Turkish mens clothing wholesale

Turkish mens clothing wholesale , 5 places for high quality men’s suits

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in  Turkish mens clothing wholesale from turkey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

Turkish mens clothing wholesale

You could get the best prices from the different quality Turkish mens clothing wholesale manufactures in Turkey. They work with many suit wholesalers in Istanbul. So they will supply what you want at best price, and they can shop from Turkey to Lebanon and other countries around the world.

Turkey men’s clothing manufacturers:

VESSI TAKSTIL LTD.STI: It is established in 2008 and it combines all menswear details such as suits, tuxedos, blazers, coats, knitwears, shirts, t-shirts, trousers, shoes, accessories and Turkish womens clothes. It provides natural and quality items. Its ideas become a family since its foundation aimed at providing a service manner of a domestic affection and respect.

It is a Turkish mens clothing wholesale brand for men which open to new experiences and aware of their own value, they are working for men who don’t compromise on their collections that they like to wear in their lives, and they add practical touches to your lives, they Imported T-shirts.

ROTA MATBAA YAYINCILIK KAGIT VE PROMOSYON LTD. STI: It was founded in 2004 as carton label manufacturer. It is Turkish mens clothing wholesale company providing full service to all of our customers with our own production, and it provide Modern Turkish clothing online.

KARAKLAR SEMENTA TEKSTIL A.S: it is one of the leading premium and high quality men/women ready wear, underwear and wholesale clothing Turkey baby production in Turkey. They produce large and diverse variety of products under their own brands. They also export and products overseas beside private label products for brand in different countries. It is one of the best Turkish modest clothing suppliers. It launched in 1974 producing ready wear. In 1992 it became the locomotive of the tricot sector of Ankara and Turkey. It has been a trusted address for ready wear, tricot, sport clothing and underwear productions, it serves to its customers with its expert management staff and 600 personal.


Turkey men's clothing manufacturers
Turkey men’s clothing manufacturers


STUDYO TEKSTIL LTD.STI: IT has wholesale mens clothing Turkey, trousers, pullover Turkish mens clothing wholesale suppliers, men clothing suppliers, trousers suppliers, trousers exporter, men clothing exporter.

CODECLOTHING: It has been founded in 2005, service on men and women readymade clothing products, and imported clothes their wholesale readymade clothing brands are Bystudio (men) and Misstudio (women).

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Turkey mens clothing wholesale:

The best men’s clothing wholesale in Turkey is Hateko, it offers finest classic menswear, suits, blazers, trousers, shirt, knitwear, coats and ties. Its funder is Mustafa Sayki, who has worked in famous Turkish mens clothing wholesale brand Hatemoglu, and he has left his job there in 2003 and established Hateko the same year. They have been working with the same factories for years. All of their items they offer at hateko.com are in stock, ready to send the same day. They offer online shopping from Turkey to Lebanon, and other countries around the world,  Minimum order quantity in 6 pieces for suits, blazers, coats and shirts. It is 10 pieces for trousers. That mean one piece of each size of the item. They deliver your items with international and local shipping companies. They ship with Dhl, Ptt and Fedex. They accept letter of credits, western union, transferwise, credit card. They are using payn Turkey for credit card payments at hateko.com.

all of their suits are manufactured in Turkey and comes in slim and regular fit. They have 2 main types of suits. Both of the types have fabrics of the famous Turkish brand Altinyidiz.

  • Type: 88% wool – 8% polyamide – 4% lycra suit, it come in plain color and patterned designs.
  • Type: 43% wool – 53% polyester – 4% lycra suit, it comes in plain color.

 All of their blazers are Turkish mens clothing wholesale manufactured and comes in slim and regular fit. They have 3 main types of blazers. All of the types have the fabrics of the famous Turkish brand Altinyildiz. There are  winter, clothes for summer and all year long collection:

  • Type 88% wool- 8% polyamide- 4% lycra blazer it comes only in patterned designs.
  • Type 43% wool- 53% polyester- 4% lycra, it comes in color and patterns.
  • Type blazers with 40% – 50% – 58% – 60% wool mixed with polyester / polyamide / viscose and lycra.

They can deliver goods without flights from Turkey to Lebanon.

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Turkey mens clothing wholesale
Turkey mens clothing wholesale


Turkey men’s clothing brands:

  • Damat/tween.
  • Civan bay moda Evi.
  • Lis Banditos.
  • Paul Martin/Cihangir Butik.
  • Harikalar Dukkani.
  • We cool.


Turkish men’s clothing store:


In conclusion, we recommend that you buy from Turkish merchants because of the quality of their clothes.

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