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import onion from turkey .. Fresh onion from 4 places

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 import onion from turkey

Are you willing to import onion from turkey ? do you want to know the most famous onion Turkish producers and suppliers to import from turkey? Are you asking for onions prices in the Turkish market? Here, through importing house platform we will enrich you for what you need to know.

onion imported from turkey

Importing onions from Turkey has many advantages as import from turkey is one of the doors which you can achieve improvement, growth and a high standard of living. And it is worth noting that many importers in the Arab and Western world buy their goods from Turkey, including import onion from turkey, Because Turkey is characterized by the quality of its products and their reasonable prices, and after that they are sold in the local markets, thus achieving a satisfactory percentage of profits.

turkey onion suppliers

Here is some of turkey onion exporters and suppliers in Turkey:

turkey onion suppliers
turkey onion suppliers

A wholesaler based in Nevsehir, Turkey, operating in the fresh vegetables sector. It also an independent works in onion farming in turkey sectors, they supply fresh quality products of any quantity, at any time and any location at a competitive price.


 They are an export and wholesaler company located in Canakkale, Turkey that consists of mainly fresh vegetable like onion turkey and fruit, dry food, canned food and sauce, the goods and products which belong to the companies that have international standards, trademark in domestic and abroad and also have capacity to export without any stock they meet them with customers from Europe, Asia and Africa.


Best place to import onion from turkey, this company was founded in 1985 in turkey, specialize in onion seed cultivation. Their main Office is located in Polatlı, Ankara. their onion seed production is in progress now and their onion production in turkey main in Marmara region. Bayram Seed Corporation produces and markets high quality and high yielding onion seeds best fit to their soils and climate. Also, their corporation is engaged in international markets such as: Europe, Asia and Africa.


Founded in 2002, the company, whose main job is agriculture, it has its own transportation vehicles and can market some of its products in the state complex. Also, onion helps the farmers in the region in buying and selling potatoes.

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turkey onion price

Here is the turkey onion prices in the Turkish market:

The wholesale market price of purple onion is about $0.20 in Istanbul/Turkey.

the wholesale price of red onion is approximately $0.33 in Istanbul of Turkey.

The wholesale price of white onion on the markets is approximately $0.15 per Kg in Istanbul/Turkey.

import onion from turkey, red onion price is $0.37/Kg in Istanbul city of Turkey.

The onion price is $0.13/Kg in Istanbul city of Turkey.

US $ 185.0-185 / 1 ton / ton.

Here is a list of prices for turkey onion market in 2019

Less expensive staple – goods average – higher cost.

– Tomatoes (1 kg) 4.00 TL – 6.00 TL – 9.00 TL.

-Onions (1 kg) 3.00 TL – 4.60 TL – 6.50 TL.

 – Lettuce (1 head) 2.00 TL – 3.43 TL – 5.00 TL.

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online vegetable store in turkey

One of the most important means of importing from Turkey is turkish market online shopping as this method is considered one of the most economical means that can be used in the import process. We advise you, that the process of purchasing the desired product from companies of great prestige is carried out by buyers, onion importer in turkey, and one of the most important commercial sites in which there are many different types of goods, products and contain a large number Very many exporters from all over the world, including Turkey, such as:

online vegetable store in turkey
online vegetable store in turkey
  • Tradekey site.
  • Turkishexportal website

How to export vegetables and fruits This process is taking place in several important steps, as follows: Must have full knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the market, and knowledge of the necessary procedures for the export process. The turkish onion exporters must have all sufficient information about the product he is exporting, whether it is fruits or vegetables. It must be ensured that there are agreements between the two countries to allow the process of exchanging goods, and that there is no objection to it.

Searching for a suitable importer for the commodity in the country to which it is intended to be exported. After that, an agreement is made between the importer and the exporter on the quantities, prices, terms of delivery, turkey shipping company and the method of payment. After completing all aspects between the exporter and the importer, all necessary procedures for exporting vegetables and fruits are prepared.

After that, the exporter prepares all the scheduled export papers for vegetables and fruits. In conclusion, after a search through the sites, we gathered for you everything related to import onion from Turkey in a simple and brief way, we hope that you will be satisfied, and to more topics in the coming times.

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onion wholesalers

Yalova Market is the largest market for vegetables and fruits in Turkey. If you are looking for food products markets in Turkey, or you are wondering where the vegetable market is located in Istanbul, we will present you with it now, as we mentioned that Yalova Market is the largest of them because it contains all kinds of vegetables and fruits that may be You need it, and what is distinguished in this market is that its prices are appropriate and competitive with other markets, so you can notice the price difference even if it is simple and get bulk onions for sale, and this does not mean the bad product, but this is what the market is famous for among 200 markets that are being built in Istanbul every week for many decades

In addition to this market, there is also the Fatih Market, which is one of the largest markets in Turkey in general, and this market is famous because of its presence in a historical area, which is the Fatih area, which was named after it, but this market is not limited to vegetables and fruits only, but rather contains all kinds of goods and supplies that may be needed. Any citizen, in addition to the aforementioned markets, there are also popular markets spread all over Turkey, such as the Saturday Market in Istanbul, in which you can definitely find vegetables and fruits. The farmer directly and wants to buy from the market here you can easily get onion bulk.

And now if you are looking for stores that also sell vegetables and fruits in Turkey, we will show you the best of them In general, no country is devoid of vegetable stores, and if we are talking about Turkey, they are also found in abundance and here are some, especially in Istanbul

You can find most of these stores in the Fatih area, as it is, as we mentioned before, a historical area crowded with shops, including vegetable stores, of course. You can also find them in the Julius Market area. This market contains everything you may need, not only fruits and vegetables, as it may stop traffic in some the days are very crowded, while if you do not like crowds and prefer shops in quieter areas, your choice is definitely the Saturday market, as it is the smallest market in Turkey and it is held on Saturdays every week And here you are some suppliers


They are just a produce and famous onion supplier company headquartered in Canakkale, Turkey that includes of mainly veggie salad like onion Turkey and fruit, dry food, canned food and sauce, the goods and products which belong to the companies that have global standards, trademark in domestically and overseas and also have ability to export without any stock they match people with clients from Europe, Asia and Africa.


This business was founded in 1985 in Turkey, specialising in onion seed cultivation, as the best place to import onion from Turkey. Their principal office is in Polatlı, Ankara. The production of onion seeds and onion production in Turkey, mainly in the Marmara region, is now in progress it’s one of the best onion wholesale dealer. High quality and high-yielding onion seeds ideally suited to their soils and environment are grown and sold by Bayram Seed Company. In addition, their business is involved in foreign markets such as Europe, Asia and Africa.

onion companies
onion companies

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onion companies

Selectively based in Turkey working in the import and export of fruits and vegetables If you are looking for the best list of companies to export or importing from Turkey fruits and vegetables in Turkey as well, here is a list

Akas Tarim Urunleri Company

Samkiwi Corporation

Drados Industrie

Mehmet Ozyigit Gida LTD

Egea Food Company

Nermar Corporation

Eurogloaal Corporation

The company is based in Fethiye Turkey and it is a wholesale company that exports fruits and vegetables and is also one of the best vegetable companies in Turkey

Agrikey Corporation

Based in Adana, Turkey, it operates in the import and export fruit and vegetable sector

Savran Logistics Corporation

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, it exports fruits and citruses, as well as plastic products

Finkum Agriculture Export

The company is headquartered in Kumluca Turkey and operates in the wholesale fruit export sector and is one of the largest The headquarters of this company, Turkey, Mugla, operates in the import and export of fruits and vegetables

Sno traim ve ziraiislt Sno citrus Turkey

This company works in the citrus and agricultural sectors and the import and export of fresh fruits, based in Adana, Turkey These are the largest export and import companies for fruits and vegetables also in Turkey, which you can safely deal with due to their good reputation in this field

And about onion price in Turkey, it’s ….

Here are the markets for Turkey onions on the Turkish market if you want to import onion from Turkey:

In Istanbul/Turkey, the wholesale market price for purple onions is around $0.20.

In Istanbul, Turkey, the selling price of red onions is roughly $0.33.

In Istanbul/Turkey, the wholesale price of white onions on the markets is around $0.15 per Kg.

Red onion price is $ 0.37/Kg in Istanbul city of Turkey, importing onion from Turkey.

In Istanbul, Turkey, the price of an onion is $0.13/Kg.

185.0-185 dollars US / 1 tonne / tonne.

Here is a list of prices for Turkey onion market in 2019

Less pricey staple-average product-higher quality.

-Onions (1 kg) from 3.00 TL to 4.60 TL to 6.50 TL.

2.00 TL-3.43 TL-5.00 TL. -Lettuce (1 head)

If you are dealing with onion suppliers from Turkey you can get onion with a cheapest price.

onion wholesalers
onion wholesalers

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