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 London olive oil shop

The English capital like London olive oil shop does not have the most Mediterranean heat, but it sure has knowledge about what it should do when we speak about supplying people with premium olive oil. Here, we discover the best places in the capital to buy exclusive oils.

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Olive oil shop London

1-Borough Market, The Olive Oil Co.,

South London’s Borough Shop is a perennial Mecca for the city’s foodies. The Olive Oil Co. is also home to the Borough Market, it’s one of the best olive oil London Creator Danilo Manco hails from Puglia, which is where much of the company’s oils are sourced. Especially recommended is the single estate Cinque Foglie extra virgin, made with olives selected only before they were fully ripe. The Olive Oil Co.

2- Isle of Olive, East London

Its oils are picked from Greece by the Isle of Olive: Kalamata, Sparta, Corinth, Crete, Mitilini, Fthiotida and Chalkidiki. All Organic Greek Garden Extra Virgin with best quality olive oil UK.

There is an opportunity to catch the squad every Sunday at the Chapel or the biggest Market in Angel, as well as the Isle ofb est types you can ever find all types you may need with best as The English capital does not have the most Mediterranean atmosphere, but London sure knows what it’s doing when it comes to supplying its people with premium olive oil. Here, we discover the best places in the capital to buy exclusive oils.  in wholesale olive oil UK shop, situated just off East London’s Broadway the Borough Market of South London is a perennial Mecca for the foodies of the area.

3- Embassy Electrical Supplies, Clerkenwell

In the oddest location around London, olive oil emerges. In the heart of the city, none more so than Embassy Electric Supplies, as the name implies The oil, sold in small lots, is superlative in quality; it was once voted the most delightful in the world by New York Magazine. And for hot service, the family-run store is hard to top, too.

4- Various luxury retailers

London boasts some of the most decadent department stores worldwide. An admirable supply of superlative olive oil online UK is found in their food halls. There are over 15 different varieties of Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly, including Castillo Early Royal 2012 Harvest and Castillo Picual First Press 2012 Harvest, which is known for its flavours of almond, green apple and banana skin.

Is currently being advertised by Osprey London. An inspirational collection of oils such as Nudo’s extra virgin with thyme and Azada’s extra virgin with orange is sold by Selfridges on Oxford Lane. Including the beautifully-bottled Lorenzo No 5 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Harrods stocks various premium oils one of the best olive oil UK 2020.

5- Olive to Oil and Melbury & Appleton

Although Olive turn to Oil is an online store, it’s the brainchild of Londoners, and it’s registered in London. Huge number of based inside an old Islington Victorian pie factory.  olive oil specialist London.


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Olive oil suppliers UK

  • Gaia Wines – Thalassitis

Gaia Thalassitis is derived from the indigenous white grape variety, Assyrtiko, from Santorini.

Maybe, considering the unique climatic conditions of the island, it is the only variety in the Mediterranean that manages to balance the maximum ripeness of grapes with a considerably high acidity. In dry white wines, this fact is an important consideration for maintaining flavour balance.

In the Episkopi, Akrotiri and Pyrgos areas, all Assyrtiko grapes picked for Thalassitis come exclusively from vineyards. The vines in these areas are almost 80 years old.

Combined with the terroir, the especially low yield that never reaches 25 hl/ha leads to an exuberant and anxious wine with a powerful personality.

Enjoy it with shrimp, fish, shellfish or even lamb stewed in lemon sauce at 10oC, normally with moderate-intensity flavours where salt, sour or oil predominate.

A special characteristic of most Santorini Assyrtiko wines is that they function like red wines, considering their white colour! At a temperature of 12o to 14oC, continue to age Thalassitis for 2 to 3 years and you will see a shift in it. Although the fruity and honey aromas will increase, the mineral component will subside. Do not forget, half an hour before serving, to pour Thalassitis into a large decanter. The results of olive oil tasting London will certainly please you!

  • Kyklopas – Early Harvest

This award-winning extra virgin olive oil by the name Kyklopasas comes from the northernmost part of Greece where the climate still allows olive trees to be grown, the beautiful area of Thrace (meaning Cyclopes, since apparently the cave of the Homeric Cyclopes was located nearby). Under the same name, the special olive variety that grows in the Makri area produces a robust, fruity olive oil with notes of freshly cut grass, artichoke and tropical fruit. Grilled steaks and fish, soups and sauces are perfect for pouring over.

  • The Early Harvest
  • Virgin Extra
  • Makris Single Variety:
  • Extracting colds
  • Origin: Thrace, Makri
  • Net content 500ml
  • Terra Creta Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Under the regulations laid down by the European Union, the acidity, waxes and other distinguishing chemical qualities of this Extra Virgin Olive Oil shall never exceed 50 per cent of the maximum allowance of those components.

Terra Creta Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a golden-green colour, a balanced flavour and a smooth aftertaste that lasts for a long time. The lovely fruity fragrance is attributed to the “Koroneiki” variety used in this exceptional olive oil, with traces of pear and almonds. In conjunction with modern processing and storage, the traditional methods adopted during the olive harvest ensure its unique characteristics and its outstanding consistency, through them you can also buy olive oil London.


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  • Yanni’s Olive Grove – Yanni’s Finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Chalkidik

Yanni’s olive grove is based in Chalkidiki, northern Greece, and is a small family enterprise. They produce outstanding olive oil year after year and have won several awards in international competitions. They deal with three olive varieties, the Chondrolia, a traditional Chalkidiki olive variety, the Agrielia, a wild olive variety, and the lesser-known Chalkidiki Galani. They are the only organisation to be approved with the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) certification status for their early harvest olive oil Chalkidiki.

Oleocanthal and oleacein, the two phenols responsible for the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of olive oil London UK in the body, are among the best qualities in Yanni’s Finest Olive Oil. This is testament to the intense, peppery and slightly bitter flavour of this olive oil. This is olive oil for genuine connoisseurs!

  • Biolea Stone Milled Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In order to find an olive oil that is so true to tradition, the Isle of Olive has sought long and hard that it is still pressed using the “old” millstone technique. We are glad to see it in the organic extra virgin olive oil of Biolea from the Astrikas Estate in Kolymvari, Chania.

A family-run enterprise with an olive grove in a stunning setting and a long history of manufacturing the most conventional methods of excellent olive oil. You can’t make yourself more normal than this. Maximum nutritional benefits are preserved by olive oil produced using millstones and presses. There is a clear herbaceous character of grassy apples and lettuce leaves in the Biolea olive oil, which follows the nuanced flavour of mixed salad greens. Soft bitterness and a good blast of pepper follow this. On the lengthy aftertaste, Herby sorrel tones return.

  • Terra Creta Estate 0.3 Platinum Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is the flagship label of Terra Creta, which is one of Greece’s top producers of extra virgin olive oil. An excellent ultra-low acidity olive oil that never reaches 0.3 percent at the time of bottling. There are many factors that relate to the unique characteristics of this olive oil, beginning with the meticulous selection of olive trees, picking at the optimal time and under highly regulated conditions, so that when pressed, the olives are at their best. This offers the very highest consistency of olive oil.

Rich, fruity and delicate, with the Koroneiki variety’s trademark slight bitterness and a pleasurably peppery aftertaste. Behind this olive oil, a purely scientific idea goes, and the connoisseurs will understand this. Generated each year in small numbers.

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  • Alelma Smoked White Alonissos Tuna in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Alonissos white tuna is a delicacy that is growing in popularity all over the world. Fished exclusively from local fishing boats in the Aegean Sea near the island of Alonissos and following strict regulations relating to the fishing and production process, this premium commodity has already created a buzz among people who respect quality. Tuna fish is a perfect source of protein, vitamins and minerals and a very delicious way to sustain a healthy diet. In comparison, the presence of the cholesterol-regulating omega-3 protein endows tuna with defensive and curing properties. A diet high in tuna helps lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • Terra Creta Estate PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The PDO Kolymvari Chania Crete Extra Virgin Olive Oil Terra Creta Estate comes from the centuries-old Terra Creta family estate, situated between the Samaria Gorge and the Kolymvari beaches.

It has a rich fruity fragrance and a characteristic rich, peppery taste, the acidity of which, due to special care in the production, selection and pressing of the estate crop, and all other adverse elements to its consistency, are kept at near zero values. Terra Creta Estate extra virgin olive oil bulk UK ‘PDO Kolymvari’ is subject to additional and more rigorous government checks and is accredited by the services of the European Union and the Greek Authorities for its consistency and classification of origin.

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