wholesale rugs in turkey

How to get wholesale rugs in turkey ? Here 6 finest factories

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in wholesale rugs in turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

wholesale rugs in turkey

We will show you the most popular carpet factories and wholesale rugs in turkey via this post, and we will also show the most decorated city with the selling of the best carpets in Turkey, as well as showing the most important carpet markets in Turkey, follow importing-house platform.

rugs turkey manufacturers

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rugs turkey manufacturers
rugs turkey manufacturers
  • KRC CARPET: This company is one of the most popular and best carpet factories in Turkey, where the factory manufactures and produces the finest carpets in Turkey at the highest quality and the best prices. This factory is situated in i̇zmir, Turkey, so you can buy from Turkey.
  • MY HALI: This company is also regarded among the most important and finest carpet factories in Istanbul, where the best types of carpets are made and sold at the best prices and good quality. This factory is situated in Istanbul, Turkey, as you can look for the best types of Turkish carpets in the photos.
  • ENSAR HALI SAN. VE TIC: This factory is one of the most prominent, famous and oldest carpet factories in Turkey, manufacturing carpets from the 19th century in Turkey, making it one of the oldest and highly experienced factories and the headquarters of the factory in denizli, Turkey.
  • ENSAR HALI SAN. VE TIC: This factory is one of the most prominent, famous and oldest wholesale rugs in turkey, manufacturing carpets and turkish handmade rugs from the 19th century in Turkey, making it one of the oldest and highly experienced factories and the headquarters of the factory in denizli, Turkey.
  • DEGER TEKSTIL: This institution produces and sells the finest wholesale rugs in turkey at the best prices, as it is renowned for its wholesale trade in some industries, including carpets and household textiles, based in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • ÖZKUL CARPETS: This plant is one of the most famous carpet factories in Turkey, where the factory manufactures and produces the finest and most famous carpet styles in Turkey with the greatest quality and the best cost, so it is called the best carpet factory in Turkey, and the most distinguished thing about this factory is that it works in the handmade carpet industry and produces the best carpet factory in Turkey.

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turkish rug supplier

Looking for sources in wholesale rugs in turkey? Would you want to buy carpets and look for carpet manufacturers to import them from Turkey? Don’t worry, we’re going to show you the most important facts and data about the city famous for selling carpets in Turkey.

Rugs are among the most important local industries in Turkey, where visitors often embrace it, so carpets are often sold in souvenir shops, so many carpets are purchased from Turkey, there are now two styles of carpets, hand carpets and this is higher in price because of its high quality and carpets made inside factories and this is lower in price, carpets are considered one of the oldest.

turkish rug supplier
turkish rug supplier

Over the centuries, and its development has grown and took different types of flowers and geometric shapes and took shapes of animals in the fourteenth century, so many import Turkish carpets, so many import Turkish carpets Some Turkish towns, including Osak- Bergama, Konya, Fathia, Antalya, Milas, Caesari, Gords, Kersher, Kola, Herk, Ladek, Negda, Sivash, Sparta, are currently known for making the finest carpets.

These areas are renowned for making crafted carpets rugs wholesale  as well as taking the sizes of Turkish carpets in metres, where they produce handmade carpets in two ways: yarn and flat weaving, carpets are made of many materials including silk , cotton, wool and viscose, and the most important styles of wholesale rugs in turkey (two kinds-klim-oshak) and klim is considered the most common and less costly while using it .

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turkey rug shop

Having a look in  for a carpet market and wholesale rugs in turkey? Will you like to know the best kinds of rugs to buy from Turkey? Don’t worry, we’re going to show you the best and most famous carpet markets in Turkey now to shopping for the best rugs, join us:

SISKO OSMANTurkish Carpet Shop: it’s one of Turkey’s most popular, oldest and most luxurious carpet shops selling Turkish carpets, with a precious range of varied shapes of antique and contemporary Turkish rugs.

Dhoku Shop: It shop is also one of the Grand Bazaar’s most popular and greatest and most famous rug shops, offering the finest handmade rugs at the highest quality and at the best prices, and selling bulk Turkish rugs and wholesale rugs in turkey.

wholesale rugs in turkey are perhaps the most popular in the Arab world, and since your audience is there, your decision to trade it guarantees you benefit, simply use the right side to import carpet from turkey and start instantly.


Turkish rug manufacturers

Turkey is the biggest exporter of carpets in the World. Turkish rug manufacturers, export their products to more than 160 countries in the World. The best importing countries for Turkish made carpets are USA, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Iraq, UK, Libya, and Egypt.


They are exporting to different countries for 16 years. There product groups mostly consist of home textiles, glassware and furniture items, if you will import from Turkey this manufacture is the best choice.


I would like to present you about the production of there company.
Global quality products are exported to 28 countries in Europe-Asia and Middle East.
In 29 years experience, Burcu rug  has been serving in HOTEL  carpet area with responsibility  and integrity, cheap Turkish rugs and other sorts of rug. If you tell us the quantity, yarn type and weight of the mosque

carpet you wanted, they can help you better.
They are very best confident with their hospitality products especially, in hotel broadloom Wall to Wall carpets and tile carpet. Wall to Wall qualities.

There carpets for hotel are produced with trendy designs and color pallets which can be designed special  for specific areas, also they have large Turkish rug for large area. There carpet have Bfl fire resistant certificate. As Burcu Zemin, they are present service to 4 and 5 Star hotels  with any required special made design.

Import rugs from Turkey
Import rugs from Turkey

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They are providing service for all the listed items below:

  • 100 % polyamide chromojet printed carpets,
    •    80 % wool + 20 % polyamide  chromojet printed carpets,
    •    80 % wool + 20 % polyamide axminter, weaving technique,
    • Hand-tufted carpets
    • Tiles carpets.
    They are happy if you do business in the future with you.


Gulseven Tekstil which started its activities by producing yarn, the main raw material of carpets, for the industry’s leading companies by foundation integrated yarn plant in 1997, has successfully maintained this mission through many years by means of its quality products.

 It has brought the Gulseven Hali brand to the sector by combining its knowledge and experience gained in this process with the integrated electronic and computerized carpet facility investment, and started to produce wall to wall carpets as well as the yarn.

 They have also cheap Turkish rugs that little price, Gulseven Hali, aiming at a more advanced level of reputation it has gained as a yarn manufacturer in the industry with its new brand, continues its activities with the awareness that a quality product emerges using quality materials. The quality of the services it provides in production, sales and after sales processes with the characteristics of the material had been used, is the largest contributor for Gulseven Hali to achieve its target of becoming the industry leader.

Turkish carpets online shop

Great Sources for Buying Authentic Turkish and Moroccan Rugs on Turkish rugs wholesale etsy ;

-Beni Ourain Carpets.

-Decorative Vintage Rug.

-Boho Flea Market.

-GVS Carpet.


-Ancient Artdeco.

-Oldvin Shop.

-Turkish Area Rug.

4-Le Bazaar D’Orient Buy-Carpet.com :

Buy-Carpet began as a simple rug shop in Cappadocia, Turkey called Le Bazaar d’Orient. It was based in 1973 by Murat Guzelgoz. Since then they have grown into one of the finest carpet shops in the world and the place physically and buy carpet online platform, They are Turkish carpets online store. 
They provide the most exquisite hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs of the best quality. The business has spread over the years and what was once a simple little carpet shop has grown to three levels of incredible carpet and rug selection. There growth has also included spreading to the internet, where they can reach out to people all over the world.


How much does it cost to ship a rug from Turkey

the prices range wildly. All depending on which service to choose (economy, express, worldwide, etc., all carriers have different tariffs) the size, dimensions and weight of package. $65 sound too optimistic. I have stuff couriered from Grand Bazaar to UK from time to time when my wholesale volumes are very small for land freight or if my clients are in a hurry. And it is always to pay 120 euros for a medium size box.

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Import rugs from Turkey

Turkey is recognized throughout the world for their magnificent hand-woven carpet. The problem is that carpets are like fine art: unless you really know what you are looking for, it is simple to be fooled or scammed into buying something that is not of real quality and turns out to be a bad investment. Turkish carpets Istanbul are famous for luxury and beauty.

Mainly Turkish carpets do not come from Turkey, but from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Armenia and the Caucasus, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan.  The consumer needs to know the place where the carpet was produced as one measure of value. While you may purchase something in Turkey, that does not guarantee quality or authenticity, or that it is even a (Turkish carpet, vintage Turkish rugs).

Prices for carpets can range between a few hundred, to hundreds of thousands of dollars and depend upon many factors. The difficulty is that many purchasers, and especially tourists, really are no match for an unethical rug merchant. They can and will often exploit your lack of expertise, types of Turkish carpets, charge top inflated prices, and tell a good story to take advantage of naiveté or ignorance. Race care the job of the unscrupulous merchant is to get as much money as possible from you for the least valuable goods. Clearly there are ethical and knowledgeable merchants who will offer good deals, but the difficulty is in differentiating them from the many that are not.

Turkish carpets Istanbul
Turkish carpets Istanbul

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