women's fashion wholesale turkey

9 places to import women’s fashion wholesale turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in  wholesale women clothing in turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

women’s fashion wholesale turkey

Turkish series are loved by Arabian women and girls, the want all the time to dress like their Turkish stars, so women’s fashion wholesale turkey is so needed, and we will tell you how to get it so fast, and how to choose the right company.


wholesale womens clothes turkey

The Turkish clothing industry has boomed after the European Union removed its shares of textile and clothing imports and after the Turkish Republic joined the European Customs Union, which led to an increase in women’s fashion wholesale turkey with Turkish clothes, and designs from the finest and most famous clothing, especially Islamic clothing around the world.

This has led to merchants from Islamic countries importing from Turkey, and Turkey’s exports of textiles and clothing, especially Istanbul, have achieved an unprecedented historical record of about $ 939 million. Companies in Turkey to supply clothes for veiled women have become widespread and target the Arab market, including:-

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wholesale womens clothes turkey
wholesale womens clothes turkey

Sunserve Factory:

It is a factory specializing in the manufacture of  Modest Islamic clothing especially swimwear of different sizes and ages for women and men, and the headquarters of this factory is in Istanbul, in the Konkorn region.


Lali Group for Foreign Trade:

A group specializing in the manufacture of turkish women’s clothing for sale of all kinds, and it is also interested in the manufacture of men’s shirts as well, which is characterized by its wide variety and distinctive long and short sleeves in summer and winter, and the headquarters of this factory in Istanbul in the Esenlar region and many other Turkish factories that are interested in women’s fashion wholesale turkey and men’s clothing as well Children’s clothing.


turkish clothing modanisa

Discover the latest veiled and dresses fashion online with Modanisa, shop now for women’s robes, hijabs, abayas, scarves and more.


top clothing manufacturers in turkey

One day, Turkish women were banned from wearing the hijab, and today they are exporting it to all parts of the world! Where Turkey has been distinguished in recent years by modest women’s clothing, under the term (veiled clothes), as these clothes varied between different tastes, designs and prices to keep pace with the world of fashion with a different Islamic flavor. The trade in veiled clothing expanded and developed with the development of online shopping and turkish clothing instagram app.

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Safa Marwa website (sefamerve):

Safa Marwa website is one of the most famous websites for selling veiled clothes in Turkey, especially and abroad. The site is characterized by its low prices, which makes it a favorite of many women around the world cause it the best place to buy women’s fashion wholesale turkey The site supports several languages, including: Arabic, English, German, French, and of course, the Turkish language.

The site is full of all that is new of designs and modern turkish clothing online for veiled women. On this site, you must take into account that the lower price means enjoying a lower quality of products, so the goal of the site. It is providing all modern fashion at a price that suits everyone. Due to the expansion of manufacturing areas in Turkey, in which the size of the industry varies between small, medium and large, we know in this paragraph the best factories with large production:

turkey branded clothing wholesale
turkey branded clothing wholesale

Dominic Factory

One of the large factories specializing in the production and sale of ready-to-wear women’s clothing such as dresses, pajamas and skirts, it is located in Istanbul Zeytinburnu area, so if you want to import from turkey Choose this one.


Chemex Factory

One of the huge factories specialized in selling men’s and women’s clothing according to the latest fashion trends, located in Istanbul, Kabatas district.

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turkey branded clothing wholesale

lc waikiki a turkish clothing company

LC Waikiki is a major economic brand and one of the most famous and most popular brands in Turkey with its collections rich in the latest fashion.



It’s one of popular turkish clothing brands The history of the vakko company was founded in 1934, and today the company is famous for the production of women’s and men’s clothing that competes with the latest designs while following international standards.


fashion market in turkey

Lali market:

lali is the best place to sell wholesale clothes in Istanbul, which is an archaeological area in terms of its ancient history, and at the same time it is one of the vital areas in Turkey today, as it includes many factories and wholesale stores along the tram line to sell Turkish veiled clothes, in addition to factories For shops that branch off the main streets in the inner streets.

If you say i want to import clothes from turkey we will recommend this market of course. There may be surprise at the great discrepancy in prices between each store and the tastes offered by each manufacturer and store, as there are also stores of shoes and leather bags at very impressive prices and it is better to buy them thanks to their high quality and purchase.

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i want to import clothes from turkey
i want to import clothes from turkey

clothing industry in turkey

In the face of Chinese hegemony, the Turkish textile industry, specially women’s fashion wholesale turkey  is the fourth largest producer of clothing in the world, has been betting for several years on developing the quality of its clothes outlets in turkey and on its proximity to European markets to maintain its level.

It achieved some success in this field, as the volume of its exports of textiles, clothing and leather products continued to rise until 2008, when it recorded 23.9 billion dollars despite the lifting of restrictions on Chinese imports in 2005, before the global economic crisis hit it in 2009 ( $ 19.9 billion). Turkey is now seeking to move to a new stage by imposing its designers on the world stage.

Make sure that Importing women’s fashion wholesale turkey is one of the most important steps that many traders want, and it is a step that puts them on a large path of trade for the best products that are quickly sold in all Arab countries.

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