online wholesale hijab store

online wholesale hijab store … top 3 wholesale hijab store you will love them.

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in online wholesale hijab store; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

online wholesale hijab store

Clothing shopping sites have become the best solutions for buying all we want from elegant pieces from the most famous online wholesale hijab store and local brands, in addition to high quality materials and reasonable prices. They rarely find what suits them to get a look that is both elegant and modest. Through importing-house platform you will know. Importing-house will help you to find the best online wholesale hijab store.

wholesale hijab store

The trade in hijab clothing has expanded and developed with the development of online shopping, so websites specialized in selling women’s clothes in general and online wholesale hijab store in particular appeared, starting from Turkey and continuing to all parts of the Islamic world in the East and West as:

cheap hijab companies
cheap hijab companies
  1. Modanisa website:

Modanisa was launched in 2011, and it is the first Turkish fashion platform to offer hijab shop online store for hijab clothes with such diversity. This site was specifically established in Istanbul, which now includes the first Modanisa stores on the ground. Also online wholesale hijab store provides its service in five languages: Turkish, Arabic, English, French and German. The site is characterized by the diversity of its contents that suit all tastes, as it sells to more than 650 brands, and offers more than 70 thousand turkey wholesale online products. The prices in it vary between low and high prices depending on the quality of the product and the season of sale.

  1. Tesettur island website:

Testter Island is one of the most famous online wholesale hijab stores for selling hijab clothes in Turkey and abroad. The site is characterized by its low prices, especially for modest Islamic evening dresses. The site supports several languages, including: Turkish, English, and French. The site is rich in everything new of designs and modern costumes for hijab women.

  1. Safa Marwa website:

The Safa Marwa site is one of the most famous websites for selling hijab in turkey and abroad, and the site is characterized by its low prices, which makes it a favorite for many women around the world. The site supports several languages, including: Arabic, English, German, French, and the Turkish language printing the site is full of all that is new of designs and modern costumes for wholesale hijab market and hijab women. On this site, you must take into account that the lower price means enjoying a lower quality of products, as the site’s goal is to provide all modern fashion at a price that suits everyone.

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wholesale hijab suppliers

The best suppliers of importing clothes in Turkey, There are many international wholesale suppliers in turkey to import clothes and deliver them to other countries, but each hijab supplier has a set of advantages that make it shine among other suppliers, and among these:

hijab brands in turkey
hijab brands in turkey
  1. PEBS Group

You can get used clothes easily with this because it is one of the main wholesale suppliers in turkey specialized in this field and it is one of the most central original Belgian companies and it is one of the main hijab wholesalers of clothes in the world because it carries goods through trains, ships and trucks that have many branches in different countries of the world and easy to deal with at any time.

  1. Rakitex Corporation

This company has been working in this field for a long time and has the ability to deal remotely with all customers because it helps them get Turkish accessories, turkey clothing for sale and many other requirements, so that their prices are affordable for everyone.

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the hijab factory

There are many manufacturers that specify in the clothing industry in Turkey, and the most famous and top of these manufacturers are as follows:

  1. Kimex Trading Factory is a factory specialized in turkey goods from women’s clothing, men’s clothing, underwear and turban hijab for the latest modern fashions in the fashion world also Istanbul clothing, and the headquarters of this factory is in Istanbul in the Kabatas area.
  2. Dominique Factory is a factory specializing in the manufacture of women’s ready-to-wear clothes, pajamas and cotton clothes. The control center of this factory is in Istanbul in the Zeytinburnu area.
  3. Stylist Fashion Factory is hijab manufacturers specializing in clothing for turkey made of woolen coats for women and men in winter, in addition to summer coats as well, and this factory is founded in Istanbul in the Sariyar region.
  4. Jan Camelot Factory the Jan Camelot Factory is a factory specializing in the manufacture of men’s ready-to-wear clothes. The head office of this factory is in Istanbul, in the Lalali district.

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top hijab companies

In Turkey there are many international companies to import clothes wholesale and deliver them to other countries as:

  1. Comindusa Corporation

It is one of the largest names of fashion design companies in Turkey that works to import from turkey and deliver them to anywhere in various countries of the world in addition to that it supplies clothes, shoes and leather, as its prices are affordable for everyone and it is one of the internationally known companies.

  1. HCCCE: wholesale hijab suppliers turkey have about 1000000 styles in their showroom in Istanbul. They have WORLDWIDE DELIVERY. They have resale shops in Usa, Canada, Uk, Australia, and South Africa. They have Long sleeve Islamic evening dresses, Prom dresses, Formal.
  2. Momteks

Momtek Apparel is one of the well-known names in turkey. It has changed shopping categories for men and women. It also has cooperation with famous brands like M&S. In the end, we recommend importing from online wholesale hijab store and reliable companies from Turkey and shipping companies based in turkey are available for delivery to various countries.


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