how to import olive oil from Turkey

 How to import olive oil from Turkey with Top 9 producers

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 how to import olive oil from Turkey

How to import olive oil from turkey?

Turkey is one of the most producing countries of olive oil, as it is cultivated in a large way, regardless of its optimal benefits to health as well as its taste in food, so the demand for importing olive oil from Turkey is increasing every day.

Through our Importing House platform we present in this article best of olive oil manufactures and some tips so follow us.

How to import olive oil from Turkey

Importing from Turkey has increased in all fields, especially olive oil production in turkey has been one of the essential needs for the import and export process in general, where a lot of money is spent in this process.

In order for the import process to take place successfully, there must be experience and advice from experts, as well as assistance from more than one party.

The quality of the olive oil that you intend to import must be verified, and reliance on major import and export companies, from which you obtain pure Turkish olive oil.

Do you want some help to have a brief answer of how to import olive oil from Turkey? Well…

  • You need to have olive oil to supply you can find them everywhere but must be reliable.
  • Then have the proper important documentation for export such as the Export Declaration or Permit.

On the export documents, the usual ones are:

Bill of Lading, commercial Invoice, packing List, certificate of origin, and certificate of analysis

The import methods differ from Turkey, and we will show you all the methods with the disadvantages and advantages of each method.

  • Online import

Importing from Turkey via the Internet is known to be common and the most abundant, but you should be careful and move to deal with a company with high ratings from buyers, for example there are the best import sites from Turkey that include a number of Turkish companies specialized in selling different types of products. Through a search engine.

  • Traveling to Turkey

Traveling to Turkey allows you to visit many companies and markets to see your product carefully, but the disadvantage of this method is the increase in expenses, as travel and accommodation are very expensive and stay there, but it is a guaranteed and recommended method.

Olive oil manufacturers in turkey

There are many olive oils companies and brands in Turkey, we will show you the most important ones as follows:

  1. Olive oils land:

One of the biggest olive oil exporters in turkey, A producer and exporter of Olive Oil; they have more than 3000 tons of olive oil with 2000 tons olive processing and storage capacity, export their olive oils to the whole world in various packaging’s.

Offering you best Turkish Olive oil which is the finest quality, also they having strong relations by net in all over the world with their one of popular Turkish olive oil brands, as they produce finest quality oil that is ranged in Turkey soils to you from first hand and with affordable prices.

Also, you can find there the best type of olive oil factory having a number of advantages for you, they have a special feature that distinguish it from the remainder, its taste is soft and spicy and little bit of bitterness that gives excellent flavor to food.

  1. Adel Al-Tamimi:

It was established on 2019 in Gaziantep, Turkey, most popular Turkish olive oil and it belongs to its Manager Adel bin Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman Al-Nasser for the supply of foodstuffs that started its work 30 years ago in Saudi Arabia.

They supply and produce Extra virgin olive oil, Virgin olive oil, Pure olive oil, Leftover olive oil pumas, Refined olive oil, Leftover olive oil and the best and finest food products through a great work team with long experience in the labor market through well-knowing the market requirements and providing the best and best types of olive oil and other food products with high quality and appropriate price.

  1. Anorikan:

A company has been established in Izmir, Turkey in 2010, supplying and exporting high-quality food Agricultural products from domestic and international sources, which is supplied by following international trade procedures and methods in terms they offer a full line of the international food supply chain under approved international standards.


They have been operating in this profession with more than 20 years of experience in olive cultivation. they aim to reach the finest olive oil with the passion of their production. They focus to maintain and improve the quality they observe while using the latest technology machines and the latest techniques.

They have reached the quality olive and olive oil with the support they receive from food engineers. Their olive oils are produced organically and the sensitivity at the highest level, you will smell the olive leaves، The olives picked from nearly 4000 trees in the Gemlik and Karacabey, which are the best olive fields in Bursa, Turkey.

olive oil price
olive oil price

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Olive oil producers in turkey

  1. Arnas Agro Products:

An agriculture company has aTurkish olive oil quality brand in olive oil sector such as Riccolivo and The Mill.

Rick Olivo Olive Oils produced from Edremit-Ayvalık Region, which is classified as best natural EVOO, considered as an ideal olive oil with its rich vitamins and known for it very low acidity level Also, it gives a slight burning feeling to the throat and this shows that the Polyphenol ratio is high due to its supreme quality. and It contains no additives and preservatives.


A company focused on producing and trading of Turkey best olive oil under their famous brand in Turkey. their headquarters are located in Istanbul, their production facilities settled in the city of Antakya, southern Anatolia.

Their product is very pure olive oil in natural state, pressed and prepared without any added. The process combines the benefits of the traditional methodology with the utmost contemporary concern for and nutritional value.

The products packaged in various sized bottles and is aimed for local and international markets; particularly on spots where authentic, home-made products are favored.

Their olive groves are located in southern Anatolia, Mediterranean coast where olive cultivation goes back to thousands of years. Because of this location advantage, they can procure one of the best olive oils produced in the Mediterranean region.


A Manufacturer and Producer operates in the Olive oil industry from the Aegean based in Aydin, Turkey.

MAZINKÖY OLIVE OIL Early Harvest Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 LT for 179 TL


They are producing olives and olive oil in Turkey. They are exporting their products in Romania, United Kingdom and Bulgaria. they have grilled green olives, different types of olives, black oxidized olives, green pimento stuffed olives, and other many products.


An olive oil Producer in turkey, founded in 2016, operates in the Olive oil industry, their goal is will obtain olive juices as medicine, and they will take great steps in this way.

They deliver their polyphenol oils that they produce for health with the brand of FENOLIVE, their cold pressed natural extra virgin oils with the brand of ZEYTİN HANIM GOLD, it also contains squalene, an all-natural type of oil that we can apply to your skin, which is very quickly absorbed from the skin.

Olive oil
Olive oil

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Import olive oil from turkey

Turkey has been interested in the olive oil industry until Turkey’s exports of olive oil to the United States of America reached about 16,500 tons during the first five months of the year’s season, an increase of 206 percent, compared to previous seasons.

Turkey is working hard to increase Turkey’s exports of olive oil made in turkey to about 3.8 billion US dollars by the beginning of 2023 to produce 1.2 million tons of olives and 650 thousand tons of olive oil.

Olive oil is one of the most important oils, as it has important health benefits, and is used to protect against many diseases, and there are many types of olive oil in the market, so we offer the most prominent types of Turkey olive oil uses:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This type producing according to some followed production methods, and the product meets some standards in terms of taste, smell, color and other analyzing needs. This olive oil is considered of the highest quality and best in taste, as it provides the greatest amount of health benefits.

These are most great extra virgin olive oil benefits:

Boosts hair and skin health, protects against diabetes, reduces heart problems and diabetes, reduces high blood pressure, improves blood cholesterol levels, and very useful in weight loss and control it.

  • Virgin Olive Oil

It’s from the first pressing, but the acidity level is higher, does a different in flavor from EVOO but it doesn’t contain any refined oil.

  • Refined Olive Oil

Refined oils are obtained from refining virgin olive oil that has defects. among the defects are a natural acidity higher than 3.3%, poor flavor, and an unpleasant odor have been helped along with chemicals like acids and alkali treatments and heat treatments in order to squeeze out as much oil as possible out of the olives.

  • Olive Pomace Oil

The lowest grade of olive oil is Pomace oil. It using for things like seeds and any last little bit of pulp. Pomace oil is from a sensory standpoint, it lacks the flavor, delicacy, and bountiful healthful properties of extra virgin olive oil.

  • Flavored Olive Oils

Flavored oils are a transformative way to spice up your cooking, and are increasing in popularity. Any cooking oils can be infused with almost anything, with popular flavor being chili, garlic and herbs like sage, marjoram and basil.

Olive oil importers
Olive oil importers

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Olive oil price in turkey

The average price of one liter of Turkish olive oil exported to the United States was about 4 dollars، Turkey olive oil price of half a liter of olive oil produced from it reached about 21 thousand Turkish liras, 45 US dollars, and the price of a ton of olives in Turkey was about 4000 US dollars.

Olive oil is one of the oils that are used in many fields, so we suggest that you contact them to request your products carefully from the companies and the requirements of how to import olive oil from Turkey that we have presented in this article.

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