Wholesale clothing suppliers in turkey

12 Most famous Wholesale clothing suppliers in turkey

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Wholesale clothing suppliers in turkey  


Wholesale clothing suppliers in turkey are the most famous suppliers of clothes in the world, especially in the world of children, so we will learn together about the details of the details and everything related to the clothing trade in Turkey.

Import designer clothes from turkey

Turkey, especially Istanbul, is one of the most famous fashion capitals in the world, due to the distinctive Turkish clothing with high taste, which helped boost the clothing trade in Turkey. The garment and modest Islamic clothing industry in general in Turkey is one of the most economic and financial sectors that Turkey depends on for its general economy, as the Turkish clothing industry has boomed significantly after the Turkish government decided to pay attention to economic reform. This type of industries goes through several stages, namely:

modest Islamic clothing
modest Islamic clothing
  • Design and innovation stage:

The design is an innovative process that depends on the organization and coordination of the internal parts of the clothes, and the design must combine the taste and aesthetic side to make popular Turkish clothing brands.

Or put it on a mannequin, and the designer in each design creates different ideas or restructures old designs and puts an aesthetic touch on them which is very difficult of course and needs someone with high creative ability, wide horizon and imagination. Of course, the names of the fashion design companies in Turkey are endless.

  • Pattern setting:

This happens in LC Waikiki a Turkish clothing company The model is defined as a garment sample, which represents all parts of the sample, and is cut on it, and during that, the designer can add some details such as the amount of width or tightness of the clothes, the length of the clothing, the length of the sleeve or the width, the width of the end of the pants, the dress or the pocket and all of these The details do not have a set standard in the pattern, but rather due to the designer’s taste and innovative design ideas.

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Import clothing from turkey

Simply, you can now shop at wholesale price for children’s clothes in Turkey by visiting the factory producing the clothes itself, and the most important of these factories are:

Import clothing from turkey
Import clothing from turkey
  • Panço

If you want Turkish women’s clothing for sale at the highest level, then this is the best factory that manufactures clothes for all ages from newborns to the largest size for children and they have branches in almost all parts of Turkey, and you can refer to their official website to find out those branches, and the most important method of shipping from Saudi Arabia to Turkey.

  • Kayhan

It is considered one of the most important modern Turkish clothing online factories in Izmir, and this factory for its founder Mehmet Kayhan is not only dedicated to buying clothes born from Turkey, but also working on the production of women’s and men’s clothing. You can find out all the details of the way of communication and their locations through their official website, and among the most famous of their products is Turkish children’s clothing for girls.

  • Danışan

It is considered one of the famous clothes outlets in turkey  that producing the best clothes in Turkey at all, and they have women’s and men’s clothes as well. Trade in Turkey is not limited to sectoral selling, but also there are many places that sell wholesale and this is because merchants rush to those places to get the best products at the lowest price they can later profit from that. There are many Turkish clothes available at wholesale price in Istanbul, such as:

  • Sale in Yildirim Stock Exchange/ Turkey (BABYMUZ COCUK GIYIM).
  • (YUPPI KIDS) in Istanbul, and also (GURKAN KIDS).
  • The wholesale clothing sale continues in Bursa/ Turkey (COCOLAND KIDS WEAR).
  • In Istanbul/ Turkey (OYLUM TEKSTIL CO.LTD).
  • In Istanbul/ Turkey to sell wholesale baby clothes from Turkey (NEROMODA TEKSTIL DIS TICARET).
  • In Izmir/ Turkey. (ALEMONA ORGANIC BABY WEAR).
  • In Gaziantep/ Turkey. (RAMON & ARTOS KIDS TEXTILE).

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How to import clothes from turkey

There are many ways chosen to import from abroad in general and from Turkey in particular, and the most important of these widespread methods are:

  • Traveling to Turkey:

i want to import clothes from turkey, Traveling to Turkey makes you able to visit a lot of companies and markets, and then you can compare prices, quality levels and designs suitable for the target market, which makes you finally able to buy the best products at the lowest possible price, so sales will be easier and the profit margin will be high, but what It is taken for travel that importing clothes from Turkey through travel is the most expensive, you may need to go and return airline tickets or get them at a high price, the hotel for accommodation, food costs, transportation and personal shopping, but in my personal opinion, the advantages of this method are priceless, with Bearing in mind that costs can be reduced drastically by purchasing airline tickets at times of low prices, and staying in a hostel instead of a hotel and economy.

  • Import from internet:

Importing turkey wears online via the Internet is a common occurrence and it is the most popular when making a children’s clothing project from Turkey, but you must be careful to buy from a company with high ratings by buyers.

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