wholesale price of extra virgin olive oil

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wholesale price of extra virgin olive oil

As virgin olive oil is one of the safest types of oils for human health, and for this reason olive oil has a global reputation and wholesale price of extra virgin olive oil is the best. There is something suitable for salads and another type that is suitable for cooking. Amid the platforms importing house platform will offer you truths.

Extra virgin olive oil wholesale prices

In terms of olive oil prices, the wholesale price of extra virgin olive oil ranges from 27.00 USD to 30.00USD, the best olive oil in the world is the oils produced by traditional methods and preserving the valuable food components of olives, however, virgin oils are considered pure and may not be suitable for high-temperature recipes. Like frying because of their lower burning points, for frying recipes and higher temperatures, you can choose oils with higher acidity olive oils with an increased burning temperature.

Worldwide prices for extra virgin olive oil original increased in July to 2,363.26 $ per ton. The report indicated that prices witnessed a decline throughout the month of May, reaching 2.346.72 dollars per ton, and the rate of change in price compared to the same period of the earlier year reached 17%. The price of extra virgin olive oil in bulk sales depends on the types of olive oil in a guaranteed way, as extra virgin olive oil is one of the best and most expensive oils, and it is manufactured from olive oil for the first time with an acidity of less than 1%, then the greatest brands of olive oil are very impressive. The lower the acidity of the oil is, the higher its quality. Olive oil contains a high percentage of fatty acids and vitamin E, because it has a gorgeous and perfect taste and can be used in extra virgin olive oil for hair and nails.

Most of the world olive-producing countries have seriously expanded the cultivation of this crop due to the growth of demand for top quality extra virgin olive oil in many countries and the high per capita consumption of oil, green and black olives. The average manufacturing of olive oil is 3 million tons by the year, and it is ranked sixth compared to the rest of the vegetable oils, indicating that olive oil is between the lists of the ten top foods in terms of their ability to care for the body.

Extra virgin olive oil wholesalers

Extra virgin olive oil has great quality, aroma and taste. The oil is made from the first pressures of the olive, and no substances or hot water is added during the processing. Extra virgin olive oil also arises from the first squeeze, but the quality is not entirely unique. It offers a soft smell and taste, but the acidity can be as high as 2 percent so it’s less mild. If you go to any country around the world and enter a hypermarket, it is normal to find bottles of extra virgin olive oil existing from different brands at dissimilar prices, and the reverse is not normal. Between the best extra virgin olive oil manufacturers in the world are:


Headquartered in Xanthi, it specializes in the heavy trade of premium products. Their products include extra virgin olive oil, coffee, cosmetics, and drinks for cafeterias. They source their products directly from extra virgin olive oil companies without intermediaries to offer the best prices. They work with the greatest olive oil manufacturers and apply strict quality control standards to ensure that we provide you with the main quality products. In addition, they supervise the whole making and packing process. All products are certified and all documents are ready for export. They are looking for quality olive oil that they buy in bulk and arrange shipment from Greece so you can save a lot of time. It also assists with customs clearance and transportation logistics to ensure trouble-free delivery.

  • Fiorentini of Florence:

It is one of the biggest extra virgin olive oil importers that market extra virgin olive oil from several sources and bases and it is exported to many countries of the world, and it is among the largest main storage depots for extra virgin olive oil in Italy, with a capacity of nearly 8 million liters. They have testing laboratories equipped with the latest equipment and tools. Fiorentini Firenze has many necessary international quality certificates.

  • Colavita:

The “Colavita” product is one of the rare international extra virgin olive oil brands in the field of olive oil. It is accessible in nearly (70) countries in the world: the USA, Canada, Japan and South America, at 100% leading Italian brand.

Virgin Olive Oil Extra
Virgin Olive Oil Extra

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Organic extra virgin olive oil wholesale

The number of olive trees in the world is estimated at more than 750 million olive trees spread all over the world, 95% of which are located in the Mediterranean region, and southern Europe is well-thought-out the most olive-producing regions, and then and there Morocco and the Levant, as there is what is not in Spain. Less than 230 million olive trees on an area estimated at 2 million hectares, equivalent to 27% of the area planted with olive trees in the world. The most important countries producing olive oil:

  • Spain is the leading producer of olive oil in the world, with its average production of olive oil in the period 1994-2013 about 10.591.794 tons, according to the United Nations statistical database, and Andalusia is considered one of the most olive oil making regions in Spain, and it produces About 75% of the country’s total production.
  • Italy is the second largest manufacturer of olives. Where it produces 3,220,674 metric tons year after year, and its production is concentrated in the southern region of the country, which produces about 80% of Italian olives, olives is produced in: Sicily and Boglia, and these regions are considered by their warm temperatures and suitability for olive cultivation, and their markets are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Generally in the United States, Austria, Brazil, China and Canada, in addition to Italy being the largest exporter of olive oil in the world.
  • Greece ranks third in the world in terms of the most olive-manufacturing country, with a yearly production of about 2,232,412 tons, as 60% of the agricultural land in Greece is cultivated with olives, and about 65% of the country’s olives are made in the Peloponnese region, Olives are also manufactured. On the island of Crete, the Aegean Islands and other regions, it should be noted that Greece is an agricultural country. About 20% of the total population works in this sector, and the most central agricultural crops are olives, wheat, corn and olive oil.
  • Turkey ranks as the fourth biggest producer of olives, with its yearly production reaching 1,292,072 metric tons, and most of the manufacture is concentrated in the coastal areas bordering the Aegean Sea, and Turkey is notable by its different types of olives. The country contains more than 500 olive presses. It is noteworthy that Turkey has introduced technology in olive production. This is in order to obtain a quality product.
  • Speaking of the most essential countries producing high-quality virgin olive oil, we find that among them are a few Arab countries (Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Algeria, Jordan, Libya, Egypt, Palestine) that contribute to the rate of reaching a quarter of the global manufacture, and the exporters work In these countries, to pick the purest and top extra virgin olive oil healthy to export to different worldwide markets at prices that guarantee them abundant profit, and certainly anyone who wants to start a gainful investment can join these investors.
olive oil
olive oil

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Extra virgin olive oil where to buy

  • The first stage is always to study the markets, whether they are local or foreign, studying the local markets will make you able to determine the best olive oil products, how they are sold and wholesale price of extra virgin olive oil, and among the best types of wholesale olives are the oil suppliers who can deal with them, and who are the exporters of bulk olive oil in your country, opportunities that you can take advantage of and other important things. A study of the local market can be made by look over the latest export statistics, statistics of research centers focused on olive cultivation, visiting factories, and recent reports published on the Internet and other sources.
  • After studying the local and foreign markets and reviewing all of the above, it remains for you to found a company to be able to export merchandises abroad legally, and correspondence with companies, whether you want to buy brilliant virgin olive oil online from them or export to them, it will be easier when you contact the name a company, not a personal name. Also, studying foreign markets will enable you to know the most suitable markets to which your country’s products are exported, which are wholesale olive oil suppliers, import prices, the methods they prefer in dealing as a whole, and where to store extra virgin olive oil for sure, as it can be identified through studies and reports related to import and export. You can also depend on the Internet to search for companies to contact to know their specific conditions in terms of quality, extra virgin olive oil price buy online and quantity.
  • The wholesale export of olive oil bottles, like the export of any other type of food. After communicating with import companies abroad and knowing their requirements in terms of quality and price, appropriate samples of products that can be provided in large quantities are sent by express shipping companies such as Dhl or FedEx or others, and importers who accept samples and agree with them on quantities, prices, packaging conditions and shipping methods After completing the agreement, you, as a source, supply the quantities with specific specifications from your various sources that you became acquainted with during your work. Study the local markets and then complete the export procedures.

As virgin olive oil is one of the harmless types of oils for human health according to reports and studies published by health institutions around the world, and for this purpose olive oil has a global reputation and a high demand all over the world.

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