Buy furniture from Turkey online

buy furniture from turkey online… Top 4 sites for selling furniture online

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Buy furniture from Turkey online

Turkey has made itself a name in the world of furniture, and is competing with the world markets with the latest modern and classic designs. It has become possible to import everything a home needs and buy furniture from turkey online . There are many websites through which one can buy bedrooms, seating, office and hotel furniture, and others.

Buying furniture from turkey

Turkish furniture is spread everywhere in the world, and importing it from abroad, especially Turkey, became the first step of furniture merchants, after customers dealt with it as the first and best choice for furnishing their home and making it the best ever, but importing in general, and importing idol furniture turkey in particular is a must for several steps. You must first study the local market, and this is not only to find out if the product you will import is good or not, but to find out whether the place you intend to market the furniture in really needs more investors in this field, or is it sufficient, your presence will become useless.

So if you wish to import turkish furniture in the right way that will bring you profit, it is necessary first to study the local markets to know exactly what you need from the products. And you may have to choose a company to study the feasibility and find out how suitable your project is to the market before you submit to that import step, and even if it costs you some money, it is better than taking your step by importing furniture without awareness and then you find yourself in trouble.

Buy furniture from Turkey online
Buy furniture from Turkey online


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Order furniture online from turkey

Turkey has gained great fame in the field of furniture, as it was able in a short period to occupy a global position and topped the list of countries supplier of furniture outside it, because of the high quality of this furniture and the ability to withstand the conditions where these pieces live for many years, with the beauty and splendor of the designs that made many people want to acquire them from all countries of the world. There is strong competition in order to provide the best turkish furniture brands to furniture importers from Turkey and to provide all services that would encourage those outside Turkey to buy, through many websites that you find products with pictures and details of the industry and the materials used, and in many languages, the most important of which is Arabic in order to encourage Purchase and easy of communication. Turks have shined for long periods in producing and designing the best types of furniture, as Turkey ranks third in the world in furniture manufacturing in terms of quality and volume of production, and the Arab public flock to it from everywhere.

By searching on the Internet and newspapers, you will find hundreds of turkish import companies that provide import service from Turkey, while providing easy steps for import by submitting an application for the product you want for more than one company and you see how each company shows how it will be and after you compare the companies in terms of price and quality You can take the import step by making an agreement and signing a contract with the company that guarantees your rights as a consumer who wants to obtain furniture, or an importer who wants to display and sell his goods after importing them.

Prices of furniture in turkey

There is no doubt that Turkish furniture has a great position among the Arabs for its many advantages in terms of wonderful designs, beautiful and elegant colors, so many Arabs are interested in knowing the prices of Turkish furniture and everything related to it in terms of quality, colors, and others. Living room price ranges between 3000TL to 10000 TL. Dining room sets range from 3000 to 11000 TL. Bedroom packages range from 5000-14000 TL. furniture sale in turkey are available throughout the year, up to 40%. There are many online sites that sell Turkish furniture, for example:

  1. Effcore Website:

It offers a variety of furniture that you can choose between what you prefer; the site every period puts great offers and discounts, especially in Black Friday offers. What distinguishes this site is that you can see Turkish furniture with pictures in 3D so that you know the shape of the furniture from a more confident look. It also lists information about the furniture in terms of size and colors available.

  1. HPSI Borada website

Through the website, you can buy Turkish furniture online. The site offers all the products you can imagine like bedroom furniture made in turkey, not only furniture, it is like the electronic market, the site offers good offers every period. You have to follow the site to find out what offers the site puts.

  1. Yildiz site

Yildiz website offers furniture products from the Turkish Yildiz brand, which is a brand that is distinguished by luxury and high-end and modern designs. The site offers good offers and puts you in details such as the size and color of the product, the delivery time and the price of the product.

  1. Vivancy website

One of the very distinctive sites regarding customer service, where you can communicate with them at any time, and they have a speed of response. You can contact them to inquire about any information you want, and the site offers good offers and discounts every period, as it offers wonderful designs from the Vivency brand that are distinguished Contemporary and modern.


Buy furniture from Turkey online
Buy furniture from Turkey online


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Furniture in bursa turkey

So here is the best furniture market in Bursa, which is the Turkish “Inagol” which has become the capital of furniture, it has transformed within a century, because its high production indicates an outstanding quality and exports from it 360 million dollars annually to 110 countries around the world Which gave it high credibility as best furniture market in turkey for selling Turkish furniture on its stock exchange, and the demand for that market became great.

 The state of Bursa follows northwestern Turkey, and its course about a hundred years ago, when three carpenters laid the foundation stone for the furniture industry in it, meaning that the furniture industry in the city of furniture in Turkey is one of its ancient origins, so do not be surprised by its unique products that are unparalleled, and represents what it produces one third of Turkey’s entire furniture, in addition to its production, 15% of Turkish furniture exports. It is reported that the value of Turkish furniture exports of the furniture complex in Bursa amounted to 2.5$ billion in 2015, of which 360$ million is the value of furniture made in Inagol alone.

Furniture prices in Turkey are always described as a little high, but Bursa is one of the distinguished cities, from which you can get high-quality furniture at reasonable prices and high quality. Turkey is generally known for turkish wholesale for making distinctive tables and beds that take up little space. The furniture sector in the city at the present time seeks to pay great attention to quality and designs, away from focusing on mass production only, and that city has become an international brand that has its name in the field of furniture.


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List of furniture manufacturers in turkey

Turkey has a large group of furniture factories specialized in modern and unique designs such as Masco city and Modco city which is the capital of furniture industries in Turkey, in addition to many factories and companies spread in various Turkish cities. Furniture companies have high quality and comfortable Turkish furniture as their products are made of pure and handcrafted wood. The company’s furniture products are exported to 32 different countries in the world such as Serbia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which are one of the most importing countries of furniture from this site, Ukraine and various African countries.

 In the beginning, you have to determine the required office or home furniture, and you can base your choice on repeated customer requests, and then you can request it from one of Turkey’s office furniture companies and also provide many options and models that you will definitely like as restaurant furniture turkey and you can choose from them as well such as:


Buying furniture from Turkey
Buying furniture from Turkey


  1. The company Lauda

Loda Furniture is a furniture brand in Istanbul, was established in 2000 as Tech Design Furniture Industry and Trade Inc. Since the day it was established, Loda Furniture has been directing the furniture sector and high technology production and human labor in a way that takes into account the environment and society in Istanbul. The company has established a wide network of retailers in the Middle East and Europe as well as in Turkey. With more than 20 years of experience in the furniture sector, Loda continues its production in a 15000 square meters closed area with 250 employees. It serves its customers by producing bedrooms, dining rooms, office furniture turkey, TV units and furniture accessories in modern and high furniture style.


  1. Alfemo Furniture Company

Alfemo was founded in 1997, with vision to be a dynamic brand that sets trends in the furniture market with its unique designs. It offers modern, functional, aesthetic, high-quality and elegant design products in wooden furniture manufacturing with a reasonable price and fast and timely service. They buy istikbal furniture dining room, the bedroom, the dining room, the youth room and the living room. It has a wide range of products and all the furniture and accessories that a home needs. alfemo furniture turkey has a total production capacity of approximately 150000 sets of bedrooms and dining rooms, 182000 couches, 40000 sets of sitting groups, 200000 beds and 150000 beds.


  1. Conver Company

Confor Furniture has been operating in Izmir since 1999. It sells to many regions of the world with its innovative and modernly designed products. Combining experience in the furniture industry, it has a new and modern concept, until the end of 2019 will complete 20 years in Turkey. Aim to hit 200 stores. Konfor’s investment budget for the next five years exceeds 500 million Turkish liras. Additionally, the company increased the number of stores to 100 by the end of 2018.


Buy furniture from Turkey online
Buy furniture from Turkey online



Furniture shops in didim turkey

  1. Bellona Furniture

Bellona Furniture, which started its production activities in the Organized Industrial Zone of Kayseri in 1997, has an important place in this sector with its investments and marketing strategies. The company is the best furniture company in the world and the closed production area in Kayseri is 191000 square meters, and the total area 350000 square meters. Bellona branded products produced in five major facilities. These facilities have the capacity to produce 6000 beds and 15000 pieces of home textile products per day. Bellona Furniture employs a total of 1035 people, including 3778 workers and 257 administrative personnel, and serves its clients with a wide range of 745 distributors across the country. Bellona has World-class, high-quality, aesthetic, human health-friendly furniture, seating sets, bedding products and home textiles for production.

  1. Tepe Home

It was established in 1997 as a subsidiary of Bilkent Holdings. Tepe Home has grown rapidly since its inception and is one of the largest brands in the retail trade of furniture and home accessories. It opened its first store in 1998 in the Bilkent Center shopping mall. Today, it has 6 stores, 13 distributors, 2 warehouses, a factory, and a sales area of 110000 square meters.


Import furniture from turkey

If the country you intend to import from is Turkey or other countries, then the best choice for you to get the best furniture products is to travel by yourself to the country so that you have the ability to visit the largest number of companies, factories and markets and thus you have the ability to closely inspect the products Thus, you can also make comparisons between different products in terms of prices, designs and quality levels. But importing from Turkey via the Internet has become a common thing and it is the most economical of all import methods, but care must be taken to buy from a company with high ratings by buyers. One of the distinctive ways in the world of import is also dependent on assigning an import company from Turkey to purchase the products it needs with the required specifications, so that the company works to import it and clear it customs and thus you will achieve comfort, but in return you will pay money for those services, and the amounts paid are often About a percentage of the total price.

After you were able to choose the right location for your capabilities, through which you were able to find the right taste for you, and after we explained to you reliable sites, you can now learn how to ship furniture and choose the appropriate shipping company. You can search on the Internet on your own, so that you can get a lot of major shipping companies, and then you agree with them to ship the furniture, clear it customs and deliver it to you, and you must have full knowledge of the specifications of the products that you want to import and determine everything related to the products such as the quantity, types, quality of fabrics and colors, Do not leave such things to the sellers.


Buy furniture from Turkey online
Buy furniture from Turkey online


The shipping company plays the most important role in importing as it plays the role of a financial mediator between the importer and the furniture company in Turkey, where the importer deposits the value of the goods at the shipping company office and delivers the amount to the furniture company in Turkey after receiving the furniture from it, and the company makes sure that the goods conform to the specifications and they should have turkey container tracking. Existing in the samples that the customer has before receiving them and you must specify the port of shipment for the seller to send to this port and it is necessary for you to have documents for the incoming shipments to prove ownership of the shipment and you pay customs dues on your shipment, and then you will obtain permission to release that shipment and then you can transfer To a store or a safe place for distribution to the merchants agreed with them.

In conclusion, Turkey exports many products around the world, and on top of these products the furniture tops these products, as many countries around the world are rushing to import from Turkey because of the advantages that Turkish furniture enjoys that you cannot find combined in other furniture, so you will find many Models that satisfy all tastes all over the world.




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