wholesale clothing in istanbul

THE best wholesale clothing in istanbul

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in wholesale clothing in istanbul ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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wholesale clothing in istanbul

Have you ever wonder about most famous stores that sell wholesale clothing in Istanbul You can find the most famous stores in this article, and we can start with…. If you are looking for wholesale clothing in istanbul this article will help you, Istanbul one of the most beautiful cities in Europe that you can have fun and do shopping with less money.


istanbul clothes market

When it comes to wholesale clothing suppliers in Turkey, there are a lot of them. But the point is, you need to choose the best in order to be able to offer the best to your customers at reasonable prices.

Here we have listed some of the best online clothing wholesale suppliers in Turkey.

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Chinabrands is a global leader in wholesale clothing in istanbul from China. They have global reach to serve customers in more than 200 countries.

Offers complete catalogs, including fashion apparel, bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, beauty, 3C products, household items, etc.more than 500,000+ SKUs. New and trendy arrivals are also added every day.

It is a very considerate resource to cover low to high end product lines at wholesale price and  cheap shopping istanbul. Buying from this wholesale clothing distributor, you can buy tops at $ 0.29, and the quality is very good. If you are looking for a high fashion brand, it may only cost you around $ 40.

Moreover, Chinabrands provides additional value services

The wholesaler offers SEO-optimized product descriptions that you can download and upload to your online stores such as Shopify, Amazon, Ebay or any other online shopping platform. This will save a lot of time for you to write down product descriptions and help your stores to order better.

It has professional teams to choose turkish female clothing and the fashionable products that will sell well. Most store owners get crazy and have no idea what products to sell. Chianbrands team researches the market and adds on-site proven hot selling daily.

Also, this site is just a platform for hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers, who may have poor quality issues. Chinabrands has highly trained quality inspection teams to ensure the quality of each individual product manufactured by major brand suppliers.

clothing in istanbul
clothing in istanbul

istanbul clothes manufacturer

If you want to know the best wholesale clothing suppliers in Turkey, you should definitely read this.


This is one of the best turkish wholesale clothing sites to order clothes from. Here on this site, you can get a variety of clothes for both ladies. The best thing about this site is that it is known to have a collection of clothes from all the top notch brands and this site is exactly where to buy islamic clothing in Istanbul, this basically means that you can get all of the high quality clothes from this site.

Also, product prices are relatively lower than other sites which is clearly a huge advantage of ordering in bulk from here. Go now register yourself on the site and  start ordering.

Wholesale wow

Another great website for ordering clothes in bulk in Turkey is Wow Wholesale Clothing. Here you not only get different types of clothes but you can also order plus size clothing, accessories and shoes as well. This means that you can get all kinds of things from one location, thus, you don’t have to go from one location to another in order to order.

For this reason, this site is ideal for people in the clothing business. You can get all the high quality clothes and other items from one site. By ordering clothes in bulk from this site, you can offer the best to your customers. But before submitting your application, you must first register yourself on the site.

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istanbul clothes prices

A pair of jeans (Levis 501 or similar) can be purchased for 221 TL

One summer dress can be purchased at High Street Store (Zara, H&M or similar retailers) for 169 liras

1 pair of sports shoes (Nike, Adidas, or similar brands) 352 pounds

One pair of leather business shoes 325 liras

Women’s clothing prices in Turkey

An elegant handmade dress from Turkish clothing online store can be purchased for $ 15 to $ 18

A casual dress can be purchased at $ 21

The price of a women’s T-shirt is 28 Turkish liras

Printed shirt dress price 229 TL

A quilted jacket for women, priced at 295 pounds

Jeans jacket for women from denim 163 pounds

Cotton pajamas for women priced at 135 pounds

The price of a pair of jeans for women is 112 lira

A light cotton blouse 122 pounds

Women’s lace top is 127 Lira

A women’s leather jacket priced at 992 liras

Women’s coats price 397 liras to 931 liras

Turkish clothing online store
Turkish clothing online store

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Men’s clothing prices in Internet shopping in Turkey

 Men’s suit price is 309 Turkish lira

Suit pants priced at 160 lira

A tie costs 44 pounds

Navy blue wool-blend jacket, 551 liras

The price of a men’s tuxedo is 496 pounds

Jeans for men priced 121 pounds

Woolen nightwear 132 lira

A cotton shirt costs 121 pounds

The apparel industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Regardless of the country in which the clothes are worn, it is an absolute necessity for every human being.

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