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Detergent filling machines .. Best quality and specification

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 Detergent filling machines

Are you looking for detergent filling machines? You will find in importing-house platformeverything you ask for and need here, as there are many types of detergent machines, detergent powder filling machine and an explanation of the detergent filling line……

detergent filler machine

Are you looking for a detergent filling machine? Here you will find the specifications and features of the detergent filling machines. And there are best suppliers from turkey which are:

  • Aicrov
  • amtec-machines.

This machine adopts piston filler, it is suitable for viscous, low viscosity and high viscosity materials at the same time The piston filling system of this machine can realize counting bottle input, portion filling, bottle output etc. automatically.

detergent filler machine
detergent filler machine

Their characteristics

Control system – with PLC control system, filling dose is random polishing, operating interface – 6 inch touch screen user interface, easy to use, simple, safe and reliable Electrical components – Using world-famous brands to ensure device reliability and high accuracy, Mechanical components – Contact parts are made of high quality 316 stainless steel and non-toxic wear hoses and PTFE. Other machine parts are made of high quality stainless steel 304 Easy to disassemble, clean and maintain. Standard drainage when you change packing specification, you only need some simple adjustments to make it. Environmental frame in machine makes the operating environment healthier.

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liquid detergent filling machine

Are you asking about a liquid detergent filling? There are many types of liquid filling machines. We will show you some of them…..

liquid detergent filling machine
liquid detergent filling machine

Automatic liquid filling and packing machine-1

This machine is suitable for automatic packing of liquid of foods, medicine and chemicals, such as pesticides, shampoo, body foam bath lotion, face cream, ingredient oil, fruit sauce, tomato ketchup and honey etc.


*Be able to weigh, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, batch number automatically

 *It has color control system which can get a complete brand design

*The machine repair stepper motor controller, its feature is accurate, no need to adjust other parts

 *Intelligent temperature control by temperature controller for better heat balance. Dual-language display control system and stainless steel safe

*Fine packaging performance, low noise, clear sealing texture and strong sealing performance

*With safe plastic box on rotating blade to avoid hurting operator’s hands

*Need to change the new temperature controller, blade and pressure mode only after 3 years continuous operation, 2 shifts a day and other parts are still good and safe freely)

*With printer (to be able to date code and batch number) and rotating blade (be able to adjust the length of the bag and the shape of the notch bag edge packing Automatic liquid filling and packing machine for direct sale from the factory with high quality and fast delivery

2-Manual chemical liquid filling machine – chlorine, flash or javille water

The machine is suitable for filling: bleaching liquids, cleaning fluids, lemon juice, vinegar, fruit juice, oil, and other food or chemical liquids and cosmetics

The machine does not require electricity or compressed air

Filling range: 100 – 5000 mm

Changing the packages is done manually

Volumetric filling is done by the effect of gravity

The machine is equipped with 12 filling heads

A pneumatic valve with a “drip” non-leakage system

The height of the package head can be adjusted

The machine is made of stainless steel, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, plexiglass, according to the chemical properties of the liquid to be filled, with anti-acid varnish

3-Automatic high viscosity liquid filling machine

Machine Features:

The machine fits different size packages with easy adjustment and short time

The machine is equipped with volumetric filling pumps to ensure high accuracy and filling of high viscosity liquids.

 The filling pumps are easy to disassemble and install to facilitate cleaning, sterilization and regular maintenance.

 Piston “cylinder” rings for filling pumps are made of different materials such as silicone, polyclon, and other various materials, depending on the nature of the filling fluid.

The filling nozzles are equipped with a suction suction feature to prevent drops or leakage after filling, and the nozzles sink into the packages when filling starts to prevent the formation of foam..

The machine is equipped with a “no packaging – no filling” protection system, as there are packaging sensors, and therefore packaging will not be completed unless the sensor senses the presence of the package. This system prevents contamination of the machine and prevents waste of materials..

The machine frame is made of SS304 stainless steel suitable for food and health industries. Parts that are in direct contact with materials are made of SS316L stainless steel suitable for chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

 All operations of the machine are controlled via PLC industrial computer and LCD touch screen control.

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detergent filling line

Do you want to know the filling line of the detergent filling line ?Here we explain the sections of the filling line…..

Packing department

. Viscous liquid filling machine – 6 heads

. Automatic package closing machine

. Automatic labeling machine

. Rotating tray to collect the finished packages

Preparation section

. Pure water filtration plant – production capacity of 900 liters per hour

. Mixer for preparing cleaning fluids – 4 tons capacity

. Liquid storage tank – 4 tons capacity

Print the date

. Inkjet date printing machine

In conclusion, we hope that we will inform you by showing you some of the s, such as the detergent filling machines, the most famous liquid filling machine and the most important detergent filling line

And all the information is sufficient about the detergent filling machines that can be import from turkey


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