women's clothing wholesale turkey

17 brands to buy women’s clothing wholesale turkey with best price

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in  wholesale women clothing in turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

women’s clothing wholesale turkey

You want to import women’s clothing wholesale turkey and don’t know where to start, right? Turkey is the home of textiles, so most of the countries keen to import from it.


women’s clothing made in turkey

Turkey includes many distinctive clothing factories, and behind that it is seeking leadership in the manufacture of clothing and textiles, and it is taking steady steps towards that, and from those factories.


1- FKN

FKN Textiles is one of the leading Turkish clothing manufacturers with low minimum order quantity. It is a textile distributor serving leading clothing brands in Turkey and the world, chain stores, clothing wholesalers and fashion designers for women’s turkish clothing especially  high-end Turkish home wear by providing accessory sourcing, fabric sourcing, and pattern making support. It produces 85,000 items for women and men per month.

women's clothing made in turkey
women’s clothing made in turkey


2-Textile Company

More than 15 years experience in the apparel industry, so you can buy turkish clothing wholesale From it.



Popular manufacturer with premium and organized purchasing platform that makes ordering easy.


women’s clothing stores in turkey

If you don’t want to travel yourself, choose one of these online stores:

4- Ali Baba:

The site has more than 40 major product categories, including turkish clothing in Istanbul and consumer goods, provides good customer care service, and they offer their products in 190 countries, with their primary customer base in Pakistan, Hong Kong and China.


5- Wet

One of the best women’s clothing wholesale turkey site where you can find a variety of Turkish pajamas for women.


6- Fimka store

On this site, you can get all modern clothes, and islamic turkish clothing from dresses to casual clothes, at reasonable prices, as it is one of the names of the famous Turkish clothing sites that can be relied upon to get the best goods. The website is designed in a very attractive way and you can see photos suitable for different clothes before ordering.

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turkish clothing brands in Istanbul

7- Dominique Factory: specializes in women’s clothing wholesale turkey and cotton clothing and has a wide reputation in Turkey.

8- Factory Jean Camelot specializes in menswear if you are looking to expand your business.

9- Fashion Style Factory: specialized in men’s and women’s wool coats.

10- Chemex Trading Factory: women’s and men’s clothing, fashionable clothes, beachwear, especially Turkish pajamas brand Anil.

11- Sun Surf Factory: Specialized in beachwear for all ages.

12- Lali Trading Factory: Specializes in men’s shirts, whether summer or winter.

turkish clothing in Istanbul
turkish clothing in Istanbul

13- lc waikiki a turkish clothing company

the cheapest brand in the list of the most famous cheap Turkish brands, which is the LC Waikiki brand, as it is almost the most widespread in Turkey and because it has a very low price, you should try buy the turkish clothing instagram, it’s amazing, and You will not be able to differentiate between the expensive and the cheap one.


14- Club Fashion Website:

Club Fashion it’s the best turkey online clothing stores offers you a range of jeans, women’s sports equipment, coats, veiled clothes, men’s and children’s clothing and much more at wholesale prices. This is the place for you, and with an easy-to-use site to buy wholesale clothes from Turkey online, Clup Fashion offers you some of the best women’s clothing wholesale turkey.

What highlights it more than other Turkish online clothing stores? They have developed their own mobile application which you can use, when you are not near a computer or do not intend to use the computer to buy clothes, and the mobile app is easy to use and you can shop and buy the products you want through it.

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women’s fashion wholesale turkey

15- Al Fateh Shops:

In the famous Fatih district of Istanbul there is a large group of shops that are considered one of the most famous wholesale markets in Istanbul. You can contact the names of companies importing clothes from Turkey and to help you buy clothes from there, and the most important advantages of Fatih market are:

In Al-Fateh Wholesale Market, there are many stores that include turkish clothing for hijab. In Al Fateh Wholesale Market there is also a large selection of stores selling wedding and evening wear at very reasonable prices.


16- Marter Shops:

It is located in Istanbul in the Marter area and includes women’s clothing wholesale turkey shops  that sell products at wholesale price, which is a distinctive area for its proximity to the city’s industrial area. Characterized by the latest Turkish fashion, the Marter Market includes many shipping companies, making it easier for merchants to transport their items quickly and easily, and it also includes customs clearance companies that facilitate a lot of work for merchants and importers.

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turkish clothing for hijab
turkish clothing for hijab

17- Wholesale stores in La Lee:

La Li district is located in the old part of Istanbul with many wholesale stores along the tram line, in the inner streets you will find distinctive shops at varying prices, there are also leather shoes shops, and bags are at a competitive price to the rest of the prices in many areas in Istanbul.

La Li Market includes many different stores to import from turkey, which numbered in the thousands, from which you can import from Turkey, it is distinguished by the fact that it is located in both wholesale and retail sales, there are many products and clothes with local brands and international brands in Lali stores, there are many stores The commercial market in the lanes of the market does me sell bags, also shoes made of the finest types of leather with high quality and reasonable prices.

In this report, we have presented to you the most famous women’s clothing wholesale turkey and the most famous sites that sell clothes on the Internet.

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