Wholesale toddler dresses in Turkey

Top 10 Manufactures of Wholesale toddler dresses in Turkey

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Wholesale toddler dresses in Turkey

Wholesale toddler dresses in Turkey have especial character, thus Turkey known as leader country in production and exporting of clothes especially toddler dresses, Turkey has a wide fabric range from cotton, modal, viscose items to many variety polyester qualities, linen, bamboo to tencel in both knitted and woven bases. best children’s dresses, there are jersey manufacturers so other fabric types supply include jersey, interlock, fleece, rib, ponte roma qualities, mesh and lace fabrics, chiffon, sateen, twill, stretch double face, it has a huge range of quality fabrics and our range is always changing with new additions in line with the latest trends, always at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Top kid brands, suppliers, manufacturer of wholesale toddler dresses in Turkey, with high quality and lowest price, this information and more will know in importing house platform just contact with us….


Wholesale childrens dresses

In Turkey timing is very crucial in industry so you can always count on the experience and knowledge possesses in logistic solutions. To ensure that meet their customers’ time sensitive needs suppliers choose the most suitable method of transportation.

There are many children’s clothing wholesale factories in Turkey. The key is that you need to choose the best children’s dresses wholesale factory in order to provide customers with the best products at the most affordable price.


KidsRoom was established in Bursa, Turkey in 2015. The company produces and wholesales children’s clothing and baby clothing. We have all ranges price cheap childrens dresses and expensive, KidRoom has 1,000 square meters of production facilities in Bursa and 650 square meters of wholesale stores in Bursa and Istanbul. The health and comfort of children is their top priority. Through its unique series, it has successfully won recognition from local and international customers.

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FashionTIY is an online wholesaler, established in 2015, operating in the garment industry. It provides jeans, shirts, jackets, leggings, toddler dresses in bulk, etc. for children aged 0-14. At the same time, it provides customers with multiple manufacturing opportunities to meet the needs of small batch production.

At the same time, it also provides “private label”, “Logo customization” and other series, the product has undergone pre-washing shrinkage treatment, SANFOR test and metal detector to ensure the healthy growth of children.

Wholesale childrens dresses
Wholesale childrens dresses


Azrabebe has been selling fashion/basic, seasonal/fixed clothing to Istanbul’s baby clothing and children’s clothing group Yeni Doğan since 2008. Irinevler, centered on Gungoren, Istanbul, is located in Bayrampaşa and Tekirdag Corlu branches. It operates a retail chain on the 4th board in Turkey. It considered from the top in baby wholesale clothing, you can contact to provide products in wholesale.

Currently, the website is available in 5 different languages ​​to the world.

Baby clothing made in Turkey

Start Shopping from the Trendiest Brands in Turkey, Turkey is a nation that bridges western Asia and eastern Europe. It is found in one of the most special lands in the world called Anatolia have best baby clothes brands in Turkey.

  • Herry.
  • Gizia.
  • Hatemoğlu.
  • KAYRA.
  • Dogo Store.
  • Bigg Shop.
  • Shopi go.

4-Üçler Textile:

 is one of the biggest wholesale babies, kids clothing and accessories supplier in Istanbul, Laleli.

We are serving huge product range that includes clothes and accessories for babies, boys and girls to our customers in our 5 store 1.500 m2 building, located in Laleli since 1993. Also, we have the largest wholesale e-commerce web portal in Turkey.

We have Turkish clothing online store When you enter to our web site, you will see the many of last season baby and children clothing under more than 30 categories from 0 to 16 years old.

We are a wholesale B2B company and the prices found in our website is wholesale price. You can find the best quality baby and kid’s clothes in best price there.

Our products are made of the reliable, healthy and best quality fabrics, cotton and materials for our children’s comfort. You and your clients can put clothes on your child with confidence.

Every day we are adding many of clothing to our web site so you may use our web site like a live catalog. Our products made in Turkey.

5-Oylum Textile:

Founded in 1995, Oylum Textile is a manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of garments based in Istanbul, Turkey. Especially specializing in the production of clothing for children and teenagers from 1 to 16 years old. In addition to children’s clothing production, the company also has rich experience in men’s and women’s clothing, and accepts customized and special orders.


Where to buy baby clothes in Istanbul

When it comes to clothes shopping, Turkey is one of the best places in the world. It has the 2nd largest textile industry in Europe and relatively cheaper prices compared to Europe. Children’s clothing is one of the main driving forces behind the industry. Istanbul Kids Fashion Fair is established twice every year, in January and June, attracting more and more retailers and business owners to invest in Istanbul. There are high-quality Turkish women’s clothing for wholesale buyers, more than 300 foreign and local brands present their healthy and colorful products to an increasing number of buyers. But you will also enjoy shopping for your children even if you do not visit Istanbul during this fair. There are many centers, malls and outlets you can visit with your little ones. For these reasons import from Turkey is the best step, many of these centers also provide fun activities for your kids. Here are the best destinations that will convert shopping time into quality time with your children. Enjoy.

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6-Airport Shopping Center, Bakırköy:

You will find many popular children brands like Bücürük and Kifidis at the Airport Shopping Center in Bakırköy. The activity area designed for children is the largest activity park in Turkey. There is even an ice rink, it from the top children’s boutique clothing at wholesale prices, if you and your kids are curious about ice-skating. Bakırköy is one of the largest districts of Istanbul and Atatürk International Airport is just 3km away. Bakırköy is central area for business and investment, and one of the biggest residential areas in the city. Therefore, it is always busy. As amazing apartments rise next to the old architecture of this once-suburban district, Bakırköy is transforming into a hub of beautiful investment, residencies and business centers. While you’re visiting Bakırköy, attention that Carousel and Capacity Shopping Centers are also the other options for a fun day of shopping.

7-Akmerkez, Levent:

Akmerkez has an activity area to entertain children and several brands like Bebe, Chicco, Joker and Mothercare to shop, from the best wholesale Turkish clothing store, there is also a room for breast-feeding. It is located in a very central zone and it is very easy to reach by metro from Taksim. It is close to Ulus, the famous neighbourhood for high-end real estate in Istanbul and luxury apartments. You can visit Ulus Park after visiting to Akmerkez, and enjoy gorgeous views of the Bosphorus, while sipping tea.

8-Capitol Shopping Center, Altunizade:

Besides clothing brands like Bücürük, Chicco and BeBesides it considered Turkey baby clothes wholesale, there are also two famous toys shops, Toyzz Shop and Tayga Toys at this famous mall on the Asian side. Capitol also offers a game park for children older than 4 years. There is also room for breast-feeding. Altunizade is the one of most developed and top value zones of Üsküdar. Its proximity to the first bridge makes it an in-demand zone for Turkish characters also a busy one, due to bridge traffic in the morning and evening rush hours. Plan your visit outside of these to enjoy a calm shopping atmosphere.

Baby clothing factories in Turkey

Find Baby Clothes Suppliers. Get factory pricing. Request quotations and connect with Turkish manufacturers, you can also purchase from Turkey baby clothes online.


ErenKa Textile is a manufacturer and exporter company of %100 cotton and/or % 100 polyester (wellsoft); towels, bathrobes, promotional towels around the world. TURKEY and we offer you good prices, good quality and good service. Our main manufacturing are all kinds of towels and bathrobes; % 100 Cotton, hotel terry towels, bathrobes; baby hooded towels, baby bibs, promotional towels, printed towels, waffle kitchen towels in quality dobby, jacquard, yarn dyed and printed. Also, in our product % 100 Wellsoft (Polyester knitted) fabrics, bathrobes and towels can make. We have our own weaving, sizing, embroidery, knitting (wellsoft), velour cutting for summary we have in our factory below machine sections, consider from the best Turkish clothing wholesale company .

Baby clothing made in Turkey
Baby clothing made in Turkey

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We Aks Tekstil is dealing with textile business for 30 years, you can do Turkish clothing wholesale online shopping, Products: Towel, bathrobe, peshtemal hammam towel, promotional towel , company logo towel, beach towel, baby hooded towel, sunbed towel, sauna towel, spa towel, healthcare towel, baby blanket, throw blanket, cotton towel, microfiber towel, digital printed towel, embroidered towel, jacquard border towel, yarn dye jacquard towel, company logo towel, advertising towel, organic towel, terry towel, kids towel, poncho, massage towel, garden towel, gift towel, chair towel, wahglove, bath towel, picnic towel blanket, hooded towel, sanitary towel, medical towel, hair towel, hospital towel, lounge chair towel, fouta towel, beach skirt, kikoy towel, handmade towel, welness towel, yacht towel, bar towel, apron, golf towel, sport towel, fitness towel, velour towel, round towel, kitchen towel, embellished towel, serviette, drap de bain, drap de douche, handdoek, pyyhe, toalla, handduk, handtuch, tovallola, dvielis, prosop, uterak, asciugamano, bath mat, jacuard border towel, jacquard towel, yarn dye jacquard towel, terry jaquard towel, , relief woven towel, double pile towel, pareo, hair bonnet.

 The conclusion of my article, if you decided to start your business in wholesale toddler dresses in Turkey importing from Turkey are good beginning for you, you will get what you want, all designs and sizes, I hope I benefit you and give you all information that you need.

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