women's clothing at wholesale prices

Best women’s clothing at wholesale prices from 14 stores

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women’s clothing at wholesale prices


Turkey clothing market is one of the greatest markets in the world. They produce some of the best women’s clothing at wholesale prices, it’s easily now to buy modern clothes from the best Turkish online shopping websites and ship at affordable costs by turkey online shopping international shipping. In this article we will show how to dropship and buy bulk wholesale clothes with simple steps:

womens clothing wholesale cheap

Turkish clothes business is going strong because of high quality, cheap prices, and qualified suppliers. You can buy turkish clothing brands in Istanbul with a good price like:

  1. LC Waikiki: available in 45 countries and known as the best Turkish clothing brand since 1997 for women, men, and children.
  2. Vakko: you can find different categories for women and men besides accessories and cosmetics.
  3. Desa: available in many countries around the world, you can buy clothes, accessories, and bags.
  4. Collezion: one of the popular brands in Turkey for men, women, and children, its one of the best women’s clothing at wholesale prices.

And as the clothing business begin to boom, you can now shop and ship turkey and start your own business. You can import trendy and cheap wholesale clothes with great styles and won’t dig a hole in your pockets.

womens clothing wholesale cheap
womens clothing wholesale cheap

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*Women’s clothing prices in Turkey 2020

-An elegant handmade dress can be purchased at a price of 143 liras
-A casual dress can be bought for 167 liras
-The price of a women’s T-shirt is 28 Turkish liras
– Jeans jacket for women from denim 163 liras
– Cotton pajamas for women priced at 135 liras
– The price of a pair of jeans for women is 112 lira
– cotton blouse 122 liras
-Women’s lace top is 127 Lira
– A women’s leather jacket priced at 992 liras
– Women’s coats price 397 liras to 931 liras

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womens clothing wholesale suppliers

In the worldwide, most of the discount clothing producers are found in Istanbul, Turkey. And if you have any intention to import from turkey, here’s a List of Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in Turkey.

womens clothing wholesale suppliers
womens clothing wholesale suppliers
  • Fimka store:

Founded in 1984, the Fimka Group has a total of five separate companies operating in the field of textile and tourism. The company manufactures, supplies and wholesales women’s clothing, besides providing high standard products and nice options for shop owners outside Turkey.


  • CulpFashion:

This is one of the modern turkish clothing online to order clothes from. Easy to use and you will find everything you need from jeans to coats and veiled clothes.


  • Turkopt:

This is one of the best turkey online store, you will find a large selection of women clothes.

  • Breshka:

If you’re a young woman looking for trendy and fashion wear, we have to mention Breshka. You will find the main store in Istanbul.

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womens clothing wholesale distributors

you can find clothing wholesale distributors so easily in Turkey, but you need to search a lot for the qualified one and compare the material and the prices. Here are some famous bulk wholesale clothing suppliers and manufactories if you like trying new fashion:

  • Dominic Factory
    One of the large factories specializing in the production and sale women’s clothing such as dresses, pajamas and skirts, it is located in Istanbul.
  • Chemex Factory
    One of the huge factories specialized in selling men and women clothes according to the latest fashion fashions, located in Istanbul.
  • Konsey Textile

Konsey is the best wholesale women’s boutique clothing That offers different types of woven and knitwear in all sizes for all genders. It’s locates in Istanbul.

womens clothing wholesale vendors

Clothes are essential products and if you want to import wholesale clothes online from turkey you need to know the most famous wholesale vendors and how to shop and ship turkey. Some companies and websites can help you; we recommend to you the 5 best companies that you can deal with in importing clothes online, without traveling and going to wholesale markets in Turkey

  •  aziz bebe
    This site is one of the best import sites from Turkey, as it deals smoothly with merchants who start their projects, and deals in all kinds of clothes for women, men and children
  • Cemre Tekstil
    The store is located in the Gaviraga region, and this factory is one of the best turkey online shopping shoes and clothes.
  • Danışan
    It is one of the Turkish factories that deal with the best women’s clothing factories in Turkey at all.

womens clothing wholesalers

Turkey is the best place to shop everything you need, especially if you want to start your own business. Since you can import women clothes online, here are some tips:

  • Shop from popular website.
  • Read all the reviews first before buying a big bulk of items.
  • Search for high quality boutique wholesale clothing plus size
  • Check all documentations, goods certificate, and be sure to maintain invoices.

How to import from turkey?

  • One of the best ways is to travel to the country and go to wholesale markets in Istanbul.
  • buy wholesale clothes from Turkey online, search for the best branding sites, buy from them, ship the clothes to your country.
  • Or through import women’s clothing offices due to their high quality and low price.

If you are planning to expand you clothes wholesale business, we hope this article guide and help you to find the best companies, websites, and factories, that offer you women’s clothing at wholesale prices suits your money.



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