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For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in  blood collection tubes wholesale in turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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blood collection tubes wholesale

Are you looking for blood collection tubes wholesale? There are many blood collection tubes wholesale ,Do you ask about the uses of blood test tubes? We will introduce the uses of blood test tubes and blood test tube manufacturers, and we will also explain the machine for making blood collection tubes..


blood test tube manufacturers

Are you looking for blood test tube manufacturers? There are many companies and factories specialized in producing blood test tubes, including many types, under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and under the strict quality control system, the most famous of which are……

1- New Best Hygiene:

Is a manufacturer of FMCG and daily consumables with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force With good quality, reasonable prices and elegant designs, our products are widely used in hospital, wholesale stores and other industries, trusted by users and can meet the ever-changing economic and social needs.


2- Qingdao Ama:

A company with 18 years of experience headquartered in Taiwan and production base in Qingdao, the main products refer to blood collection tube, Petri dish, Pasteur pipette, test tube, and it has already set sales center in Taiwan, Beijing and Shanghai.


3- Shanghai Iven Medical  :

Shanghai Iven Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Is a high-tech company with International Volunteer Day, has more than 10 years experiences in research and development. .ithas factory Linjin Precision Medical Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The company owns 13,400 square meters and builds a factory that meets the demand of GMP (a laboratory covering 4,900 square meters inside). The research and innovation center is established with the central laboratory and testing center The company becomes an emerging new industry base for medical devices with six major product lines.

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blood test tube uses

Are you asking about the blood test tube uses ? Transfer tubes or tubes to draw blood are used in collecting and transporting blood to the laboratory to detect a specific condition in the blood. Most of the uses of blood drawing tubes are in medical laboratories and hospitals. The types of blood tubes used in blood tubes differ in their entrances according to the analysis and types

Blood tubes:

Most blood collection tubes contain an additive that either speeds up blood clotting (clot stimulator) or prevents blood from clotting ) anticoagulants) There are tubes non vacuum blood collection tubes and the evacuated blood collection tube. The vacuum tube system for collecting blood used in various laboratory tests consists of tubes of various sizes, with colored caps indicating the tube’s contents.

blood test tube manufacturers
blood test tube manufacturers


blood test tube types

During the process of drawing blood during donation or to detect a specific disease, the withdrawn blood is placed in more than one tube, and these tubes are colored head, did you know that each color of these colors indicates an analysis. There are 6 colors for blood drawing and transfusion tubes that are used in medical laboratories and hospitals, and we will mention several colors for you, including…..

1- Red Tube:

It is a tube that is usually transparent and has a red cap. This type of tube is completely dry and does not contain any “anti-clotting and other” material. The red blood drawing tube is usually used in the blood bank and in the analysis of blood chemistry, hormones, serums and some other analyzes.


2- Yellow Tube:

 blood collection tubes wholesale  produce this tube, It contains an anti-clotting substance. This gel is placed in the inside of the yellow tube in a simple and non-concentrated way to prevent blood clots and also to separate the serum.


3- Green Tube:

One of the two substances, either sodium or lithium heparin, is placed inside the green blood drawing tube. It is used in measuring blood gases, electrolytes, hormones and amino acids, measuring the concentration of therapeutic drugs, and testing the enzyme hydrogenase glucose-6-phosphate, and also in the section of cytogenetics.

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4- Blue Tube:

Blood clotting analysis, such as a test for fibronogen factor and prothrombin time, where sodium Street is placed inside a blue blood drawing tube, and in the blood analysis process, at least 2.7 ml of it is added to a similar blood volume, or 4.5 ml of sodium Street is added to the blood and used in the analysisز drawnst tube uses    ., Ltd..


5- Grey Tube:

 One of blood collection tubes wholesale product, It used in medical laboratories to determine the level of glucose, as the tube contains potassium fluoride, which prevents the change in the concentration of glucose by stopping the degradation of sugar in the blood cells.


6- Lavender Tube:

It is used in blood and immune tests, blood bank and chemical tests, and also when needed for blood photographic elements such as red blood cells and differential count tests for white blood cells The tube of purple blood contains sodium, and this tube is mixed completely with the blood collection, where it is mixed quietly and smoothly to distribute the anti-clotting substance completely over the components of the tube.

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blood collection tube making machine

Do you ask about blood collection tube making machine?  We will show you the configuration of a blood collection machine and with it blood test tube holder and how to use it and manufacture it for collecting blood. blood test tube machine consists of a tube, a cap, a rubber stopper, a chemical reagent and a sticker. The blood collection tube machine is used to produce the PET blood collection tube. The assembly process is fully automatic, including washing, drying, marking, spraying, filling, cap adding, vacuum capping and filling.

The vacuum blood collection tube adopts PLC control. The man-machine interface operation is accurate and convenient. This PET blood collection tube is easy to operate, and the whole process only need 2 or 3 people. Thus we showed you the most  blood collection tubes wholesale, and  important blood test tube manufacturers and the best use of blood test tube and explained the configuration of the blood collection tube making machine, hope it will be useful to you.

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