list of wholesale clothing suppliers in turkey 

list of wholesale clothing suppliers in turkey … guarantee success with

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in wholesale clothing suppliers in turkey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

list of wholesale clothing suppliers in turkey 

Do you want to know the best Turkish clothing supplier companies?

Here a list of wholesale clothing suppliers in turkey helps you to start your own business

The Turkish clothing industry opens the path for you to get what you want from it and guarantees a good distribution of its products in the all world markets that attract this type of industries. Here you are the details:


wholesale clothing in turkey online

In Turkey there are many global sites for importing clothes and delivering them to other countries, but each site and company have a set of advantages that make them shine from others, and among these clothes designer websites that work in the field of importing clothes in various countries of the world:

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unique brand which designs beautiful clothing for the special occasions, the perfect balance of glamour and elegance always embody sophistication. You will see the new trends, styles and colors inspired from around the world

they aspire to produce the highest level of quality in premium fashion for men, women and children clothes for kids as well as promotional and professional clothing using woven and non-woven fabrics, offers their clients competitive pricing, high-quality products, the best service and fast, and prompt delivery.


Wholesale evening dresses store in Istanbul turkey Clothing sales online, it has worldwide delivery which in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Congo, India, France.


The company producing, supply, and wholesale women’s clothing


wholesale boutiques and manufacturers of Istanbul Offering a large selection of apparel for all kind of gender, Clothing sales online and they selling Turkish clothes and brands to all over the world


wholesale business in the Istanbul to offer quality sale and create the best product portfolio for their customers top clothing brands in turkey. they leading wholesale firm in Istanbul; they conducted business with the world over the internet in suit with the demands of their customers in the most reliable way. a famous brand in wholesale business all over the world is to minimize the difficulties experienced in wholesaling and simplify and ease wholesale purchasing and selling. they offer best service in wholesaling clothing plus size online through working responsibly, as an international fashion brand representing quality for its customers at any age and from anywhere in the world.

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stock clothing suppliers in turkey

Turkey has a charming nature that makes it a distinct tourist and commercial destination that can be toured across the Bosporus and on the coasts of the Mediterranean and to practice commercial activity freely and to get acquainted with suppliers from clothing dealers and find companies for shipping Turkey to you import from turkey, some of suppliers:

Sunman Export:

It is an export company located in Istanbul Turkey, it allows businessmen to customize their clothes according to their tastes, Sunman produces clothing items best clothes offers with a low order quantity of about 50 pieces per style, and they also supply their clothes to Insta boutiques and beginners in the international apparel field, they have a large model archive and can produce around 500 One pc per week with sustainable standards, as it is one of the best ready-to-wear factories in Turkey. Recommended for beginners with little capital.

Clothing sales online
Clothing sales online


A government-supported business, they provide an extensive Turkish supplier database that shows product images, reviews and contact information for each manufacturer.

buying and selling agents should be the first choice for those that are new to global trade. Agents have established connections with suppliers and can easily get you with manufacturers based on your desired products.

Konsey Textile

Konsey is a textile wear supplier clothes deals that is located in Izmir, they offer varieties of woven and knitted wear in all sizes for all genders, young and old.

their clothing items are mainly sweatshirts, t-shirts, jogging sets, socks, nightwear, and polo shirts. they suitable for starters

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wholesale clothing manufacturers in turkey

how to order clothes from turkey? you can find buying agents in any country in LinkedIn? An example searches for that “Turkish fashion agent” will provide you with multiple options.

You can find clothing manufacturers for private brands in Turkey in the following ways:

Buying agents should be the primer choice for those that are new to global trade. Agents have established connections with suppliers and can easily connect you with multiple manufacturers based on your desired products.

You may consider going to an agent to find a special clothing manufacturer in Turkey but the only drawback to using these agents is that they are somewhat expensive when compared to other methods.

factory clothes in turkey

To start and succeed in your clothing business, such as drop shipping clothing, you need to do research popular clothing brands in turkey and select your clothing distributor where you will be outsourcing your clothing items

In the end, Turkey is a best place to start to import, Although Turkey is known for multiple exports, it’s also a major player in the fashion industry, we did mention in this article a list of wholesale clothing suppliers in turkey.

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