wholesale price of olive oil in Italy

Best wholesale price of olive oil in Italy from 9 sources

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wholesale price of olive oil in Italy

The wholesale price of olive oil in Italy is suitable for everyone, and the relying on the extraction and manufacture, as well as employing the finest types of olive oil with the codified study and accurate identification of each type of these oils and diversifying their use between different dishes and varieties presented to the guests of your restaurant or hotel. Olive oil has great importance in Italian cuisine, especially with the diversity of its flavors over Italian cities and territories. So through Importing House we will show you best sources for reasonable prices.

Olive oil price in Italy ?

The olive tree in Italy has resisted for thousands of years wars and fires and has become a symbol for the south of this country, but today it is threatened with death due to the bacterium “Xililla Festdioza” that led to the drought and destruction of about 50 thousand hectares of olive trees in the Salento region and to the decline of olive oil production under a circumstance Extremely complex economical.

Italy, which is the second largest exporter of olive oil in the world, recorded a decline in production by 26 percent this year, due to the spread of this deadly bacteria that destroyed a total of about 10 million trees out of 70 million in the Puglia region in the south of the country, which alone accounts for about half of the Italian production. .

But the worst year the best italian olive oil producers was 2018, as production fell by 57 percent, which was an environmental and economic setback for the region and Italy. According to figures issued by the General Institute for Agricultural and Food Market Services in Italy, the production of olive oil reached 185 thousand tons in 2018, compared to 429 thousand in 2017, thus registering a percentage lower than the initial expectations that bet on the production of 265 thousand tons.

The strongest declines were recorded in the Puglia region, where production decreased by about 65 percent due to the “Xyla” bacteria that attacks olive trees and disrupts their ability to absorb water, so their leaves become dry as if drought struck them, which leads to their gradual death. Because of the bacterium “Xililla Vestdiosa” that destroyed 22 million olive trees in Italy, the national economy incurred losses estimated at 1.2 billion euros during 2018.

The weak production affected the prices of premium olive oil, as the wholesale price of olive oil in Italy of one kilo last December reached 5.60 euros, an increase of 40 percent compared to June, while its price in Sicily increased to 7 euros per kilo. The decline in olive oil made in Italy production due to these bacteria has weakened Italy’s ability to meet its national olive oil needs as well as external demand. Italy exports 50 percent of olive oil mainly to four countries, led by the United States (32 percent of total exports) and Germany (12.8 percent), followed by Japan (8 percent) and France (7.4 percent).

Moroccan olive oil wholesale
Moroccan olive oil wholesale

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Wholesale olive oil Italy

A bottle of extra virgin olive oil in a kitchen is almost never without, and it is often the first choice for seasoning salads. But what many do not know is that olive oil is best for cooking and frying as well, so most people prefer to use sunflower or colza oil for frying and cooking. The matter stems from some myths about olive oil, so what are the most important of these myths?

Myth 1: olive oil is not suitable for frying!

Not right! The cuisine of the Mediterranean countries depends mainly on olive oil for cooking, and its use is not limited to salad dressing. Extra virgin italian olive oil bulk is suitable for frying! Although it has a lower smoke point than sunflower or rapeseed oil, it can be heated to 165-180 ° C. Scientists define the point of smoke or smoke with the lowest temperature at which smoke begins to emit from the oil. You can also use refined olive oil, which can be heated up to 220 degrees and can be used for frying as well.

Myth 2: olive oil has a long shelf life!

This is not true, because olive oil has a shelf life of about two years. Also, the wrong way of storing it (under direct sunlight, for example) may change its taste and smell sooner, as it becomes rancid. As for high-quality virgin olive oil, it loses its flavor after about half a year, even if it is still usable.

Myth 3: Italian olive oil should only taste like olives!

This is true, but food experts know the subtle differences between types of olive oil, as those manufactured in Italy, Greece or Spain do not only differ in color, but also have their own smell and taste. Olive oil is like wine and you have to find the one that suits your taste!

Myth 4: Olive oil should not be bitter!

This is not true, especially the high-quality, extra-virgin types of olive oil that contain bitter substances, which give dishes and meals a distinctive flavor. Also, these bitter substances are very good for human health because they contain anti-inflammatories and enhance the body’s ability to digest fats.

Olive oil wholesale price in India
Olive oil wholesale price in India

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Wholesale Italian olive oil suppliers

The British newspaper “The Guardian” reported that the Turin police are investigating 7 companies of world-famous brands of oils, namely

    1. Antica Al Badia
    2. Santa Sabina
    3. Corsili
    4. Sasso
  • Diva it’s one of the best Italian olive oil manufacturers
  1. Bertoli
  2. Carabelli)

They are regarding their sale of olive oil as 100% pure and excellent virgin olive oil. %. According to allegations published in Italian press reports, testing samples from all seven companies concluded that they did not meet European Union labeling rules for extra virgin olive oil. The tests confirmed compliance with quality standards:- One of the companies under investigation, Corsili, stated that the investigation was based entirely on taste tests by professional tasters, which is not a sure evidence of the standards of the oil industry.

The company added that it had subjected “the batch of oil under investigation to the company’s own tests and other independent tests, before it was sold on the market, and all the tests confirmed compliance with quality standards.” The company promised to present the case to the public prosecutor for investigation, to ensure that its behavior was “fair and correct.”

Extra virgin olive oil is referred to as the highest quality, and therefore the most expensive, because it is healthy and has a pH level of less than 0.8%, while the extra-virgin olive oil is of lower quality, with a more acidic flavor. While regular olive oil is refined and often mixed with chemicals, so don’t worry if you want to import olive oil from Italy especially from these companies. This is not the first time that Italian olive oil has been placed under a microscope, but it’s a good sign and courage the companies to produce the best all the time.

Italian olive oil Company

  1. Fiorentini Firenze

Fiorentini Firenze is an olive oil factory in Italy that market extra virgin olive oil from various origins and sources, and is among the largest major storage depots for extra virgin olive oil in Italy, with a capacity of approximately 8 million liters. We have analysis laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and tools. Fiorentini Firenze has won many important international quality certificates.


The Green Center is the largest of its kind in the central Italian region, and an Italian olive oil supplier offering high-quality products and careful service that can meet all botanical needs. From it you can buy plants of all kinds (fruitful, aquatic, marshy, outdoor plants, succulents, carnivores, palm trees, olives, welded graft plants, and many other types), but there are also arbours, metal garden furniture, artistic pottery, fertilizers, floor, natural flowers, and outdoor swimming pools.

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Best Italian olive oil brands

Types of olive oil brands and how to choose the good kind

1- What are the different types of olive oil?

– The first type, which is extra virgin olive oil: It is considered the finest type of olive oil and the highest price, and it is produced from the first juice of olive oil, and the acidity percentage in it is less than 1 percent, and the lower the acidity percentage, the higher the quality of the oil. Olive oil, which contains a high percentage of nutrients, essential fatty acids and vitamin E, has a good taste and therefore can be used in preparing all types of food, but beware of using it at high temperatures as in frying because high temperatures lose olive oil its health benefits .

Virgin olive oil, which is prepared in the same way as extra virgin olive oil, but differs from it in its high acidity, which makes it less good than the previous type, reaching 2 percent, which affects its taste, aroma and health benefits, which is therefore lower in price. – (regular) olive oil: It comes in third place in terms of quality after the previous two types and is thus the lowest price. This type of olive oil is manufactured by refining olives and exposing it to heat, thus affecting its taste, smell and health benefits, and some manufacturers may resort to adding quantities From virgin oil to this type to make it more palatable, and this type of olive oil can be used in cooking food because it tolerates somewhat high temperatures.

Pomace olive oil: This type of olive oil is considered one of the poorest types and therefore its price is low as it reaches half the price of the previous types, and it does not contain any health benefits, nutritional elements, taste, taste or smell as well, and it is manufactured from During the remainder of the olives (olive pomace), which is left from the manufacture of the previous types of olive oil, some harmful chemicals are added to it, which makes it lose any health benefit.

How to buy olive oil from Italy

1- Determine the reason for which you buy olive oil, if it is to prepare the salad, you can buy extra virgin olive oil or extra virgin olive oil, and you can buy a package of it and specialize it for preparing the salad only, and if you want olive oil for cooking, choose the third type of regular olive oil, and if you want You want olive oil to clean, such as polishing furniture, for example, use olive pomace oil here.

2- Choose olive oil that is packed in dark colored glass bottles because it protects the oil from oxidation that may lead to spoilage and spoilage of the oil.

3- Do not choose olive oil based on its color, as the colors of olive oil vary greatly from dark green to golden yellow, but nevertheless the colors are not considered an indication or evidence of the quality of the olive oil, but the points that were previously explained are what determine the quality of the oil. .

4- Now you can easily use the suitable olive oil for the purpose you want it to.

Finally, don’t wait to buy it now after knowing the wholesale price of olive oil in Italy

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