hijab supplier in turkey

hijab supplier in turkey … best 5 suppliers will provide you with best hijab

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 hijab supplier in turkey

hijab supplier in turkey are very famous in the world due to their honesty and the quality of their products. The Turkish veil and Turkish fabrics are widely used in Turkey in addition to its wide fame in the Arab countries., you will know best supplier with high quality and lowest price in Importing-house platform…

hijab supplier turkey


Turkey has long known as a crossroads of civilizations. In our modern times, as where ‘East meets West’ literally and figuratively. Turkey embodies Islamic attempt to meet modern time. The Islamic clothing coming out of Turkey is fashionable, modern and of high quality. Turkey has long been leader in variety of Islamic products, especially hijab. The best turkish hijab material around the world are made in Turkey.

cheap hijab companies
cheap hijab companies

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hijab manufacturers:

1-TAKBEER FASHIONS: we are Islamic fashion company retailor in USA. looking for body, tunic and skirt set and pardesu.

2-BERBEROGLU TEKSTIL SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.: since company of Berberoglu Tekstil present not only industrial, but also artistic products in high quality and standards according to customer demands. they carry out your different designs and patterns by combining today’s fabric technology and color trends.

3-AYSE TURBAN TASARIM: Ready to wear hijab, express hijab, instant hijab, shawl, bonet, ready to wear bridal hijab.

4- ALFA GLOBAL LTD. STI.: is a company that experienced in the field such as Textile, Industrial.

You can import from turkey best hijab from hijab supplier in turkey because Turkish products generally better quality than those made in Asian countries (and made without the use of sweatshops), yet are still affordable for customers worldwide. You can also easily buy from hijab shop Istanbul online with high- quality material.

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hijab wholesale turkey

hijab supplier in turkey can offer you best material with best price.

hijab brands in turkey
hijab brands in turkey

5-Seyra Scarf: is also one of the leading online wholesale market in turkey. You can buy Scarf, Shawl, Silk Scarf, Silk Shawl and Scarf Accessories.

Minimum Order Quantity: is 700 TL and up in Turkey in order amount of each order, and orders from abroad must be 500 USD or more. There are no product types, series and kinds of requirements for your order to be wholesale. The minimum or more order amount is enough to shop. Invoice: them wholesale sales are one-to-one invoices like in retail and invoices are sent with the product. Prices include VAT.

Membership: To be able to see the wholesale prices, you need to be notified of them member name via mail, (info@seyraesarp.com) whatsapp (+90543 445 0 555) or contact form to convert your membership to wholesale membership. After converting your membership to wholesale membership, you can see wholesale prices when you re-log in with our membership information.

Payment: You can pay for your wholesale orders as well as payment by visa and master card, amex card and 14 different local payment methods, bank wire transfer or western union or any other similar payment systems.

Shipping: All of products are shipped from stock and your orders are shipped within 2 business days. the company work with Yurtici Kargo in domestic cargo and DHL Express for overseas cargo shipments. After receiving the order in international orders, the shipping cost is calculated according to product weight and country of origin of the order and a link is sent to the buyer for the collection of the shipping charge. Shipments are delivered after shipping costs are paid by the customer

Delivery times vary depend on the place of residence in your country but within 3 to 7 business days. By mobile areas where the cargo branch is not available, this period can be seven (7) business days. For the wholesale orders, the shipping is paid by the buyer, which is contracted by Seyra Scarf, at the discounted rate and paid by the buyer.

Returns and Exchanges: In case of defect, deformed is returned within 7 days. In other cases, there is no return at wholesale shopping.

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where to buy hijab in Istanbul

you can buy hijab from:


– Tekbir Giyim is one of the best hijab supplier in turkey. They have three stores on Fevzi Pasa street at Fatih close to Fatih Mosque: July would be a good time for sales as any month as there are always sales in Istanbul, they have also turkish hijab online shop.

-Armine: Antalya Luxury Twill Scarf from Turkey,
they believe that you can dress modestly with elegance. They Offer the best silk scarves, and have luxury hijab and premium.

– Yiwu Qi Ruisi Clothing: If you are looking for high quality modern and known brands you you can get turkish silk scarves online from Yiwu Qi Ruisi Clothing Co., Ltd., Trading Company.

-ISTANBUL SCARVES: adress,10. Ada No: 127 Istoc – Bagcilar / IST. You can find them in mahmod pasha just behind the spices bazar there is stores there selling them

Top shipping companies in turkey:

-Bayraktar Shipping Group.

-Borealis Maritime.

-Gemline Shipping Trading.


turkish hijab price

hijab supplier in turkey has the best price depending on How many pieces you will purchase.

  • pieces: $3.90
  • pieces: $2.90
  • >=300 Pieces: $1.90

hijab stores in turkey

High quality thin and cool chiffon hijab scarves from Turkey.Turkish Magnetic Hijab Pins: You can get wholesale hijab pins in different color like: Black, White and Champagne They come in pairs. Functional and decorative, Easy to use, Perfect for using on delicate and thin materials Hijab Pins, Jewelry Boards, Beautiful Hijab, Pin Cushions, Brooch Pin, Muslim.

Finally, we hope that we helped you in your choice of manufactures, places, shops, wholesales and Shipping of hijab supplier in turkey.

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