baby clothes wholesalers Istanbul

8 options to find baby clothes wholesalers Istanbul

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in baby clothes wholesale supplier in turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

baby clothes wholesalers Istanbul

Turkey full of different clothing brands! Whether it is Turkish brands or international brands, and the quality of baby clothes wholesalers Istanbul are no less than other international clothing quality, some of these brands specialize in selling children’s clothing clothes, which is what matters and attracts the attention of any mother looking for affordable clothes and beautiful and comfortable materials.

Turkey is distinguished in this area by the elegant modern models that keep up with the modern global taste, which raises a number of options for buyers to choose what suits them, especially if it is related to the newborn. Through this article, the importing house platform will introduce you to some of these famous shops and brands in Turkey.

Wholesale baby clothes Istanbul

The clothing trade has matured a lot in the Arab world and everyone is looking to get the most good quality product and the best design with the right price and all of this has already become available on the import site from Turkey, especially when working with children’s clothes. Here are the most important steps to import clothes from Turkey after you have You have specified the products you want to obtain and the companies that you intend to deal with: –

  • – Determine not only the products you want, but the required quantities of them.
  • – Agree with your preferred baby clothes retailers.
  • – If you want to import from Turkey transfer an amount from Saudi Arabia to Turkey to ship the goods with the port of receipt specified.
  • – Pay duties, taxes and customs to collect your shipment from the port.
  • – Store your goods in a completely safe place.
  • – Start distributing to your target customers.
wholesale baby clothes Istanbul
wholesale baby clothes Istanbul

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 The last step is marketing and selling the products: –

Modern baby clothes are considered an essential product that cannot be dispensed with, and a large part is looking for high-end products in terms of material and design, even if the prices of children’s clothes in Turkey have increased, so you can be sure that you will not find it difficult to promote your best affordable baby clothes and distribute them to customers, but this is required here The products are required in your target market, because they are distinguished in terms of quality, design and price, in addition to being in the right place like baby clothes markets which increases your profit, and you can promote samples to stores that expect to accept your product throughout your city, displaying some ads in advertising magazines, and online presence is important Also through social media, etc.).

Baby clothes shopping in Istanbul

The following part will mention the best stores:-

Civil store for children’s clothing and supplies:

Civil baby supplies Company is one of the baby stores in Istanbul, Turkey and has many shops all over Turkey.

It is characterized by high quality in its products, and its prices are reasonable and inexpensive compared to others of the merchants in the same good clothes. Civil stores contain clothes for children from 0 to 13 years old, as they provide a special suite For newborn babies, all their baby strollers and diaper care supplies even creams and more.

Breeze Baby Clothes and Supplies Store:

  • Breeze Company is one of the list of top 10 baby clothing stores and is distinguished by its stores and branches spread all over Turkey, as well as its prices
  • From the lowest prices you can get in Turkey, and in good to very good materials.
  • This chain of shops – for children’s clothing and supplies – also holds a lot
  • From offers and discounts, which make it a destination for many middle-income and low-income people from best baby clothes wholesalers Istanbul

Lc waikiki stores for clothes and baby necessities:

  • This chain of stores is well known, with the distinction of being not concerned with clothes
  • And not only children’s supplies, they have products for all ages, men, women and children.
  • In every branch of Lc waiKiki there is a special section for wholesale childrens clothing in Turkey and their products are distinguished
  • With its great diversity and high quality, it is also characterized by reasonable prices for all segments of society.

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In addition to these shops:

  • All international shops such as Chicco and others are available.
  • It is a famous brand however, that the prices in these shops are high compared to other stores Local Turkish trade, despite the convergence of the level of raw materials for the products.

What are the baby clothes prices in Turkey?

Do not look for children’s clothes at the best prices, if all you have to do is buy from Turkey, in order to buy from Turkey is now the cheapest and most popular among customers, everyone wants his children to look elegant from Turkish clothing stores, so if you intend to buy Turkish clothes, you are the best prices That you can get, there are also cheap baby clothes online.

You can easily buy a piece of clothes for your child at the lowest price of children’s clothes in Turkey, starting from 30 riyals, but it is worth noting that the prices of children’s clothes in Turkey are suitable for all groups, but they also differ from one piece to another, whether that piece is short or long, and even the gender of the child distinguishes In determining the price, because if the clothes for a girl differ according to the purchased piece, it is more expensive than the boys’ clothes because she enjoys decorations such as cloves and others.

You can also search for the prices of Zara Turkey clothes and inside the Istanbul fair for children’s clothing factories in Turkey, there were many children’s clothes available whose price did not exceed 15 riyals, which is a distinct price.

Baby clothes suppliers Turkey

And when you search for the best factories that manufacture clothes in Turkey, you cannot overlook the mention of those factories that we will present to you now, and they are one of the most famous factories in Turkey.

buy children’s clothing online

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Melani & Mettini

If you have decided to travel you can visit it in Istanbul / Turkey.


If you want to get the best wholesale baby clothes in Turkey, then this factory is the best manufacturer of clothes for all ages from newborn to 12 years old, you may find there  jeans from turkey wholesale.

The factory has branches in almost all parts of Turkey, and you can refer to the official website for them to know their branches specifically and communicate with them by sending a message to the site directly, you also search about jeans manufacturer in Turkey.


One of the most important clothing factories in the Izmir region, and the founder of this factory is Muhammad Kayhan. Although he produces children’s clothes, he is not only dedicated to it, but also produces women’s and men’s clothes.

You can find out details about the method of communication and its locations through its official website, which provides the advantage of changing the language to English in order to make it easier for non-Turks to search and reach their destination.


It is one of the Turkish factories that deal with the best children’s clothing designers in Turkey at all, and they also have women and men’s clothing at the highest level.

Where to buy baby clothes in Istanbul

The idea of importing clothes from Turkey is not an innovative or new idea for the Arab market, but it remains one of the greatest business ideas for working in high-quality clothes, which are basic and indispensable products for everyone, and Turkish products are particularly suitable in terms of high quality, low import price and margin. Big profit in addition to the good reputation of Turkish clothes in our local markets.

Therefore, if you are thinking of entering the world of import, the idea of importing clothes from Turkey is the idea that is most suitable for your dream of profit.

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Importing from Turkey

After studying the local and Turkish market together and standing on the quality of products and quantities, knowing the prices and generally making sure that there is an opportunity to enter this market, you can start establishing your company for importing and exporting clothes through the legal aspect, in order to ensure a greater presence in the market and thus achieve more sales and profit And it is necessary to be present among the target customers, if you deal in women’s clothing or even commercial, and the matter is done successfully by renting an office in a well-known area in the trade in children’s clothing.

Start importing clothes from Turkey: –

3.Import methods:

Import methods are many and many, as mentioned before, and each method has its advantages and disadvantages and below. We will present all the methods with mentioning their defects and advantages.

4.Importing via an intermediary: –

Meaning that you appoint an import and export company to complete the import process without any interference from you, and in this way you will achieve comfort and do not worry about the shipment if it arrived and how it was, but in return you will pay a commission on this process and the cheapest Turkish shipping company will contract directly with your intermediary, and of course this method is not preferred Except for those who do not have a license for an import and export company.

girl dress wholesale UK
girl dress wholesale UK

5.Steps to import clothes from Turkey: –

Now that you’ve determined the import method which is best for you, we’ll show you the steps in the import process of products such as from online wholesale hijab store so that you can complete it properly.

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As for identifying the product

Finally, choosing baby clothes and baby clothes wholesalers Istanbul in Turkey is not very easy, but you have to do a lot of research, especially on various online sites and commercial malls as well, so that you always choose the right place to buy your child’s clothes.


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