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wholesale children’s jeans in Turkey

If you are expecting your first child soon, then you are definitely looking for the best brands of children’s clothing. And among the most important features of wholesale children’s jeans in Turkey are materials suitable for the child’s skin as well as comfortable designs that are great-looking. Through importing house platform, you will know all the facts.

Wholesale toddler jeans

There are many websites that sell  wholesale children’s jeans in Turkey, go online and start searching for companies  and websites that import from Turkey clothes, or you can enter commercial directories, where each commercial directory displays the names and names of companies, factories and agencies to import clothes from Turkey and other goods and the most central and famous. Those sites that help a lot of people make easy purchases without the hassle of moving to a place to buy by them like:

  1. uclerstore

uclerstore is the website of one of the most famous Turkish baby clothes brands for children’s clothing, providing clothes for newborns, male and female children of various ages, the site also provides school clothes, shoes, infant needs of towels, blankets and other basic needs of infants, the site provides wholesale clothing meaning that you are sometimes you may have to buy baby jeans pant more than one piece of the same product, but different colors or sizes.

  1. H&M stores:

H&M is one of the well-known brands in the world, and these baby stores in Istanbul, Turkey offer children’s clothes on the Internet that ensemble all tastes and are suitable for all ages, including boys and girls clothes, and home and winter underwear are available, in addition to shoes and accessories so that your child looks very stylish.

  1. Minicity site:

A new Turkish online clothing store for children with many models, forms and items available in it, contains a large amount of offers that suit all kids and in the nursery, or in the early years of school, a variety of options and many varieties. Basically pull out your credit card and buy what you think will be appropriate to get you to the door of your house.

  1. Modanisa site :

Modanisa is one of the most famous sites for selling Turkish clothes, especially in the Arab countries. It was originally to sell Turkish clothes for veiled women and is not specifically dedicated to children’s clothes, but now contains a very rich section for children’s clothing, which includes everything that comes to mind of outerwear. And underwear, dresses, school and sports clothes, one of the advantages of this site over others is your ability to search for what you want with the brand, size, fabric and price range, the site ships to all countries of the world, and you can pay in advance or upon receipt.

Wholesale toddler jeans
Wholesale toddler jeans

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Baby clothes manufacturers in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most famous fashion capitals in the whole world, where clothes in Turkey are distinguished by a very high taste, which makes the clothing trade in Turkey very widespread especially jeans from Turkey wholesale for sale, traders and investors are looking for the best brands of children’s clothing in Turkey, which aims to obtain on the best materials at the best prices. Turkish jeans manufacturer in Turkey are the best in terms of price and designs proper for different tastes, you can classify them as traded brands and their prices are suitable for all and their material is fitting and practical. From these brands:

  1. Modo Kids:

Modo Kids offers delightful designs for children from 4 to 10 years old, their design carries beauty and quality, and their motivation is derived from the idea of comfort and style for girls and boys. Modo sets offer different colors of stylish leggings, chemises and more.

  1. Coton:

This jeans factory in Turkey was established in Istanbul, and it is one of the most main places to sell children’s clothes in Istanbul, where it sells Turkish infant clothes, and opened its first branch outside Turkey in Germany, and provides more than 290 branches in Turkey and 100 branches external the country, as well as providing distinguished women’s and men’s clothing.

  1. LC Waikiki

It is one of the most vital companies that produce cheap clothes in the Turkish market, this famous company was established in France, after that the company continued as a Turkish brand and it is one of the cheap stores in Istanbul, it has categories of clothes for men, ladies jeans from Turkey and kids, especially underwear for newborns, for the women category , The items listed include chemises, jackets, shirts, blouses, jackets, uniforms, and skirts, while there are men, shirts, jeans, and trousers in their store.

  1. Kitty:

It is one of the first brands to produce children’s clothing in Turkey, which is well-known for its quality and unique products, and designs, which maintain their status for children up to the age of 15 years. The Kitty brand’s stylish range of products is regularly updated, so the physical visibility of the store is preserved. Wholesale baby clothes in Turkey are popular all over Turkey, especially baby clothes export wholesaler, and it is wholesale exported to Europe.

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Baby clothes factory Turkey

Industry in Turkey is one of the most economic and financial sectors that the Turkish state depends on in its general economy, and the Turkish clothing industry has flourished significantly, especially after the government decided to exercise caution and pay attention to it and to economic reform, which leads to a very significant improvement in commercial and industrial production. And an increase in exports to many countries and cities, the most famous children’s clothing factories in Turkey are the following:

  1. banco:

 If you want to get the topmost wholesale children’s clothing in Turkey, this factory is one of the best affordable baby clothes and the best baby clothes factory in Turkey for all ages from newborns to 12 years old. The factory has other branches all over Turkey, and you can mention to their official website to get to know their branches exactly and communicate with them.

  1. Konsey Factory

Konsey is a woven apparel supplier located in Izmir, Turkey. They deal different types of knitted and woven clothes in all sizes for all genders, and newborn baby clothes for sale and teenagers. Nowadays, their clothes mostly include jackets, joggers, T-shirts, socks and wholesale children’s jeans in Turkey fit for beginners who cannot afford the exorbitant cost and want to shot to buy wholesale clothes from Turkey online.

  1. Elena Kids Factory:

It is a factory focused on manufacturing all children’s clothing, including shirts, best baby jeans and dresses, with high quality and very practical prices. This factory is placed in Istanbul.

  1. Keihan Factory:

It is considered one of the most vital children’s clothing factories in Turkey, the factory is not only keen on cheap baby jeans for sale, but also to women’s and men’s clothing, you can learn about the details of the contact method and their places through its official website, which offers the advantage of changing the language to English so that it is cool for those who do not know Turkish reaching their goal, and one of its most popular products is Turkish baby clothes for girls.

Baby clothes manufacturers in Turkey
Baby clothes manufacturers in Turkey

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Shopping for baby clothes in Turkey

There are many fairs for selling baby clothes, the most main of which is the Baby Clothes Fair in Turkey 2020, which is the only and main worldwide fair in Turkey in the newborn clothing sector in Turkey, and the fair is organized twice a year, as it is organized in January under the name of the International Fair of Mother and Baby Products. Organized in June, under the name of the Istanbul Children Fashion Fair, the fair presents ready-made clothes for children and newborns in the age group between 1-16 years, and as a result of Turkey’s great success in the textile sector, the fair has drawn attention to it since its first year, and the fair will present collections new by companies participating in the field of children’s clothing for local and Turkish  visitors, and the fair is organized on the grounds of the Istanbul Fair Center. There are also many markets in Turkey that can be used by shopping for children’s clothes such as:

  1. Istiklal Street:

   It is considered one of the greatest wholesale markets for wholesale children’s clothing in Turkey, as it contains a lot of things and products from women’s clothes to men’s clothing, sportswear and kids’ clothing, in addition to the stores that sell shoes, but Istiklal Street prices are few and high, so be sure to search wisely, and use Your buying skills to get the good stuff.

  1. Othman Bey Street:

 This area includes a huge series of stores that specialize in selling baby jeans bulk at wholesale prices, with many ready-to-wear companies liner the street. The number of companies that sell children’s clothes in this market is about 50 companies that trade their products to many parts of the world, and importing from Turkey it. In this market are very high prices, because they are among the high-end Turkish companies, brands that are famed for their diversity and the quality of their materials.

  1. Wholesale clothing stores in La Lee:

This area is located in the old part of Istanbul and this area contains a huge group of wholesale women’s fashion stores in Turkey along the tram and in its inner streets, and these stocks are characterized by the diversity of children’s clothing models in them in addition to varying prices that suit all segments of society, the Lalali Market is located in the area Lalali, the most active and visited area in Istanbul, is widely spread among citizens and foreign tourists, as it provides high-quality products through the largest stores at reasonable prices that suit everyone.

  1. Al-Fatih shops for selling children’s clothes:

This area contains the most important and well-known wholesale market in Istanbul, which includes a large number of stores that sell clothes at blanket price. In the end, the wholesale children’s clothing trade from Turkey has matured a lot in the Arab world and everyone is looking for the best product and the best design at the right price, so Turkey is your future destination.

Baby clothes factory Turkey
Baby clothes factory Turkey

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