Leather chemicals manufacturers in Turkey

Best 3 Leather chemicals manufacturers in Turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in  Leather chemicals manufacturers in Turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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Leather chemicals manufacturers in Turkey

There are many stages of leather manufacturing, perhaps the most famous leather manufacturing country in the world is Turkey, in the importing house platform we help you to reach leather chemicals manufacturers in Turkey that follow all the manufacturing conveniences with all craftsmanship and skill.

Leather manufacturer in Turkey

  1. Chemstar Kimya

Leather chemicals Turkey manufaturer organization of top notch helper synthetics for material and Leather areas, situated in Istanbul/TURKEY. Chemstar has powder creation office 15 tons/day, piece conditioner creation office 10 tons/day and fluid creation office 30 tons/day. And furthermore their glass reactors give them probability to make sulphonation responses.

Chemstar has the most recent innovation R&D labs in its office and keeps the developments to give the best support of their clients in homegrown and in unfamiliar business sectors. Their accomplished and experienced specialized group gives the best support of their clients during utilizations of the products.

Chemstar leather chemicals manufacturers is showcasing its merchandise under CHEMSTAR brand name by their 100% fulfillment ensure. Nonetheless, it is feasible for them to deliver extraordinary mentioned items through their clients’ demans and guidelines by their necessity. In view of their security strategy ,name of the clients and their privileges are being kept by Chemstar. The executives at leather chemicals market:


Devoted to having a beneficial outcome by being the most roused and trustworthy compound organization throught their mindful culture and legitimate managing all individuals, and that makes them best leather chemicals manufacturers in Turkey.

  • Statement of purpose

Connect each degree of the orgnisation to accomplish the best, most recent innovation, eco agreeable items, client care, regard and investor esteem. Results will be achived throught completely clear desires execution and dynamic administration.

  1. United Chemicals

Main organization that modifies on the creation of exceptional synthetic substances for faux leather chemicals, It was established on its remarkable capacity to make and produce creative arrangements on customized synthetics for mechanical applications. As to Leather market, United Chemicals delivers a total scope of synthetics and compound helpers to offer a total support of the Leather business.

Today, they work with overall assembling enterprises, giving progressed compound treatment advancements and broad specialized help to settle mechanical applications. In their cutting edge completely robotized plant, they attempt to fulfill their client needs through nonstop creation and inventive arrangements. Their Values:

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  • Mindful

They esteem the wellbeing and prosperity of their colleagues, the network, and the climate. All that they do effectively sustains them for what’s to come.

  • Centered

They understand what they are acceptable at, and they partake where they can dominate. At the point when they submit, you can depend on us.

  • Direct

They are transparent with their clients and associations. They like to get current realities out and manage them. They make reasonable guarantees and keep them.

  • Collective

They are a responsive accomplice to their clients, workers and the network. They motivate them to make arrangements that add esteem. They accept their prosperity is their prosperity.

  • Quality

As the glad proprietor of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS Workplace Management System testaments, they guarantee their clients with top notch items and administrations just as a maintainable and safe future.

  • Arrive at Compliance

REACH is a guideline of the European Union, embraced to improve the assurance of human wellbeing and the climate from the dangers that can be presented by synthetics, while upgrading the intensity of the EU synthetic substances industry. In United Chemicals, they register every one of their items as per the REACH guidelines and just with confirmed REACH consistent providers.

best leather shops in Istanbul
best leather shops in Istanbul


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Leather factories in Turkey


In their leather tannery in Çorlu; They manufacture leather and fur for many different sectors such as leather garment industry, shoe industry, automotive and paint industry. They supply the products of their leather chemicals to both their domestic customers and many internationally known companies from Europe to the far east. To their customers; They offer a top-class service with their expert staff, technological machinery and many years of experience. In addition to their classic fur products; As a result of their R&D studies, they apply today’s trends and new innovations to sheep fur, and they provide design support to their customers.

The raw furs that come to their leather chemical companies are first categorized according to their quality, wool condition and diameter. Each category allocated is processed according to its purpose. Sheep fur is washed and the crude oils are removed. In the next stage, bacteria and viruses will not spoil with mild acids such as ant acid, and they will not rot and smell with chromium and various tanning syntans.

It is ensured that the suede and wool side are clean and bright with various technological machines. After being dyed to the desired color with dyes that do not contain carcinogenic substances and in accordance with European standards, the furs are made ready for sale by giving the final shape in their technological machine park with the hand skill of their masters. These procedures applied to sheep fur last between 21 and 30 days on average.

It is passed through about 40 machines and hand labor, using more than 100 chemicals in approximately 18-19 different stages. Leather chemicals list machines are used instead of technological iron or fiber machines in the production of natural and medical hide. The technologies and production techniques of such leathers are completely different from those used in other fields. Heavy metals and chemicals harmful to human health are not used in these leather processed without chromium. You can get more detailed information about medical sheepskins here. In their fur factory, they do contract production, except for the products they sell directly. You can contact them for more detailed information on the subject.

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Where to buy leather in Istanbul

Established as a leather factory in 1998, Erdoğan Deri started to produce shoes and leather garments in the process. As a different and innovative face of the leather & fur industry today; continues to work with its expert team, experience and technology. Erdoğan Deri ladies clothing wholesale Turkey in its fur factory in Çorlu; operates as a reliable and strong leather & fur supplier of its customers with its expert staff and advanced technology machinery. In order to supply their customers with high quality and the same standard products; They know that the team, the machinery and the chemicals used in production are as important as the raw leather. That’s why they collaborate with Nugget International, America’s leading raw leather company. Turkey standard and premium quality American origin they are proud to be the only functioning raw leather tannery.

In addition to carrying out their women’s clothing wholesale Turkey import & export activities in their head office in Zeytinburnu; They produce sheepskin boots and leather garments for Pegia and Cool Moon brands. They carry out international retail sales through their www.derimarket.net e-commerce site in order to deliver the high quality products of Erdogan Deri and its brands to the end user at affordable prices.

In Corlu leather tannery; Leather and fur are manufactured for many different sectors such as the garment industry, shoe industry, automotive and paint industry. These furs are offered to both domestic and foreign customers as semi-finished products. Fur jacket and sheepskin boots are also produced, including all design and production processes, on demand. With their R&D studies and their expert team, the products requested by the customers are supplied in the fastest and highest quality.

In all their business processes, they purify all their wastes by avoiding processes harmful to human health and nature. They regularly apply Formaldehyde, AZO and Chromium VI tests to their products. All Erdogan Deri employees; They raise awareness that the issue of energy efficiency and environmental cleanliness is their first priority.

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Leather industry in Turkey

In 2014, the fare of Leather and footwear ventures on the planet was assessed at around 265.8 billion USD. China is, unmistakably, the main exporter on account of its 34% piece of the overall industry, for a turnover of 91.3 billion USD. How does Turkey fit into this worldwide situation? It positions eleventh on the rundown of the main sending out nations (0.61% out of the aggregate). The nation has numerous significant cards to play: convention, ability, qualified labor force, specialized and actual frameworks, high-caliber and adaptable assembling, client direction, innovation and quick style.

These characteristics are joined with the way that it is the primary maker of twofold face sheepskin on the planet (80 million pieces for every year) and the subsequent one (after Italy) as respects sheep/goat Leather, the seventh one at worldwide level.

Discussing custom, the leather chemicals industry in returns to the fifteenth century, while the primary mechanical zone devoted to Leather, worked outside Topkapi’s city dividers, is more than 500 years of age. From that point forward, the display has advanced and, today, there are 14 best in class mechanical regions in Turkey that are at the front line of the consistence with ecological guidelines.

The Turkish Leather industry records 23,204 organizations associated with the footwear (which is undoubtedly at the primary spot), piece of clothing and saddlery areas, just as a low level of tanneries. These exercises utilize 415,075 individuals and have a critical load on the nation’s economy: 1% of assembling turnover; 0.43% of all out labor force; 1% of complete fare profit (in 2015 the fare’s absolute turnover was about 1.5 billion USD).

leather jacket manufacturer in Turkey
leather jacket manufacturer in Turkey

Indeed, import from Turkey Leather shoes are at the first spot on the list of the most sent out merchandise (46%), trailed by piece of clothing (24%), semi-handled Leathers (16%) and saddlery (14%). Ruken Mizrakli, head of TURDEV – Turkish Leather Foundation, clarifies what are the objectives of the Turkish Leather industry in the medium/long haul period:

«The Leather area needs to arrive at 5.2 billion dollars traded by 2023, in the 100th commemoration of the foundation of the Republic of Turkey. An objective that won’t be extremely simple to reach, given the emergency of 2007 and 2008 and the recessionary period that has endured at any rate until 2012, which has even offered life to another monetary term: “new ordinary”, which demonstrates the way that no one will arrive at pre-emergency benefits and that it will be more diligently to do business»

Importing from Turkey Workmanship MEETS TURKISH LEATHER:

The Turkish establishment situated at the passage of the APLF reasonable in March was delightful and empowered guests to like some fascinating imaginative works made in Leather. The reason for the undertaking was decisively to include craftsmen coming from various aesthetic fields and propose them to communicate their innovativeness with another material.

A methodology that empowered to improve the impression of Leather and to energize its utilization in intriguing fields like Art and Design in leather chemicals manufacturers in Turkey.

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