black, 10 plain white, etc.)
  • Create a ticket, select what you want with the quantity next to it.
  • They will reply, take payment, and ship the items to you.

And here are some of their of hijab price

Product Type Unit Price (100 mixed)
Unit Price (300 Mixed) 6.25% Discount Unit Price (600 Mixed) 12.5% Discount
Plain Hijabs £1.40
                £1.35               £1.30
Subtle Shimmer £2.15
                £2.02               £1.88
Ombre £1.60
                £1.55                £1.50
Lace £2.10
                £2.10                £2.10
Thick Viscose Plain £1.70
                £1.70                £1.70
Jersey Hijabs £2.00
                £2.00                £2.00
Pom Pom Hijabs £2.15
                £2.02                £1.88
Diamante Hijabs £2.00
                £2.00                £2.00
Full Underscarf £1.30
                £1.30                 £1.30
Bonnet Cap £0.75
                £0.75                 £0.75
Hijab factory UK
Hijab factory UK

London scarves

If love being fashionable, so you will love London scarves

 They are always keep bringing the best quality, designs and scarves to their customers with their fashion team working, London Scarves has become one of the most successful wholesale scarves wholesalers in Europe and London. We have many famous stores in the UK as well as many other countries in the world. They have a large variety of styles, colors and materials, from fashionable styles to vintage designs. They also offer head scarves, and silk scarves that’s plus that they are not just a wholesale hijabs UK but they have a website to make it easier for their costumers to get along and see shop for whatever they want from any country around the world without being in need to travel to UK by themselves

Hijab UK brands

here we will tell you some of the best hijab brands that you can import from uk and also you can import from Turkey anywhere around the world so we make it easier for you to build you own business with a great quality goods

-Meem Clothing                                     – Kimono Hijab

– UMMA                                                – Adlina Anis

– Bidadari Contemporary                        – Aamani Hijabs

– Tudung People                                      – Cakenis

-Haute Hijab                                            -AAB Collection

-Sugar Scarf                                            -Amirah Couture

-Aere                                                       -Duck Scarves

-Naelofar Hijabs                                     -Inayah

-Purdy Petals                                          -Diana Kotb

So these are some samples of stylish hijabs UK that you can easily get and start your trade it will be for sure trusted and highly qualified

Hijab companies UK

According for all information we previously provided from hijab suppliers UK and manufactures now we I’ll tell you what is exactly you need to determine which products you would like to import and what to do to import them.

 Collecting information about everything related to standards, requirements, sealing of the goods, specifications of packaging and placing of trademarks on the product, import licenses, and all other certificates required to import goods, and to ascertain whether there are any agreements or commercial arrangements signed by the organization you belong to in your country grants the importer a (whether complete exemption from customs duties, or reductions in fees) upon import from a specific country.

Negotiate with the hijab suppliers that you already made a deal with and agree with him on the terms and conditions of the contract, including quality, packaging, seal and trademark on the product, prices, payment terms, mode of transportation, and payment of freight costs. And there are many Turkish shipping companies and other international shipping companies that can help you out to finish all the shipping paperwork and it to you in your country

Obtaining all necessary documents, licenses and certificates for import.

Obtaining a foreign trade exchange registration.

Communicating with the goods clearance agent, to confirm the information collected, and to gain information about customs duties, taxes, import requirements and procedures. The importer must arrange the payment mechanism with the exporter based on the contract between them. In addition, the importer must obtain, prior to the import process, additional documents such as import licenses, and any other standard approvals that may be requested as needed.

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Required documents from the exporter

 The importer receives, either from the exporter himself or his freight forwarder, the documents required to clear the goods. These documents are:

Bill of lading / Air waybill

Packing List (Shipping List)

Certificate of origin, and other forms proving the origin of the goods (such as the movement certificate EUR.1), which are important in order to benefit from the customs exemption.

The documents mentioned above are essential to start the clearance process. Usually you receive these documents with each other, either by shipment, or through the bank. Few importers receive these documents through express mail.

In the event that the goods are received by air freight, it is recommended that documents be sent by fax before shipping. This enables the importer to verify the accuracy of the documents, and to prepare the clearance agent for the arrival of the goods. And if the documents are correct, the clearing agent prepares the customs declaration in advance, which speeds up customs clearance procedures and saves time upon arrival of the goods. In the event that some documents are missing, this enables the exporter to prepare them quickly before the goods arrive, thus avoiding any costly delays during the clearance process.

And when the goods are shipped by sea, copies of the documents can be sent by fax during the cargo transportation process. Thus the clearing agent has time to validate all documents to prepare the customs declaration form.

And among the important things that are required to be determined is the insurance compensation that must be taken in the event of loss or damage to the goods. The insurance must be settled before sending the documents, according to the agreement stipulated in the commercial invoice and the sales contract. The importer stipulates the conditions and pays the insurance costs that cover the goods from the port from which they depart to the port where the goods arrive. In the event that the clause stipulated in the contract is delivery on board (FOB), it confirms the exporter’s responsibility for delivering the goods on board only (without liability for insurance and the cost of shipping the goods), and in the case of the responsibility of the hijab k who is the exporter here (meaning that the price is inclusive) Cost, insurance, and freight), in this case insurance fees are covered by the hijab until the goods arrive at the port (the port of the importing party). Clauses are CIF (which states that the price is inclusive of insurance and freight) and FOB (which states that the exporter’s liability is limited to delivery of the goods on board)

Thus, we have informed you of all the details that you need to complete the import process easily and conveniently from the United Kingdom, and how to find the best hijab and also you can find in Turkey, and what you need in the shipping and importing process so that no errors occur that may stop the process or cause a great loss to you in your trade.



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