turkish hijab wholesale

turkish hijab wholesale … the best 3 hijab stores turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in turkish hijab wholesale; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

turkish hijab wholesale

Are you looking for turkish hijab wholesale? You will find information and details that help you in this field. We list below information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations, including Turkish hijab shops in Istanbul, Turkish hijab manufacturers, Turkish veil suppliers and others. And Importing-house will show you the best turkish hijab wholesale companies and suppliers.


turkish hijab stores in istanbul

Do you ask about turkish hijab wholesale stores in Istanbul? The Turkish hijab is known as one of the best types and shapes that attract girls because of the great diversity in the choice of colors and materials.

women's fashion wholesale turkey
women’s fashion wholesale turkey

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where to buy hijab in Istanbul?

many people also dream of working in importing turkish hijab wholesale from Turkey because it is a very profitable project and its fan base is large and always present to order the product, so get acquainted with us about the most famous Turkish hijab stores in Istanbul in particular. You will find an infinite number of markets that vary widely, both in prices and the best hijab stores that you can get them unique and elegant clothes at the same time.

cheap hijab companies
cheap hijab companies

1- Wholesale stores in La Li Li:

It is considered an archaeological area in terms of its ancient history, and at the same time it is one of the vital areas in Turkey today, as it includes many wholesale shops along the tram line in addition to the shops that branch off the main streets in internal streets. You will really be amazed at the huge difference in prices between each store and the tastes that each store offers.

2- Al Fateh Shops:

It is one of the most important markets that people from all over Turkey flock to to buy veiled clothe And the fabrics and what makes it so famous is that it has the best veiled clothing stores in Istanbul And stores that sell women’s clothing in addition to wedding and evening dresses.

3- Othman Bey Street:

Osman Bey Street is hijab market in istanbul and it is one of the largest markets that includes large and small companies that have their name and reputation in the field of making clothes.  where there are more than 50 companies among those companies that are already exporting their production to all parts of the world, even to Russia and the countries of Asia in addition to the Arab world and the Balkans countries. It contains many shops that sell wholesale clothes, and you will be surprised by what you can really find there, whether from clothes manufactured by major companies or textile stores or ready-made clothes that are sold in the lanes and street alleys.

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turkish hijab price

It starts at 3 dollars, and the turkish hijab wholesale matches certain clothes and at the same time breaks the widespread belief that veiled clothes are not in fashion and that they are predominantly dark, and what is better than Turkish veiled clothes, they are really bright and dark colors as well.

turkish hijab price
turkish hijab price

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turkish hijab manufacturers

Industry in Turkey is one of the most economic and financial sectors that the Turkish state depends on in its general economy, and the Turkish clothing industry has flourished significantly, especially after the government decided to be careful and pay attention to economic reform, which led to a very significant improvement in industrial production and an increase in import from Turkey.

The Turkish industry has recently become one of the largest and most global industries characterized by its high quality, which led to a remarkable demand for many merchants to import Turkish clothes. There are many factories that specialize in the manufacture of clothes in Turkey, and the most famous and best of them are the following:


It is a manufacturer based in Bursa, Turkey, and it operates in the scarf sector. It also works in the scarf and women’s handkerchief sectors.


It is Multi-Category, founded in 1989 and headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, and operates in the POS sector, with a large-scale distribution. It also operates in the wholesale and retail sectors of children’s clothing, women’s wear and turkish hijab wholesale.


turkish hijab wholesale stores in Turkey specializing in the manufacture of women’s ready-to-wear clothes, pajamas and cotton clothes, the headquarters of this factory is in Istanbul in Zeytinburnu area.

4- Jean Camelot

turkish hijab wholesale for brides from Jan Camelot Factory, which is a factory specializing in the manufacture of men’s ready-to-wear clothes. The headquarters of this factory is in Istanbul in the Lalali district.

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hijab brands in turkey

If I love fashion and the latest international fashion and love to buy clothes for veiled women And on the latest international fashion, what we are talking about is the monthly global brands zara, Kelvin Klein, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and other brands that have a reputation in the global markets, so what we are talking about here is Baghdad Street If you like wandering in malls, there is no dispute that the Cevahir Mall is located in Sisli It is the perfect choice as Istiklal Street contains a lot of international brands A mango, in which you can find many unique pieces intended for veiled women Especially those who prefer women’s suits or long gowns and gowns that cover the whole body.

hijab brands in turkey
hijab brands in turkey

turkish hijab fashion wholesale

The predominant veil that girls know is the scarf in its different shapes and colors, including the broad or thin veil or less, and each has different colors, so it is distinguished by its presence in all shapes and colors. We will mention it below in the following lines: New Turkish Hijab Models and latest hijab fashion wholesale Long and wide subtraction, plain color subtraction, overlapping color subtraction, rectangular subtraction, square subtractionand subtract a triangle

Those Turkish veiled brands are available in all shapes and colors that come to your mind, which do not cross your mind in the first place, and are from a beautiful world full of many shapes and countless multicolored, Each of these proposals has its own uses, and in the end they perform the same role that the hijab was made for, and the girls’ tastes are not the same, and their opinions do not agree on the types of this proposition, but rather each girl has her own character in wearing the hijab that suits her

And puts her comfort, what she finds dear to her and her taste, and what does not correspond with her nor with her personality and taste at all, and there is a group of girls who have a passion for experimenting with the turkish hijab wholesale of all kinds and diversifying between them. Where you can buy turkish scarves online. The online clothing shopping sites have become one of the fastest and best solutions for buying all we want from elegant pieces and unmatched designs from the most famous international and local brands, in addition to high quality materials and reasonable prices.

Perhaps one of the best of these sites, which has spread widely in recent times, is the Turkish shopping sites specialized in veiled clothes, as it was able to attract many shopping lovers from everywhere, due to its wonderful designs that usually combine elegance and eastern Arab culture. Mixed with western flavor. This is indeed what many shoppers miss, especially veiled women, as they rarely find what suits them to get an elegant and modest look at the same time, so Turkish clothing shopping sites have met with the approval of many customers, thanks to the wonderful fashion and affordable prices.

In the beginning, you should know that turkish hijab wholesale stores have become one of the best places that offer high-quality products compared to some other countries, as they use excellent materials that give you a look full of luxury and sophistication If the prices of Turkish online stores are compared to the rest of the other sites, we find that they are characterized by amazing prices and also provide offers and discounts that give you more savings.

The most important thing that distinguishes Turkish sites is the ease of obtaining the product, as there are some sites covering many countries within the Arab region, which I will introduce you to in the next lines, and this is unlike some European and American product sites. These reasons and more have made buying clothes from Turkish websites and buy turkish scarves online a very important matter for shopping lovers, as many Arabs now rely on these stores significantly. So we show you the best websites that you can shop from, with an explanation of some important information related to each store, so that you get a successful, distinctive and also fast shopping experience:

1- modanisa

Modanisa store is one of the leading online shopping sites specialized in selling and marketing hijab clothing and modest fashion. On the Modanisa website, you find all the fashion you need for all different occasions, whether it is evening wear, daily wear, sports and swimming clothes, and other elegant pieces that are characterized by high quality of products and attractive prices for many shopping lovers, you also find all designs inside the Modanisa store Keep up with the latest international and local fashion.

Modanisa also offers many amazing offers and discounts that attract customers to shop freely without looking at the prices. Modanisa supports more than one language, such as Arabic, English, French, and also Turkish.  Payment methods on the Modanisa website: Payment is upon receipt in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman Credit cards, whether it is Visa Card or Master Card

Shipping and delivery inside the Modanisa store: You can receive the shipment within 2-7 days depending on the delivery destination, and customs clearances for each country Shipping cost varies according to the type of product and also the country of shipment Modanisa veiled clothing website allows exchange and return within 14 days of the delivery date Advantages of buying through Modanisa for veiled clothes

Modanisa website contains wonderful and amazing designs that make you very elegant and beautiful, as well as there are many famous brands and fashion designers within it, all of these pieces are provided at attractive and reasonable prices. Within the site there is a special section for full bodies that includes all the appropriate fashion for them, whether it is for parties or even swimwear and sports. All products inside Modanisa store contain accurate size details so that you can choose the suitable piece for you.

The site uses modern electronic encryption techniques in order to preserve customer data, whether related to financial or personal matters.You can easily contact Modanisa customer service to inquire about any matter related to shopping and purchasing. There are many amazing offers and discounts that reach more than 60% at times on all products. The site provides a Modanisa discount coupon, which gives you a discount rate that varies between 10 to 30% and more, and activates the discount on all goods inside the store.

2- Lc Waikiki

It is considered one of the most famous brands known internationally and also within the Arab region, the store provides a large number of different costumes, not only for veiled women, there are also clothes for men and children for all ages. All designs inside the site are distinguished by being up to date with the latest international and Arab fashion as well. The site is available in Arabic, English, and many languages.


One of the most famous veiled fashion sites in Turkey, very similar to Modanisa, but the materials and designs differ, as Modanisa is more famous for its distinguished and luxurious materials. Unlike Safa Merv, it contains many types of raw materials, whether of medium or high quality, as you can find inside it remarkably price tags.

The site is available in Arabic so you can have a more convenient and fast shopping.

Payment methods available at Siva Merv

Payment on receipt This service is available within Turkey only.

Pay by Paypal

Credit Cards (Visa Card – Master Card)

The site delivers its services to most countries of the world, including Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Emirates, Kuwait, and Jordan.


This site includes many wonderful brands that are preferred by a large number of shopping lovers, and the prices of the store are suitable for everyone. It always offers many discounts on all products especially turkish hijab wholesale, which reach 50% The store is available in Arabic so that customers can have a simple and successful shopping experience. The store provides several different payment methods, including credit cards.

It allows shipping products to a number of Arab countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the Emirates, Jordan, Oman, and other countries. It is characterized by fast shipping compared to the rest of the other sites, where the shipping period reaches 6 days.

5- Lidyana

It is a site that is not only dedicated to veiled women, but has a lot of clothes that suit you in the “ladies” section, along with accessories, and the most famous Turkish and international brands. It is available in Turkish and English only, but provides delivery service to all countries of the world, as well as easy tracking of shipments on the Internet. This site has a feature that is not present in many others, as it has a special section for men and for the home, and thus you can shop online, for you and your family as well.

6- Yargici

If you are not in Turkey to have the opportunity to visit Yargici shops, you can put it on the list of istanbul hijab stores that you will come to on your next visit. As for the second option, you can check the website on the Internet, knowing that not only the veiled women, but inside it you will find elegant and elegant costumes for women that fit the veiled. The site also offers a range of cosmetic and body care products for women, and distinctive accessories that you cannot find elsewhere. Its prices are medium, and you can pay by credit cards and it provides a return or exchange service for goods within a period of 30 days. However, it does not provide shipping service outside the country, and therefore other shipping methods can be used outside Turkey or via Shop & Ship account.

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hijab suppliers turkey

If you are interested in veiled clothes, and you are looking for the best wholesale hijab suppliers, then you are very lucky, you got what you want through this article, we will show them to you.


It is the manufacturer, founded in 2013, and works in the turkish hijab wholesale sector. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.


Manufacturer, founded in 2002, working in the knitting gloves sector. It also works in the turkish hijab wholesale and scarves sectors. Based in ISTANBUL, Turkey.


It is the manufacturer, and it works in the turkish hijab wholesale sector. It is based in Bursa, Turkey. In conclusion, we hope that we will be of benefit to you and to obtain a new Turkish religious veil that is compatible with fashion, you will not find better than the turkish hijab wholesale at all.



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