automobile factories in turkey

automobile factories in turkey … best  4 brands

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automobile factories in turkey

The automobile industry in Turkey plays an important role in the manufacturing sector of the Turkish economy. The companies operating in the Turkish automobile sector are mainly located in the Marmara Region. In 2015 automobile factories in turkey produced over 1.3 million motor vehicles, ranking as the 14th largest producer in the world.


car factories in turkey

There are many companies that manufacture and supply auto parts in Turkey, due to the great demand for auto parts in Turkey from the whole world, because it is characterized by high quality and after-sales services, and companies also provide accessories for all types of cars and their accessories as well, including: OZDEN AUTO SPARE PARTS, which is one of the central companies working in this field, imports and exports a lot of products by using automotive distributors to buy from the Turkish market, including auto parts.

KAYRAS AUTOMOTIVE This company is well-known for its specialization in the field of importing and exporting spare parts that are manufactured locally inside Turkey, and is distinguished by its quality in the manufacture of auto parts, accessories and accessories at low prices in order to satisfy customers, and the Turkish market also announces exhibitions such as the auto parts exhibition in Turkey 2020 and through it The importer can make the best choice from among all the companies in the exhibition.

BGS GROUP AUTOMOTIVE CO. This company is based on trading in everything related to vans and auto parts for buses, and it also offers customers the best prices that may distinguish it from other competing companies.

DINLER GRUP CO. LTD This Company specializes in exporting everything related to the trade of cars, transport and large trucks, including spare parts, accessories and accessories for trucks, heavy trucks, and this is what distinguishes import from Turkey, especially in the field of importing auto parts from Turkey.

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automobiles made in turkey

In 2008 Turkey produced 1,147,110 motor vehicles, ranking as the 6th major producer in Europe (behind the United Kingdom and above Italy) and the 15th biggest producer in the world. The combined capacity of the 6 companies producing passenger automobiles sale at 726,000 units per year in 2002, reaching 991,621 units per year in 2006.In 2002, Fiat/Tofaş had 34% of this volume, Oyak/Renault 31%, Hyundai/Assan and Toyota 14% each, Honda 4%, and Ford/Otosan 3%. With a cluster of car-makers and parts suppliers, the automobiles wholesale sector has become an integral part of the global network of production bases.

car factories in turkey
car factories in turkey

automobile industry in turkey

In 2015, Turkey produced more than 1.3 million cars, ranking the 14th largest car producer in the world. With a handful of auto makers and parts suppliers, the Turkish auto sector has become an essential part of the global system of production bases, exporting nearly 20$ billion in cars and components. In 2017, nearly 85$ of exports went to Europe. Global turkey automobiles manufacturers with production plants include Fiat / Tufas, Oyak Renault, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda and Ford /Autosan.

The foundations for the industry were laid in the 1950s when TOE began production of REO Military Trucks and later by International Harvester. I stopped short experience in car production. In 1961, the first domestic car, Devrim, was manufactured by train manufacturer TÜLOMSAŞ. With the establishment of the Otosan assembly plant in 1959, the mass production of the domestic Anadol car began in 1966.

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automobile company in turkey

Car manufacturers are increasingly choosing Turkey as a manufacture base for their export trades; about 73% of production in Turkey is destined for foreign markets. In 2013, more than 828,000 cars were exported from Turkey to various markets. While Germany, France, Italy, Britain, Romania and the United States of America are the main export customers of the Turkish auto industry, there is a tendency to diversify export destinations for companies looking to nearby emerging countries, as they have greater potential for new car sales.

Turkey’s strength in the auto industry and automobile projects was built on its growing domestic demand, which prompted investment in this industry by major global car manufacturers. Thanks to the support of the country’s strong economic performance, automotive shipping have grown significantly in the past years; Between 2003 and 2013 the Turkish auto market grew at an average rate of 11.48%.

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automobile price in turkey

Cars prices differ according to the vehicle, its potential, engine speed, and the brand of a company. The automotive imports from Turkey were able to maintain the top selling cars in the first half of 2020, taking advantage of the customs exemptions that began to be applied early this year, which enabled the agents and automotive office of those brands to significantly reduce prices as:

  •  Peugeot 208 ACCESS PureTech 82 hp – 56800 TL.
  •  Dacia Logan MCV Ambiance 1.0 Sce 75 bg – 5730 TL.
  •  Nissan Micra 1.2 MATCH – 57382 TL.
  •  Renault Symbol Joy 1.5 SCe 75bg – 58000 TL.
  •  Volkswagen Polo 1.57 PS Manuel Trend – 58000 TL.
  •  Opel Corsa 5 Kapı 1.2 70 HP MT-5 Essentia – 58300 TL.
  •  Hyundai 1.2 MPI JUMP – 58800 TL.
  •  Fiat Punto Popstar 1.4 Fire 77 HP S&S – 58900 TL.
  •  Seat Ibiza hp S&S – 59900 TL.
  •  Renault Clio Joy bg – 59900 TL.
  •  Fiat Egea Sedan Easy 1.4 Fire 95 HP – 60900 TL.
  •  Ford Fiesta Euro Kapı – 61360 TL.

In conclusion, Turkey is famous for making excellent quality cars, and we recommend that you go to Turkey with a turkey translator and look for the best companies and factories to buy the best product.

Automobile manufacturing in Turkey

The car market share has increased recently in Turkey, and it is now possible to import cars from Turkey or buy models of different brands from car markets and car showrooms,

There are a number of the most prominent companies or agencies that help you import cheap automotive parts from Turkey, and they are the following

Turkish Renault Megane cars are among the list of cars that enjoy complete customs exemption at the beginning of 2020, according to the free trade agreement with Turkey, and the car stands on 16-inch sports tires, 4.63 meters in length, 2.0 meters in width and 1.44 meters in height, and its storage capacity reaches 508 Cubic liters.

  • Baron Car Trade and Customs Clearance, Import and Export Offers
  • Al-Bakr Company, AQa Trading Company, General Trading, Import and Export
  • Sham Prince Company for Import and Export for wholesale car parts
  • BGS GROUP AUTOMOTIVE SPARE PARTS CO is a company specializing in the import and export of transport vehicles, bus spare parts and everything related to the automotive field it’s one the most successful Turkey car company

The companies operating in the Turkish automobile sector are mainly located in the Marmara region, and include international car manufacturers that have production plants for Fiat / Tufas, Oyak Renault, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda and Ford / Otosan.

Import car from Turkey

Conditions for importing a car from Turkey

The requirements of the competition rules determine the conditions for importing a car from Turkey, which is the choice of importers or manufacturers of the selective distribution system for selling cars, according to the requirements of the blanket exemption to deal with car suppliers. For at least five years.

Each party must accept a judgment to notify the other party of its intention not to renew at least six months before the end of the agreement, while agreements with an indefinite period must notify the expiration period of at least two years for both parties, and the conditions of dealing with wholesale car dealers  must be based on reducing the notice period from two years to two A period of not less than one year when the supplier is required by law to pay an appropriate compensation in the event of terminating the agreement, or the supplier terminates the agreement due to reorganizing a large part or the entire distribution system to get wholesale car for sale.

On December 27, 2005, Egypt and Turkey signed a free trade agreement, and the two countries began implementing the agreement in March 2007. The agreement stipulates that Egyptian and Turkish imports and exports will be reduced annually until they reach Zero Customs in early 2020 for importing from Turkey.

Importing a car from Turkey requires a set of procedures and required papers: –

The required documents shall be submitted to the Customs Directorate and the Traffic Registration Office in Turkey, so that the stay of foreign cars and their exit from the country is legal.

  • Visit the traffic registration office to obtain the exit document.
  • Submit the document and traffic plates on the car at the traffic registration office.
  • Receive the registration document and traffic plates after being modified.
  • Obtaining Exit Document No. (49 / B), which is valid for 7 days.

Car shipping companies in Turkey:

Al Faris Lojistik is one of the largest shipping companies from Turkey, and the company distributes goods to many countries, including Saudi Arabia, where the company ships on the Istanbul-Riyadh line, which is a spare parts shipping company, and provides the best places and factories which provide you with automobile for sale , as well as facilitates procedures, and prepares all shipping papers , And you can ship by land, sea or air depending on the size of the shipment, in order to ensure the fastest delivery at the best price, and Al-Fares Company is interested in excellent packaging to preserve the content of shipments and their arrival in Riyadh, and is characterized by customs clearance and comprehensive insurance for containers

Car customs in Turkey;

The Turkish Toyota Corolla prices start with 5 categories, starting from 304 thousand Egyptian pounds for the first category equipped with a manual transmission, and the prices of a Turkish car brand vary, with a price of 325 thousand pounds for the second category, 362 thousand pounds for the third category, and the fourth category at an official price of 419 thousand pounds, as for the highest category, it is offered by 469 thousand pounds.

wholesale car parts
wholesale car parts

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Cars for sale in Turkey

Car prices in Turkey vary according to the type and brands, and if the car is manual or automatic, in addition to a host of other factors that affect the prices when you are dealing with automobile wholesalers.

An example of new car prices in Turkey is manual

  • Fiat Fiornio Pop 1.4 Fire 77Hp at 43900 liras
  • Car Dacia Sandero Ambiance 1.0 Sce 75 bg at a price of 46,350 lire
  • Fiat Linea Pop 1.4 77 hp at 54,400 pounds
  • Toyota Yeni Yaris 1.0 at a price of 46,350 pounds
  • Ford Fiesta 1.2-liter 82 hp… 61,360 lira

Turkish car brands

There are a large number of companies operating in the Turkish auto sector in the Marmara region, including these companies, global auto factories where you can get best car to buy in Turkey such as

  • Fiat / Tuvas plant
  • Oyak Renault factory
  • Hyundai factory
  • Toyota and Honda factory
  • Ford / Otosan plant
  • The car market in Turkey

Turkey has most vehicles, and Turkey is considered the world champion in the production of public transport and agricultural vehicles (tractors), and Turkey’s major car producers in Europe and Asia also work through branches in which they produce cars that are sold everywhere in the world, Turkey has concluded agreements for the cars produced in it to respect Regulations in the respective countries.

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