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Buy Greek olive oil London

Are you looking for the best Greek olive oil UK? Do you want to know what is Greek olive oil London? Do you know what are the places that buy Greek olive oil London? Over importing house platform we discuss all the details.

Greek olive oil London

No wonder the Greeks are known for their olive oil.  Fossilized olive leaves that are believed to be between 50,000-60,000 years old have been found on the Greek islands of the Aegean.  Regular cultivation of olive trees is said to have started in Crete in the Neolithic period In fact, Greece is one of the three largest olive oil producing countries in the world, and Greek olive oil is without a doubt the best.

Here are some things that should be considered.  All oil – especially Greek olive oil – is not created equal Extra virgin olive oil is of exceptional quality, aroma, and taste Greek olive oil UK. Oil comes from the first pressures of olives, and that no chemicals or hot water are added during the processing.  PH levels below 0.8 percent.  About 70 percent of the Greece’s olive oil is virgin.

Some lower grades of olive oil are also available as “pure olive oil” korres pure Greek olive oil UK, something of a misnomer.  It’s actually a mixture of virgin and refined oils.  Usually the mark says “pure” or “100% pure,” which is not technically accurate The bull is what is left of the olives after the good portions have already been given oil This oil is made from a mixture of leftover olive oil and virgin olive oil and is poor quality.  It’s cheap, but it shouldn’t be used for cooking, and certainly never on salads or vegetables.

Color clarity

Green oil is usually a product of green olives, harvested before ripening.  Golden-yellow olive oil isone of the generally an olive product that has been allowed to ripen for a period time.  Both green, golden, and yellow oils can be extra virgin oils.

Color clarity

Of course, you can’t open a bottle or tin at the market and take a smell or taste before you can buy olive oil, but you have the ability to tell a lot more of its taste and aroma after you get it home.

Olive oil import
Olive oil import

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Best Greek olive oil UK

Only two decades ago, olive oil in our country was considered wonder, but today it is included in a daily diet of our compatriots, because its beneficial properties and amazing taste are beyond doubt.  Many companies from different countries are involved in the production of this tropical product, but many consumers, both here and abroad, believe that the best olive oil is made in Greece buy Greek olive oil London.

There are lots of reasons that distinguish Greek olive oil from the others.  First of all, it should be said that even scientists consider Greece the birthplace of cultivated olives, and, accordingly, of olive oil.  In the culture and culinary traditions of this country has been around for several years – during this time the Greeks could able to know all its qualities and the best of recipes that came up with it using it.  In all other countries, the olive tree fell later, and the original as you know, is always better than a copy.

However, thinking about the origin and reproduction is a more beautiful formula, because there are also dry numbers that attest to the same superiority of Greek oil over its counterparts from other countries.  The Greeks are interested in their national cuisine, and they can’t allow their childhood. The highest quality olive oil is considered to be the “extra virgin olive oil Greek extra virgin olive oil UK” (EVOO) category, thus, the percentage of this oil in all Greek products is about 80%.

Oil from Greece has a specific taste – always bitter and spicy at the same time.  Experts note that this taste and flavor is indicative of the appropriate degree of ripeness of the fruit, as well as the fact that the tree was properly planted and grown in suitable conditions.

At the same time, in most supermarkets outside Greece, oil, labeled EVOO, is actually not.  Incorrect selection of olives, lack of proper fruit sorting, the use of poor quality equipment for grinding or boiling water for roasting the crop – all these factors can lead to a significant decrease in the beneficial properties of the oil olive oil store London, as well as to a less pronounced taste and aroma of the liquid.  All these shortcomings may be characteristic even for individual Greek companies, but the reviews indicate that this country is considered the best supplier of olive oil in the world.

That there are other Greek manufacturers that produce premium Greek oil, however, we will only single out three:.


If we talk about the fame of the brand, then no other olive oil industry can compare with this brand.  It’s no joke – this company is considered the first producer of olive oil made in Greece olive oil made in Greece (and possibly all over the world), and today its production is about 2/5 of all oil exported from Greece abroad.  As is often the case with manufacturers with a rich history, success brings a strict adherence to classical canons – for example, olives must be manually harvested and rooted without using sophisticated modern techniques.

2_Terra Creta:

Another well-known Greek company, famous for its olive oil far from the borders of the motherland olive oil suppliers Greece.  The quirky “trick” of this sign is to want olive oil to be the kind of recipe, because there are many romatic and flavor additives are added to give the liquid completely unexpected properties.  Both Greeks and foreigners liked such experiences, because today this company is in the lead.


It is one of the few companies that produces Greek olive oil for frying and other heat treatment.  The national Greek cuisine often doesn’t impose oil on such its functions, due to competitors it very much loses tastes and aroma when heated.

Greek olive oil brands

Olive oil is a versatile natural ingredient, as it is one of the best and lightest oils for food, as it contains a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids, which  can to reduce the harmful cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improving heart health, and the other health benefits for the body.  In addition to that, it is also beneficial for the health of skin and hair, and is included in many other aesthetic purposes. This oil is produced through squeezing fresh olives, and it usually has a dark green color or golden yellowish color, and there are several types of it best olive oil 2020.  Learn with us in this article to the best types of olive oil and its colors, and how to choose the right type for cooking and beauty.

The best Greek olive oil brands:.

1_Greek Extra Virgini Olive Oil.

2_Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

3_Greek Extra Virgin Olive oil.

4_Organic Nation Gold Standard Olive Oil.

5_Pons Ecological Extra Virgin Olive.

mini olive oil set
mini olive oil set

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The best types of olive oil:

There are several types of olive oil, which are extra virgin, virgin and refined (light), as they differ in the way they are made, which affects the elements contained in each type. Know the difference between them as follows:

1_Extra virgin olive oil:

It is the best of  Where quality is also the most expensive, and is extracted by cold pressing of olive paste, without exposure to high temperatures or any chemical treatment.  Therefore, it is very rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, and extra virgin olive oil tends to be dark green in color than has other lower quality oils, and it also  tends to be dark green, and has a distinctive olive flavor.

2_Extra virgin olive oil:

It comes next to extra virgin in quality and price as well, and is extracted by the same method of producing extra virgin olive oil, the only difference is the slightly high level of acidity in this type, and it also has a good flavor with minor defects in taste.

3_Refined olive oil (light):

Although its name is light olive oil, it does not mean that it contains calories or less fat, but it indicates the color of the light oil and the neutral flavor, and because it is subjected to heat pressure, it is of less quality and nutritional benefit than the previous two types.

Which is better, green or yellow olive oil?  The color of olive oil is not an accurate indicator of its quality or good flavor, as this may determine the ripeness of the olives at harvest, as green unripe olives produce green oil, while black purple olives produce golden oil mr olive oil London.  However, some specialists believe that olive oil with a green color may indicate that it contains higher levels of “polyphenols” and other beneficial antioxidants. However, some producers adulterate it and add the “chlorophyll” pigment to it to be dark, but nonetheless its color is pale and light.  Extremely.

Therefore, it must be purchased from a reliable place, and avoid the refined, pale or light-colored types of olive oil as possible, or the copper-colored, which suggests oxidation from the oil’s exposure to fluorescent lights, and below we review with you the most prominent countries that produce good types of olive oil  The best countries producing olive oil buy Greek olive oil London. Olive oil is the basis of cooking in many foreign countries more than any other oil, and among the best producing countries in the world olive oil in London, Italy, Greece and Spain, olive oil was and still is an essential ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine, apart from that  The healthiest cooking oil that provides your body with many health and aesthetic benefits.

Thus, We explained to you the best Greek olive oil UK and information about Greek olive oil in London. We have explained the best Greek olive oil brands. I hope to find it useful for you.

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