Jeans from Turkey wholesale

jeans from turkey wholesale….how to import

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 Jeans from Turkey wholesale

 To import jeans from Turkey and they are still the gateway to wealth, as many importers around the world still buy different products like jeans from turkey wholesale , in terms of high quality and reasonable prices, to sell them in the local markets, and achieve many financial gains. Here are some tips and information that will help you one day import from Turkey. You are anywhere you buy imported jeans from the nearest place. The best markets for buying clothes in Turkey and places selling clothes in Turkey, importing clothes from Turkey to any country and importing clothes from Turkey to Saudi Arabia or any other country without travel.


Jeans wholesale market in turkey

 How to import clothes from Turkey without travel and also travel there in a safe way and start a profitable project, as well as ways to import children’s clothes from Turkey, women’s underwear and men’s clothes, turkey jeans wholesale and how to know and reach the best importing clothes for companies from Turkey and factories and agencies interested in importing and exporting from Turkey, especially Turkish clothes.


Import jeans from turkey

 Firstly, there are two ways to import jeans from Turkey, namely importing clothes from Turkey without traveling. Before starting the import, you have to follow the following steps How to import jeans from Turkey? Select first, What are the required and profitable turkey fashion jeans clothes that can be imported from Turkey? You should choose jeans that are really required in the market of buying and selling, the commercial market in your country, where the upgrade of textiles and clothes is characterized by high quality, turkey jeans size chart unique and distinctive designs, elegance, especially hand-made pieces, i.e. manual work, until the Turkish factories become very good and excellent.

It is known in the commercial markets that Turkish goods are more expensive, but they are the best and finest in manufacturing and production, and you can import from Turkey women’s turkey jeans gowns , and scarves, women’s nightwear, women’s special home clothes, women’s jeans for going out, children’s clothes, sportswear. Turkey men’s clothes is characterized by these same clothes, men’s work clothes, any formal clothes, such as men’s suits and shirts, including That is  jeans turkey man . Turkish furniture and covers, towels, napkins and sheets from Turkey, Turkish furnishings and Turkish dinner furnishings, as it is one of the best types of bed linens and tables and it is Turkish. As for Turkish women’s clothes, it is characterized by the presence of varieties and types of embroidered and others without embroidery.


Jeans from Turkey wholesale
Jeans from Turkey wholesale


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 Jeans manufacturing company in turkey

 The women’s clothes imported from Turkey are very stiff, especially the underwear. The market is also famous for importing fabrics from Turkey because one of the best types of fabrics is Turkish, and there are embroidery, embroiderers and gentlemen in it. Favorite companies importing jeans from Turkey and how to find company offers.In order to reach the best safe companies to import goods from Turkey, and turkish cotton jeans in particular, the following must be followed: Go online and start searching for companies that import Turkish clothes, or you can access commercial directories, where each commercial directory displays the addresses and names of companies, factories and agencies to buy jeans from turkey online. import clothes from Turkey and other goods, and we have put here a safe commercial directory for importing goods, but from Other countries, God willing, we will compile a directory of Turkey companies soon.After you reach more than one company, start communicating with them either by fax or e-mail, and do not explain this point clearly.

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Jeans supplier turkey

 Companies supplying Turkish goods or importing companies are generally interested in dealing with a company and being a small private company. This is better for them than dealing with individuals because it gives the serious import deal, clarity and benefit, given this point. If you do not own a company, you can import from turkey through any company of a friend of yours or deal with brokerage firms through which it can be imported, but be careful not to fall into a fraud.

When you find the company, do the following; Send them what you want to import, preferably with pictures, and explain well the quality of the clothes – the sizes of the imported clothes – the materials of the clothes – whether they are 100% cotton or other materials – the quantity and the number of pieces of imported clothes because that will distinguish a lot in terms of the following:

1-  The quantity varies in discounts, so sometimes you find many companies offering offers and discounts when importing in quantities.

2-  A distinction will be made between the quantity in terms of shipment. If the amount is small, you can release air, although it is very expensive. If the quantity ordered is large, here you will need ocean freight on tankers or cargo ships.

3-   The company is also required to send samples of the goods to you and send more than one company so that you can compare them.

Important advice when importing clothes and goods from Turkey. These tips apply to any goods imported from Turkey without any travel through the supplier companies.

1- Before signing the contract, the company must be obligated that the supplied goods are identical to the samples that the company sent you, and that the contract has not been canceled.

2- The location of the port of cargo shipment shall be recorded in the contract.

3- Writing in the contract at the time of receipt of the goods and that the company is committed to it and not subjected to financial penalties.

4- Determine the method of payment for the goods. Is it through bank payment by checks or by electronic payment such as Western Union and others? Does the company bear the cost of shipping or not? There are companies that offer this as a kind of offering to attract clients and clients.

5- Knowing the papers and documents needed to import clothes from Turkey, and you can find out about this from the investment authorities in your country or from the company that will import you if it is large and famous, so make sure you have the experience and knowledge. Importing clothes from Turkey. To travel there, you must know the papers and documents required for import, passport, etc., and you will find many companies on the Internet that provide the service of providing the papers and documents required to import clothes from Turkey and also provide you with accommodation and help you know the best places to sell clothes in Turkey and the best factories, and if you need a business guide Experienced, someone who spends time with you and provides you with everything big and small in Turkey for a free, so there are companies that provide this service. The best places to import clothes in Turkey and the commercial markets for selling clothes and jeans for sale in turkey are in an area called Lalali as well, and there is another market, which is the Cotton Market, and turkish pants jeans Turkey is famous for making ready-made clothes and standing in it when buying homemade brands, and we will mention the best and most famous 10 brands of Turkish clothes.

Jeans from Turkey wholesale
Jeans from Turkey wholesale


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Jeans turkey brands

Modern products with quality, durability and modern models at the same time at reasonable prices and suitable for sale and export to Arab and Arab countries.  Top 10 Turkish clothing brands:

  • Zara
  • Coton
  • No
  • Hotiç
  • Epicol
  • Teenildies
  • LTB
  • Collins
  • LC WaikikiKi
  • gili

Each of these brands has a distinctive feature that distinguishes it from other brands, so you will find the brand that specializes in cheap clothes, the brand that is distinguished by luxury, and the other is characterized by youth clothing and others.

– Zara

Zara is one of the most beloved brands, it is a brand whose products are in the middle class in terms of prices as well as in terms of materials and workmanship, where the average price of jeans is about 20-30 dollars only, which is a suitable price for the middle class and also contains clothes for women Men are alike, and above all, the brand also contains perfumes that I personally tried and were distinctive perfumes that we recommend you try.

– Coton

Koton is also one of the mid-range clothing, and most of its products are intended for young men and turkish ladies jeans. The products of this brand are distinguished by that most of their fabrics are made of cotton (named after him) or at least a little is included in their fabrics in a large proportion, and this is something we find lower in other brands and the price of jeans in this brand ranges from $ 15 – $ 20 and they have products for men and people And children, they have some kind of their own perfume.


– Mavi:

The most beautiful thing that distinguishes Mavi is its jeans, as they did not find in Turkey any interest in youthful jeans models such as that you find in the Mavi brand, and where the word Mavi in ​​Turkish means blue only, the reason for choosing this name is the blue color of jeans and the price of jeans in this brand ranges from 30-50 dollars as they have other products, their clothes are characterized by a purely youthful character and you cannot find clothes for those over the age of forty.



The Hottiej brand is also considered a distinctive brand in the manufacture of framed shoes and the brand is distinguished by its products for women despite the presence of men’s products, but this brand is often considered by women, even in its advertisements, it always chooses women, so we recommend only women to visit this brand The prices of the shoes in it range between 50-70 USD and it has been placed on the list of the best Turkish clothing brands due to the popularity of the Turks.

Jeans from Turkey wholesale
Jeans from Turkey wholesale


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Jeans turkey price

 – Epicol

The brand ipekyol is a brand that specializes in selling women’s clothing products, as it features luxurious women’s clothes in western and eastern models, and the prices of a single piece range between $ 75-100, which are very regional prices compared to those you find in Western brands and with the same fabrics and models materials.


It is the address of luxury in Turkey, as it is characterized by luxury men’s clothing suitable for the high class and people who want to spend $ 100 on the least piece. One of the most beautiful features of this brand is that it has models that you cannot find anywhere else, in addition to the fact that the brand has its own perfumes and accessories Match the clothes.

– LTB:

LTB is also one of the brands that deserve to be on the list of the top 10 Turkish clothing brands, as it is distinguished by its modern models like turkish jeans jacket , appropriate prices and distinctive materials, and it has branches in most countries of the world and the prices of its products are almost similar to the prices of Turkish Zara products.

– LC Waikiki

The cheapest brand in the list (the most famous Turkish clothing brands) is the LC Waikiki brand as it is almost the most widespread in Turkey and because its price is very low, with prices ranging from 5-20 dollars for a shirt and pants, and always offers offers and discounts, and the Turks are accepted on a wide range of It is wide to buy from this brand by virtue of the prices and because it is the brand of people with limited income, but it must be mentioned because it is on the number of that, it has some products that are almost distinctive and wonderful from the personal vision.


In the last place on our list (the most famous Turkish clothing brands) we have to mention Kiğılı, as it is unknown in the Arab community. On the contrary and the average price of clothes for jeans sets ranges from 30 to 40 dollars.

Jeans from Turkey wholesale
Jeans from Turkey wholesale

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Ways to import from Turkey:

-1- Travel to Turkey :

-Whatever country you wish to import from, traveling to this country is the best and ideal option as you can visit the largest number of companies, factories and markets and thus you have the ability to closely examine the products and thus you can make comparisons between different products in terms of prices, designs, quality levels and in the end You can choose the products that are most suitable for your target market from the source of supply that gives you the best price.But what is taken in this way is that it is the most expensive among all the import methods from Turkey, you need to obtain a visa to travel to Turkey (not a requirement for some countries), and you also need round-trip air tickets in addition to a hotel for stays of 7 to 10 days.

2- Importing from Turkey via the Internet:

-Importing from Turkey via the Internet is common and it is the most expensive, but you must be careful to buy from a company with high ratings by buyers, for example there are major commercial sites that include a number of Turkish companies specialized in selling various types of goods such as Turkishexportal, Tradekey and Alibaba. Which includes a large number of exporters from different parts of the world, including Turkey.

3- Importing via an intermediary:

-This method relies on assigning an import company from Turkey to purchase the products it needs with the required specifications, so that that company imports them and clear them customs and thus achieve comfort, but in return you will pay for those services, and often the amounts paid are a percentage of the total price (let’s be 20% of Total costs).


Jeans from Turkey wholesale
Jeans from Turkey wholesale

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Steps to import from Turkey: –

1-  Search online at the above-mentioned sites at the point of import from Turkey via the Internet or by relying on Google or even by traveling to Turkey “if things are possible” buy jeans from turkey online.

2-   for the supplier, company or factory that offers you the required products at the best possible price (never hurry and spend a lot Time in research to find the best possible source of merchandise.)

3- When communicating electronically with any of the Turkish factories and companies to obtain a price quote, it is necessary that you communicate in the name of your company and not personally, as communicating with the name of the company and its e-mail guarantees the seriousness of the dealings and thus you get quick answers and serious offers from companies.

4- You must have full knowledge of the specifications of the products that you want to import, for example denim jeans from turkey if you want to import clothes, you must specify everything related to the products such as the quantity, types, sizes and quality of fabrics and colors, so do not leave such things to the sellers.

5- You must specify the port of shipment for the seller to send to this port, and it is necessary to have documents related to the incoming shipments to prove ownership of the shipment.

6- You pay customs dues on your shipment, and then you get in the event that that shipment is released and then you can transfer it to a safe warehouse or place to work on distributing it to the merchants agreed upon with them, or start marketing it to them. Target retailers.

Finally, follow our tips carefully to import from Turkey safely and without any problems.




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